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  1. thegreenriviera

    Mushroom cultivation courses

    Hi worowa, Might you be aware of any workshops to be held sometime in Perth ?
  2. thegreenriviera

    Cactus for sale

    Hi MG, I'll take both Peru's!
  3. thegreenriviera

    Meet up: Perth

    Saweet. super busy lately but def hope to be there
  4. thegreenriviera

    Hey sharxxx do you mean coco as in coco coir?
  5. thegreenriviera


    Perfect hahaha where is this??
  6. thegreenriviera

    Lophophora williamsii var. caespitosa.jpg

    Very beautiful
  7. thegreenriviera

    Peyote and other psychedelic cacti

    Consider the pups sold ; )
  8. thegreenriviera

    RARE SEEDS - $15 Diploglottis campbellii

    Wow, how would one best find a jam to taste beforehand? Would hate the await only to find it tastes like a double plugger.. .
  9. thegreenriviera

    Ketosis as therapy

    I have been on a 8/16 hr window intermittent fasting, paleolithic, ketogenic diet for about 6 months now. I was actually a nay-sayer to those around me who were on this type of diet because I come from a bodybuilding background and had maintained the mindset of eat big, lift big and to refuel every 3-4 hrs. Years of eating right and heavy lifting was amazing. While I was young and healthy. The inevitable onset of age, multitudes of injuries and severe inflammation found me searching for alternatives to help reduce those aforementioned anomalies attributed to my lifestyle and diet. I was on the paleo diet whilst bodybuilding so that part of the equation was already complete, I trialed the combination of paleo & keto. With noticeable health and wellbeing benefits shortly after I included intermittent fasting which I was hesitant to do due to the fact I'm a foodie - love to eat, and concerned with losing hard earned gains over the years by entering catabolism by ''starving the body''. The first week or so was hell. Incredible food cravings and whilst fasting, people eating around me and the smell of cooking was driving me crazy. I maintained the fasting and did well to eliminate temptation to succumb by drinking a lot of green tea with peppermint which is acceptable whilst fasting. Once that initial week was over things got easier and a couple more weeks into it I no longer felt the desire to even think about deviating from the diet, my body fat content significantly reduced, my mood was elevated, maintained stress levels at an all time low, and my inflammation was almost non-existent. That is entirely due to the combination of an intermittent fasting, paleolithic, ketogenic diet. I no longer lift heavy which I am sure is also a contributing factor, but I do try maintain a semi-regular frequency of mid-ranged intensity exercise. This diet and lifestyle may seem quite complex however this is actually very easy once the initial week or so is over. Although nutrition is key, I strongly believe as humans we eat too much. And that's coming from an ex-bodybuilding foodie. Keep in mind here, that everybody is built differently and not everything will work or be beneficial to everybody. The internet is filled with an immense amount of information as we all may know, so if anybody is looking at ways to combat anomalies such as minor ailments to more severe life changing conditions, all I can suggest is to first look at the lifestyle we live and remedy by way of diet and nutrition at first instance. Peace & Love
  10. thegreenriviera

    Favourite Ethnobotany related books?

    "Food of the Gods" Terence McKenna (drops mic)
  11. thegreenriviera

    20150127 095031

    Sweet how long did it take that one?
  12. Might do some research and introduce a smaller frog species so they dont eat the fish and take care of the slugs and snails
  13. Ahhh, see the doberman keeps larger birds away from our yard as we have a tranquil koi pond feeding the garden. When pests, especially snails enter the pond the koi snap em up leaving nothing but their shells to block the pump (dammit!) The bloody snails do that and they eat all our best plants (they must know something)... If only koi had legs and could breathe our air... Mutant koi + pesky snails = a shitload of snail shells ! lol
  14. Very interesting... Marigolds are an effective mozzy repellent apparently and seem quite pretty also Let us know how you go Moose! Better than stepping on duck poos lol Coincidentally after the frequent massacre, we're having a scarcity in pests .......for now
  15. hahaha "Fuck off back over the fence you little bastards!" Well truth be told, I find a mild satisfaction in removing the problem from my lovely garden however, I would much prefer there to be an inexistent problem to deal with at first instance. ....... !!!!!!!!!!