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  1. Freakosystem


    Coprinellus disseminatus for the fungus Pittosporum revolutum for the plant
  2. Freakosystem

    Found on mulch

    This is Leratiomyces ceres.
  3. Freakosystem

    Cultivation of glowing mushrooms (ABC news article)

    "You can buy spores or mycelium [the bacterial colony of a fungus], but if you want to do it organically, you need to find a ghost mushroom and create a spore print," Ms Thomas said. Oh no! Somebody didn't learn their kingdoms of life... Has anybody successfully fruited Omohalotus nidiformis? A friend had a good culture going and innoculated many logs as well as filter patch bags as per the morphologically similar Pluerotus species and whilst the mycelium was very aggressive, they never fruited.
  4. I think that's a false dichotomy. The answer is yes.
  5. Freakosystem

    Natural Pesticide Recipes

    Ricinus? Like actually? I'll apply glyphosate by spit spraying it from my mouth before I start messing with that stuff. I love the warning on the chilli one. Unfortunately I've found chilli to be useless on most things. For a start, it only works on mammals (not insects) and the ones I get (native rats, exotic rats, bandicoots and possums) aren't affected at all. Most of my Butch T Scorpions got taken from the bush before I got to harvest them. I have no idea how much these animals suffered but I would have wanted to die. Regardless, they came back. Nicotine is very toxic to many things and will kill pollinators so I avoid that. I've never heard of the custard apple trick. I'll read into it. What are the target species? Thanks for sharing.
  6. Freakosystem

    ID possible subs? - NSW

    Terrible. I don't even remember the last rain. In natural environments your only viable options are sheltered south facing slopes on edge of escarpments or edges of large grassy fields as both these places may hold enough fog and dew to encourage fruiting. Alternatively, parks, gardens, golf courses and council reserves may have sufficient irrigation to induce fruiting. Worst year I've seen, sadly.
  7. Freakosystem

    Post your native plant pics

    Pterostylis hispidula
  8. Freakosystem

    Post a random picture thread

    A Botany Bay Weevil from my backyard
  9. Freakosystem

    Happy Birthday Torsten

    Happy birthday almighty leader. What sort of cake do you like?
  10. Freakosystem

    Help with id

    What state are you in? I'm decent with plant ident. particularly on the east coast. Chuck em up if you'd like a hand.
  11. Freakosystem

    Help with id

    For fungi identification, you need to provide a lot more information. Photos of the underside are essential and spore colour helps a lot. This could be in a number of different genera but I think Entoloma would rank high on the possibility list. These are definitely NOT in the genus Psilocybe.
  12. Freakosystem

    ID possible subs? - NSW

    Yes, 100% on each.
  13. Freakosystem

    Post a random picture thread

    Trichocereus seedlings with Agrocybe praecox fruiting from the potting mix.
  14. Freakosystem

    Trichocereus returned to its own genus

    Taxonomy is why you got the right cactus that does the exact thing you want it to...
  15. Freakosystem

    Anyone routinely use a flow cytometer?

    I haven't but need to do some myself for work soon. Will see if any opportunities arise and let you know. I won't be accepting cash. Do the species in question have a known diploid chromosome count?