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  1. Humbolt

    Looking for Sage clones

  2. Humbolt

    Roadside find in Tas

    Thanks Wile E, best not eat them then...
  3. Humbolt

    Roadside find in Tas

  4. Humbolt

    Roadside find in Tas

    Thanks for the input Wile E, took some more pics, will hopefully help??
  5. Humbolt

    Roadside find in Tas

    Hi found these today whilst out and about today. Some staining on the stem and maybe top. Can anyone help with an ID?
  6. Humbolt


    Maybe an electric infuser if you're not already using one. I prefer the waterless ones. They dont generate as much heat, safe, cheap to run.
  7. Humbolt


    Man thats an example of nightshift brain right there!! Thanks WB managed to wrangle a version. Great info @Mosh. Keen to follow up on some of your points. Thanks for starting the thread.
  8. Maybe that was a bit premature, sadly a few days on and the acuminata looks pretty burnt despite bringing it in under cover after 2 frosts. A. floribunda has stayed out for 5 or 6 frosts now and appears not to have suffered at all. Ps. Sorry about the vertically challenged pics.
  9. Humbolt


    Hi Mosh, forgive my ignorance but whats SE? Ive been experimenting a little with making incense. Have tried some different spirit blends like Calea Z, Tricho and Loph blended with makko. Syrian rue, mopacho blends just with charcol blocks. Interesting for meditation and inviting plants into your conciousness. I love resins like copal, myrrh and palo santo. The thick smoke is beautiful, i like to cleanse and honour my plants and rapee with the resins. The tibetan incense via the SAB shop is interesting and nice too. Would love to try making a caapi blend with dried leaf next. If anyone can help with supplying some please let me know, would be awesome. Kindness H
  10. Humbolt

    Hello world

    Hi Ferdie and a big friendly welcome.
  11. Humbolt

    Tas meetup/get together.

    Hey SmileDown, great to hear from another Tasmanian. Been a few more of islanders pop up lately. Are you north or south? Btw careful not to incriminate yourself there fella.
  12. Humbolt

    tobacco fermentation

    Hey Jester, I had the same question. Scroll down and check out the drying, curing thread in Ethnobotany.
  13. Ive noticed the obtusifolia to be less stressed than acuminata. In fact they seemed very happy about it. Man they were harsh frosts last week! The bath outside had 2cm of ice on top, the seedling punnets froze solid even though they were inside the shed.
  14. Hi Rhyz from a fellow Tas southerner. Thanks for the informative vid. Im having a go at growing A.acuminata for the 1st time. Have you lost any to frost? Which of the species do you feel are the hardiest to frost? acuminata survived last week ok which some minimal leaf damage (although i did move by the 3rd frosty night last week.) The younger seedlings did pretty well. Hoping once they get taller it wont be as much an issue. Peace
  15. Humbolt

    Acacia talk.

    Thanks for sharing @Horus. A great talk indeed.