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  1. Fired up the incubator for spring. Due to hatch next Sat. Im not sure if the male is breeding with all 4 girls, i suspect just 2 as they are the only ones with head feathers missing (he grabs onto when doing the deed). One way to find out! Candleling doesnt seem to work, shells arent opaque enough. When they hatch I'll be able to identify the patterning of the fertilised eggs and get better odds next time.
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    Post your track of the day

    3 songs i lyrically love
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    and the nun!
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    Lovin the gay
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    Campervan conversion ideas?

    Hey Yeti, not sure ill be of much help but ive had a few vw campers over the past 30 years and the dream of just hopping in and going. This is my current take on such matters. Id ask is the van going to be used strictly for camping? If youre like me the majority of the time id drive around needlessly carting, fridge stove, cupboards full of stuff. Pop top roofs are great fun but seals go and the roof can and does rust out unseen underneath the apron. Check that seal before buying a poptop. My current bus was a ten seater tin top. I pulled the rear seats and put in a rock and roll bed then decided nothing else needed. (Maybe roof rack) I can use the extra space when i need and its proven awesome to have that room. These days (as opposed to when the bus was made) portable fridges and stoves are great and quickly tossed in for camping. Boxes crates of gear are easy to do the same. Sling up a tarp when you get there and relax. Ps kombis are fun, you can easily do most repairs and maintenance yourself and have a super helpful little community although sounds like your after something more modern.... they sold alot of toyota vans for a reason.
  6. Hey Gimli, love the thread. Ive a big bag of L.scoparium seeds if you want a little Manuka Id be happy to post some across.
  7. Humbolt

    Post your track of the day

    Elizabeth stopped playing guitar at age 17 for church and family reasons. God apparently disapproved of black women playing guitar back then. "While working with the Seegers (a voraciously musical family that included Pete Seeger, a son of Charles from a previous marriage) she remembered her own guitar playing from 40 years prior and picked up the instrument again and relearned to play it, almost from scratch.[8]"
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    Post your track of the day

    Dont really have favourite songs. That clip is from a movie called Sunshine Daydream check it out its very cool. Rather i have favourite eras, early/mid 70's are the best Dead. After that Jerry Garcia Band is awesome. The music can be loose improv to allow for little moments, rather than favourite songs thats what i love about Jerry. 60's is a bit more experimental but sometimes lacks the polish. Dark star from Live Dead is considered seminal and i reckon represents the best from that era. Mid 70's Dead JGB mid 70's Hooterall is a must from then too and is Jerry's best psychedelic studio work. Early 80's getting too big but the ingenuity of migrating from one song to another is there. Allowing for some nice jams. Late 80's/ 90's mournful Jerry is the most authentic. In the 90's side projects like with dave grisman are the best of that era because loved it. He was desperately unhappy. Poor Jerry. There's Jerry's Bluegrass and Folk contributions too. He was prolific !!
  9. Humbolt

    Post your track of the day

    Amazing how long it took for Althea to appear on a studio album, given long run in shows. Standout track on Go to Heaven imo. I used to think was their worst album, i think it took me a while to love Brent.
  10. An interesting talk by Prof Anne Steineman from Melb Uni on the fragrant additives in products. Many are carcinogens or responsible for allergic reactions. Sadly these chemicals are not legally required to be included on MDS's. Im surprised (or not) at the lack of research into the considerable effects of fragrant additives on the population. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bigideas/summer-hidden-hazards/9224354
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    Hi everyone :) new here.

    Hi and a hearty welcome Messiah.
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    Buying native seed online

    Thanks for the recommendation WB might have to take a camping trip to Liffey and check out habitat plants. I am after tubestock but the new year should see me relocating so Ill hold off on any bulk buys. Understory have a couple of sales a year too. I use their database alot its been very helpful. Im keen to get out and do some seed collecting too this time round. Also have a crack at striking some of the Alpine conifer species in summer now the Hartz are back open. Have been buying from Wildseed but was looking for a plan B as well. Last year i grew with some local Melaleuca varieties, Lepto's, Eucs, Acacias and grasses. The kids have a frog bog at there school so i grew some wetland species too. All with mixed success but this year im a little wiser for it. I lost alot of 'frost tolerant' plants to frost. I do get alot of satisfaction from germing native seeds, I very much think of it as a pure pursuit. Good for the soul.