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  1. Humbolt


    Mate definately feel fortunate for getting on the recieving end of such gorgeous cuts. This one's gonna take its sweet time to get roots.
  2. Humbolt

    EGA event May 12th

    Hi again, more exciting stuff from the EGA newsletter for those who missed it. 'A special EGA event - 'Garden States - A Forum for Cultivating Ethnobotanical Plants, Knowledge and Community' - will be held in the south-east of Melbourne on May 12 this year. We'll update you very soon with more details. Be sure to mark the date in your calendar!'
  3. Just in case you missed it https://mindmedicineaustralia.org
  4. Great news from the EGA newletter. https://www.buzzfeed.com/elfyscott/australias-first-psychedelics-trial-is-about-to-use-magic?fbclid=IwAR0h7i50s3GMwJc-FPzGd4ET1HLOYZAzMt-B2fPIzzXjXB_RvBJmvH9W9jU
  5. Awesome @Gimli arrived yesterday will get them going asap. Thanks again kind sir.
  6. Humbolt


    Certainly did @bardo (pollen in fridge) flower was only open for a day.
  7. Humbolt


    Got some on a brush in the fridge. Knuth tolerates the cold well apparently so im keen to cross it, gets somewhat chilly down here.
  8. Humbolt

    Share some wisdom!

    Ah...Yep. For my Xp, thats about nailed it. How good is Tuba!!
  9. Humbolt

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    My kids (and I ) love collecting succlents from around the backyard and putting them together in pots. The trichos really seem light up with health in that situation plumping up quickly and just having an amazing hue about them. Really shining. They seem to love a shared space. Has anyone else had this experience? Sorry 'bout the sideways pics, i tried and failed.
  10. Humbolt


  11. Humbolt


  12. Humbolt

    New guy here

    Nice to have your presence. See you round @Omen Peace
  13. Humbolt

    Newbie (Again)

    Dont move to Tasmania, its horrible down here. Tell all your friends not to come. A hearty welcome to ya's @ZefSide95 and @dutch