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  1. Humbolt

    Harvesting Leonotis varieties

    Thanks Infinity, i did try the search function but to no avail. Seems like plenty of mixed reports / experiences.
  2. Humbolt

    Is this a PC Pachanoi?

    Hi Hendry, im thinking scopulicola??
  3. Humbolt

    Harvesting Leonotis varieties

    Hi, when should i be harvesting my Wild and Klip dagga? Do i harvest petals only or dry the spiky ovary pod too. Any advice appreciated.
  4. Will call it Rapee as i dont seem to have a accent. After trying some at a workshop i purchased two varieties (for ornamental purposes of course) one 'Kanamari' is white cacao based, the other, 'Nukini' is a Cecropia membranasea (Cetico) base. Being in thier presence seems to leave me grounded and opens my heart, subtle but i feel a presence 5 mins or so after. To me it seems smaller amounts more often works better, too much might be overwealming and headachey. Was wondering what experiences, uses, ect do others have? Has anyone experience with different rapees? A favourite? I am curious about its traditional use of snuffs in the amazon but am poorly read on the subject, the most informative material ive found only touches on it. https://katukina.com/doc/rape It appears that there are a multitude of different blends. I feel fortunate to possess this mix of spirit and medicinal plants and want to do the right thing and honour it. There seems to be quite a few sites that sell rapee, im concerned wether or not this a sustainable commodity and people and the forest arent being exploited for what is a labourious blend to make. Peace
  5. Humbolt

    Mushroom cultivation courses

    Im keen will be in touch Worowa, any spaces left for the 30th- 31st 2 day w/shop?
  6. Hi Danielle, if you missed out feel free to drop me a PM.
  7. Humbolt

    A Jolly Good Day to You - Intro Post

    Nice to hear from you HillLily, your in good company here.
  8. Humbolt

    Just out of curiosity, would you rather?

    Likewise @HillLily, im not sure why sometimes i feel Ive been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of something innately positive. Believing in nothing didnt do me much good thats for sure. I havent given up on the notion that the world has the potential to be a better place. And that i could play a role ( or at least be a link in the chain) in that better world. For that reason i see ignorance as a barrier and try to embrace hard truths, though not always without some difficulty letting go. Peace
  9. Humbolt

    the pee master

    Thats 'Golden' WB!
  10. Humbolt

    Banisteriopsis caapi tucunaca seed

    Hi, I may stand to be corrected but i think bio- security arent too hot on cuttings either. Interesting about the tucunaca, maybe she needs a southern holiday.
  11. Humbolt

    Banisteriopsis caapi tucunaca seed

    Hi M'Goat thanks for the reply. Yeah i live in Tassie so my options are limited to local sourced cuttings or seed. I read Tucunaca is better suited to cooler climates thats all, but would be happy to give other varieties a try. Will send you a pm. Cheers
  12. Humbolt

    Banisteriopsis caapi tucunaca seed

    Hi promised to have a go at growing this special vine, can anyone help?
  13. Humbolt

    Visitation by birds

    Hey Halc, without wanting to get into the morality of feeding birds, some old or injured birds can benefit with some free nutrition once in a while and close water supply, saving energy otherwise used for hunting for healing. Mince meat for protein. Once the rest catch on it could get out of hand, see if you can help on the sly. Of course they catch on quick. Peace and ease to the birds
  14. Humbolt


    Mate definately feel fortunate for getting on the recieving end of such gorgeous cuts. This one's gonna take its sweet time to get roots.