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  1. Humboldt

    Who here meditates ^__^

    I benefit alot from meditation but have trouble sticking at things that are good for me. I guess i do a vipassana style mostly, after 30 odd years on and off i still feel im a beginner though.
  2. Hi Ronnie, im disappointed to have missed it, will it be up and available on the channel at some stage?
  3. Humboldt

    Visitation by birds

    In town the other day after a little dream in the rotunda I went for a walk. Across a grassy area were plenty of plovers (masked lapwing) who are well known for defending their area with swooping, displaying wing spurs and an aggressive call. I love the way they go about things. The dream id had left me feeling connected so i used that to feel into my plover mates. What i got was speed and vigour are how they gauge threat levels. So i slowed down to a doddle and sure as shit no alarm calls, Id could get 2-3 mts away before they'd respond to my presence by altering direction or stopping searching for food. But no stress response. Will be interesting to try slow walking in early spring when the young are about. Makes one think of maggies and bike riders.
  4. Humboldt

    Cattle station buyback

    Seems like some good news, finally. Will be intresting to see how things are managed. Hopefully the some indigenous knowledge will be sort and acted on. NSW buys outback station for huge new national park http://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-27/narriearra-station-sold-to-become-national-park-in-nsw/12400344
  5. Hey @TheMooseZeusIf you hadn't already, try it with no water in the incubator reservoir next time. 1:4 boy to girl has been a good ratio for my 2.5 x 2.5m shed. 3-6 eggs a day. Pics? Young'ns will lay like the blazes! Have fun
  6. Yes cover is your best bet, 2 way escape route so they dont get cornered. An occasional dust bath is fun for them, keeps them happy and helps with parasites. I use a portable container and pop it in once every 1-2 weeks. They funny little things and very adept with bathing. Anything you can do to invite insects into your enclosure is helpful too. They love catching insects and are incredibly eagle eyed how they go about it. I use food scraps in an ice cream container. With a hole in top. Keeping them occupied/ entertained can imo help curve violence. After all Idle beaks are the devils work. Some pics of the team Gdawg?
  7. Humboldt

    SAB discord

    There was some disharmony (discord) between a couple of members that night on another thread. I regret it now but was supposed to be an attempt at humour. Have contacted DJ-MC the other day to explain and apologize.. As for the false flag part, im confused about that part too.
  8. Hey dawg, sorry to hear about the violence. Nasty. I haven't had the same problems with girls fighting. How many girls? What size enclosure? Im hoping you're not overcrowded. Its nice to have a separate space within your enclosure for injured or pecked birds. A little while ago the male was picking too much on one of girls he bred with. Over a few weeks i keep them separate, either locking away the perp or the victim. The behaviour was worse in the morning so some arvos id let them go back to gen pop. Over a few weeks the males attitude / hormones changed to being less predatory as she healed and gained condition she didnt stand out as much as a weak link. My advice is to add plenty of stuff for the persecuted birds to hide behind and under, with 2 exits for escape. There's a fair bit of out of sight, out of mind with quails. Alter the environment to keep things more interesting too. Dynamics do change if you can buy time. I found Marigold on 'Poultry keeper' forum helpful even though its UK based she knows her stuff. @Caster any thoughts?
  9. Humboldt

    SAB discord

    Wasn't taking the piss out of you DJ. I think your idea is a good one. Apparently everyone is on fb these days. Im not too keen on fb.
  10. Humboldt

    SAB discord

    Yeah i do. Sorry for the diversion DJ.
  11. Humboldt

    SAB discord

    Tonight it seems, there's more than a bit of discord about.
  12. Humboldt

    Newb over winter question

    Interestingly my T.knuthianus (year old cutting that was slow as to root and grow) seems to be growing and bulking up real nice outdoors still. All whilst the others seem to show little growth at all. We've had plenty of sub zero as you know. I read they had a rep for cold tolerance, now i see why.
  13. Humboldt

    Post a random picture thread

  14. Humboldt

    Loph issue help

    Hi been meaning to ask for a while about one of my lophs. The scarring was present before id grafted 5 weeks ago it to the T.sp ( it was on peres). As its grown into the new graft the scarring seemingly hasn't continued to expand. So i was hoping to grow it out so to speak. Good idea? What would've happened to cause it? Nibbled, fungal? Peace H