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  1. Humboldt

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    I marvelled at Nanathus wilmeniae flowering for its 1st time . Lovely golden flowers.
  2. Humboldt

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    E.gerardiana was poking out the drainage holes of the pot. Ready for a pot up eh!
  3. Humboldt

    Post your track of the day

    Same here
  4. Humboldt

    Post your track of the day

    From the movie Festival Express
  5. Humboldt

    Mandatory Vacinations, no jab no play

  6. Hi, does anyone own a 100% electric car yet? If so how have you found it? Any advice? Im new to the technology but here's the sum of my thoughts so far. Next month I'm poised to buy a 24kwh vehicle which will get me somewhere over 120-130 km. I can only afford a cheaper 2nd hand model but that range should do for the daily stuff. Most choices have 80-90% battery life left (2015 model) Supposedly good for 300,000 - 400,000km. As i live remote I figure i go through about $80 a week at least for juice. Thats over $4000 a year, the savings would take 5years to pay off the cost of the car ($20000). To charge from low to full i believe costs about $2-$3 ( by comparison 120km fuel would cost me $15 - $18) . Im planning to get solar panels and a 13.5kwh battery at home and be grid connected. Im not sure how much of the vehicles charge I'll get straight from the sun or via battery storage, will be interesting to see. Nowdays the economics still work without the household solar but the dream is of course free transportation and household energy. I get good sun 100-250 sun hours varying across the seasons and have excellent all day capture potential. My lifestyle atm is such I'll be able to charge at home most days whilst the sun is at its most intense. I also have a VW bus I'll keep for camping hols, towing, picking up large things. Council owned charging stations have popped up in some local towns. Hobart has fast charging for the after work trip home. Ive considered holding off until cars are cheaper but the petrol savings ($4000 per year) will probably be higher than the price reduction. Im also tired of waiting for any government assistance/action as has the planet. Im really motivated to reduce the family's carbon emissions. Its time to fuck this puppy! Peace
  7. Thanks for that explanation and pdf. Will definitely read. Im pondering a grid connected solar battery system for the new place. Most pundits suggest the financial return isnt there for batteries, nor is the ability to recycle spent units up to scratch yet. Atm in Tas it seems Tesla is my only real option at $15000. My neighbours run one and have never had to switch to grid power. Might do panels 1st then a battery in a few years time as prices come down. Seems crazy that batteries aren't heavily subsidized as it appears to be a good energy solution. Dont throw the baby out with the bathwater Sal! Whilst im dubious about your line of thinking regards the pandemic I can see how frustrating it must be for you to have what you feel is such an important and dire message to convey then fall on deaf ears. Its a polarizing topic and the thread reflects that. Would be great to have your continued input but if things are too broken then i wish you well. Peace H
  8. Humboldt

    Youtube vids

    Absolutely outstanding. Cell animation is such a beautiful thing we've all but lost.
  9. Humboldt


    Hey Cubism, the telescope i have is a meade and is entry level at best. I was reluctant to buy something too ex'y 1st up. Its easy enough for my 9yo with a tiny bit of help setting up. Practice during the day first up is my advice. You centre the lens on something, then calibrate using dials the red dot laser on the side of the scope till it sits on the same object. Best done during the day as well although calibrating from a feature on the moon is easy too. Its pretty accurate, place it on a star with the widest lense, then swap in the higher magnification lenses. The hard part is that you see so many more stars through it, that pinpointing a star with the naked eye then looking through the scope you can sometimes not be sure wether its the one you set it on or another close by. Jupiter and Saturn being so close are easy to recognize atm. A light tripod is frustrating too. I'd love a better telescope straight up as magnification is somewhat underwhelming. I dont regret buying it though as it's great for bird watching. Once i level up my telescope and can use it I'm very keen to attach a camera.
  10. Humboldt

    Youtube vids

  11. Humboldt

    Grafting as a coping mechanism GIVEAWAY!

    Hey George Im partial to a bit of parafilm grafting. Been trying different species of cacti too with varying joy. Check out this L.huizache graft i knicked with my fingernail pulling the parafilm off. Peace
  12. Humboldt

    Predict the future

    It's a crazy ole world, the future is anyones guess. So lets nail our predictions up and see who's on the money. The funny, bleak, bizzare and the painfully obvious, lets hear them. The title of SABstradamus awaits.
  13. Humboldt


    Any would be astronomers out there? Im very much a novice, however I thought perhaps we can share our observations and upcoming alerts of cool stellar events? I also thought it might be interesting to discuss traditional indigenous knowledge, and folklore about the heavens. Jupiter and Saturn are close at the moment and are well visible in the early night sky. Jupiter is probably the brightest star in the east atm, just to the right of it is Saturn. Last night through my tiny 70mm scope i could clearly see Jupiters storm bands and 3 of its moons. Saturns rings also are clearly visible. Good times and happy stargazing H. https://www.theplanetstoday.com/
  14. Humboldt

    Caine Barlow - Australian Psilocybe and their Lookalikes - Video

    This is absolutely fantastic Ronnie! I learnt alot, foremost ive been pronouncing Psilocybe wrong.