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  1. Humboldt

    In light of poetry

    A single mother and her love for her only son is as holy as this night's gunna get! Cocooned together they sleep. Next door i weep, years worth of sadness. Heavy for all that is lost. I pray when they wake that they do not want for more.
  2. Humboldt

    Acacia plant giveaway

    Big thanks Rhyzobium.
  3. Humboldt

    Merry Christmas Futhermukkas! 2020 special!

    A Merry Xmas to all. @Halcyon (howdy Halc) generously sent me some seeds a while back so now being xmas seems like a good time to honour the spirit of generosity. (Plus its pot up time) Ive x5 seedling packs for 5 good girls or boys. Each pack will contain 1 seedling of: Halcyon Scop x sumo Psycho x Big plym Treshicchii 1 x 2 Halc peru x scop Lag. 'Tig' x Yowie 1st 5 pm's i get. Any lurkers will get bonus seedlings should they solemnly swear to post more in the new year. Please dont reply here so as not to derail the Chrissy thread. Peace and kindness H
  4. Humboldt

    Post your track of the day

    Check the hot sax solo! Lucky the set doesn't catch alight. Imagine all those Donny's ablaze. The acrid smell of all that burning chest hair.
  5. Humboldt

    Salvia D

    I heard people giving chilli to chooks as an intestinal worm control.
  6. Humboldt


    Wow Enjaytee, never seen a peres flower. Did it just happen or did you perform a particular voodoo?
  7. Humboldt

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Holy snappin ducks!
  8. Hi @Rhyzobium, hope things have been good. Q. did you have success with using innoculant for germinating A.phlebophylla? Did you use hot or cold stratification prior to applying?
  9. Humboldt

    "Longifolia group" and DMT

    Pm me some details then fella.
  10. Humboldt

    "Longifolia group" and DMT

    Can swing you some seeds if your in need Moogy.
  11. Humboldt

    Alternatives to this place?

    On the plus side, (regards trading) maybe a more reliable, smaller core of people is a good thing. Less bum trades
  12. Humboldt