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  1. Humboldt

    don't cha hate it when..

    Dchiw your in a hightened space and a fly goes in your ear and you cant get it out.
  2. Humboldt

    Can people become immune to shrooms over time?

    IME a lot of folks described as having ASD are on medications for behavioral reasons. Not a rebuttal though. If it were true it would make an interesting research topic as we don't yet understand much of the neurology behind autism.
  3. Humboldt

    Happy COVID Party 2020

    Iso anyone all you need do is sell the car. Shit people taking advantage https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/202945177063
  4. Humboldt

    Tasmanians unite

    Nice dubya, count me in. Shame they didnt activate that drawbridge sooner.
  5. Humboldt

    Acacia seeds!

    Hey YP, A.floribunda is a frost hardy fellow.
  6. Humboldt

    don't cha hate it when..

    Saw this blast from the past and thought id update the sitch: After what seems to be an eternity (18 months) on Weds i finally moved into my own place. Been a rough, bizzare ride but im semi free. In endless twists and turns she ended up growing tired of her OS affair before said girl could get a visa. Now she feels as manipulated as i. She moved onto another poor soul 2 days after booting miss Philippines out.. Felt sorry for her. The ex has taken the Trump stance on truth and to her it never happened. To rub salt into the wound my dad died and she took a large chunk of my inheritance. Grrr. Twas a cacti that showed me she has BPD (boarderline personality disorder). Once realizing that i started to gain ground again and make sense of things. Not to forget the other plants like acacia and friends which have been immensely helpful via there healing and insights. Can honestly say i wouldnt have made it without them. Still she's a dangerous liason as someone who cant feel guilt or empathy is. But im free from exposure to the daily lies and abuse but whilst the kids are young i dont have a choice but to be consilaratory. I play confidant mostly, keep your enemies closer type thing. Ironically i think I'm a much better person for it, more mature, less ego, stronger, wiser and kinder. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who pm'd me support at that difficult time, sincerely it helped. Kindness and trust. H
  7. Humboldt

    New to cactus

    Hi Zonad, im not long at it myself but Id be right in saying the best way to learn is get growing. Heres a few things ive gleened: Pick yourself up some seeds while at it. They're cheap as chips. Maybe check out the SAB store or I recommend https://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46520-2019-trichocereus-australia-seed-list/ Then grab some new take away plastic containers, wipe them out with isopropyl and do this: https://herbalistics.com.au/takeaway-tek-how-to-germinate-cacti-seeds/ (I wouldnt microwave, iso is good) Once you've got your head into that have a read of teos excellent grafting book pinned above in this topic https://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15495-grafting-book/ I also found @Inyan's parafilm vids very helpful too. http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45521-grafting-trichocereus-pallarensis-seedlings-using-parafilm-another-instructional-video/ If you like PM me an address for some seedlings and a little periskiopsis to get you going. Peace
  8. Humboldt

    Wanted - 10 tricho cuttings of various clones

    Hi Paradox nice to see you round again. I can spare you some small seedlings 2-3cm of various types if your interested. Many grown from seed @Halcyon Daze gifted me. Feel free to pm.
  9. Humboldt

    Post your track of the day

    Been unleashing my inner dag with Jeff Lynne. I didnt give him a 2nd thought in the 70's but he's a genuinely talented man. I like his voice more now more, either an age thing or is it just the lack of compression on the vocals?
  10. Humboldt

    Post a random picture thread

  11. Humboldt

    Shipping goodies from Peru

    Could you mail yourself back a small section then slab graft it??
  12. Humboldt

    Rapé Recipes Thread

    Awesome Acacia your really giving it 120% .; ) Inspired, Id love to try my hand at making a blend.
  13. Humboldt

    White trich seedling

    Ive never had a variegated seedling.so im unsure. Nice one. Maybe wait till its almost the diameter (at the scions widest) of the peres stock? Being in Tas, it might be an idea to get it done well before the cold nights return and dormancy creeps in.
  14. Humboldt

    White trich seedling

    Id use Pereskiopsis. PM me if youd like me to send you up some.
  15. Humboldt

    Slightly Shameful Kick Start

    Can post you up some seeds, send me a PM.