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  1. greenechidna

    Removing spines

    Thanks for replies and tips will try them out.
  2. greenechidna

    Wicked Plants audiobook

    Downloaded this the other day thought some here might enjoy it, think you will have to join audiobook bay to download it. http://audiobookbay.nl/audio-books/wicked-plants-the-weed-that-killed-lincolns-mother-and-other-botanical-atrocities-wicked-plants-and-bugs-1-amy-stewart/
  3. greenechidna

    Removing spines

    Just about to pot a bridgesii with really long spines, noob question do you remove the bottom couple of rows of spines before planting or leave them on for stability. Was planning on removing them with side cutters or pruning sheers. Thanks
  4. greenechidna

    Another Hash Church tonight.

    Another one 3 weeks in a row if they are on every week again will stop posting these. https://youtu.be/xDnHug0fmTE
  5. greenechidna

    2018-2019 Acacia Sales

    Just received mine, could only repeat what Mango said.
  6. greenechidna

    Another Hash Church tonight.

    Missed a couple. https://youtu.be/2vPG6HQzyZM
  7. greenechidna

    Cactus nightmare

    Hope this never happens to me. https://imgur.com/R6P2XT0
  8. greenechidna

    Another Hash Church tonight.

    Oops link did not work. https://youtu.be/Xz8r9RQTYDs
  9. greenechidna

    Another Hash Church tonight.

    They are getting more frequent, over grow the world. https://youtu.be/Xz8r9RQTYDs
  10. greenechidna

    Chavin Herbalists - Ordering Saga

    I ordered some in April I still have not received them yet, have contacted AQIS and know they have not been intercepted, I also know that mail from there can take ages used to keep Killifish from South America and exchanged letters with some people in Brazil. Have been close to contacting Haun about them, but have ADHD and autism and dont handle situations like this well.
  11. greenechidna

    Another Hash Church tonight.

    Another one tonight, enjoy.
  12. greenechidna

    Nylon GAF bags filtration

    Cool, send me a pm when you get the 75's in.
  13. greenechidna

    Nylon GAF bags filtration

    High, Do you have any photos of the bags, and what size bucket would they be made to suit, I would want a 150, 100, and 75 when are you getting the 75's? Also have only heard of one strain that can have trichomes under 50 microns, and if your getting the mesh can you make dry sift screens. Thanks.
  14. greenechidna

    Post your track of the day

  15. greenechidna

    Ebooks and MP3

    Thanks and oops thought I sent it.