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  1. greenechidna

    Another Hash Church tonight.

    Two in a row think it might be weekly for a while, it is also available on amazon pod casts if it is easier that way. https://youtu.be/n0JQ8sM1Ttk I was wrong about the pod cast, not amazon, but apple and spotify just type hash church 3 into the search engine
  2. greenechidna

    Another Hash Church tonight.

    Hash Church 3.0 first episode, monday morning. This link is just a reminder when the show starts another link will be generated which i will post here https://youtu.be/Gq9DPBBq8sw
  3. greenechidna

    Does street lighting affect flowering.

    Thanks good to know, when I get to understand cactus a bit more might try some 24/7 experiments.
  4. Planning my cactus garden, have 2 places I was planning on planting that are affected by street light or house lights, would it have any effect on flowering at all, or does it help creating mutants I know there a few plants that cant handle it, and could not find anything searching for it.
  5. greenechidna

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    14 foot of mexican fence post, https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/murray-bridge-area/plants/cactus-mexican-fence-post-pachycereus-marginatus-/1227777661
  6. greenechidna

    Another Hash Church tonight.

  7. greenechidna

    advice needed please

    Have been using de for a while, works best when dry after watering wait at least a day b4 applying, I use a shaker that is for icing sugar to apply it, and give each pot a dusting a couple of days after each watering its very fine and disappears when you water. Cheapest place to get it is one of those big pet warehouses they sell it as a flea controller for kennels. You can also cook egg shells and crunch them up then top dress with them for fungus gnats
  8. greenechidna

    Another Hash Church tonight.

    Tomorrow night, 27/5, 1.30 am SA time https://youtu.be/rKHj2WoV1I4
  9. greenechidna

    Another Hash Church tonight.

    2.30 am S.A. summer time start. https://youtu.be/5k7QKGYuUuc Cancelled due to tech difficulties, sorry.
  10. greenechidna

    Chavin Herbalists - Ordering Saga

    My understanding is they harvested seeds every couple of years from a location, so your seeds might be 3 years old b4 sending them, a few times on their facebook page they mentioned if you got these seeds from us over the last couple of years we have gone back to harvest and the mother plant is gone. Ordered my seeds from the 100 years of Pachanoi and was told they will send me the whole of the Alchemist collection as freebies because I am a shaman and explained how i started using cactus instead of shrooms to help people with spirit problems. Moving house lost all my dried shrooms a lot, someone came to me for help and I said i cant because i have no way of crossing over at the moment, she told me she had a cactus that shaman in South America use for this sort of work and gave me this huge brain shaped cactus told me there was enough for 3 journeys found it a lot easier to work while cactused instead of shroomed, and where i moved is a 10hour round trip to the shroom fields so decided i would change to using cactus. If i bought cuts instead of ordering the seeds $150 I would be able to help people now, cant afford cuts now or have any seedlings to trade so have to wait another 4 months for shroom season to collect some. A very frustrated shaman at the moment.
  11. greenechidna

    Another Hash Church tonight.

    2.30 am start https://youtu.be/tpurg7h2pUY
  12. greenechidna

    Chavin Herbalists - Ordering Saga

    Also check Chavin Herbalist Club https://www.facebook.com/groups/168680647111158/ I feel lucky that Haun said he is personally sending my order, would not order from them now.
  13. greenechidna

    Audiobook: How to Change Your Mind.

    Thought some might be interested in this audiobook, looks interesting have not listened to it yet. With netflix bribing politicians into blocking torrents, try the program Tixati and magnet for the download actually finding it easier than using torrent. http://audiobookbay.nl/audio-books/how-to-change-your-mind-what-the-new-science-of-psychedelics-teaches-us-about-consciousness-dying-addiction-depression-and-transcendence-michael-pollan-3/ Finally listened to it, it is friggin awesome so far, highly recomended.
  14. greenechidna

    Cannabis Gender ID?

    I thought it was about a few people with a lot of influence worried they may lose there meal ticket selling, seeds, cuttings and books. When the law works out mescaline is not just found in peyote.
  15. greenechidna

    Cannabis Gender ID?

    So many gatekeepers on a forum for shamanism. Its like cutting off the nose to spite the face.