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  1. DJ-MC

    Few things for sale

  2. DJ-MC

    tulsi varieties

    I hadn't heard vana tulsi being called clove basil until recently.. which is why it got me curious I thought they were all different varieties of O. sanctum/ O. tenuiflorum not an entierly different subspecies. will have to get just my hands on some krishna tulsi and get familiar with them me thinks..
  3. anyone know what causes the little brownish spots? its growing well and nice and firm edit : I read somewhere this is normal and it will grow out confirmation would be appreciated
  4. DJ-MC

    old account

    does tagging torsten send him a notification?
  5. DJ-MC

    old account

    @Torsten or any other mod I had an account under the name danshaman and had trouble recovering it so I made a new one just wanted to get into it and check my inbox and maybe move my photos and whatnot to this account
  6. just curious on anyones experience with different varieties of tulsi? was gifted a vana tulsi plant while back and have decent success in using it too combat infections, I know euganol is the main component with (antiviral?)/antibacterial properties, but have read krishna tulsi has a slightly different phytochemical profile thanks guys
  7. DJ-MC


  8. I had to make this post it's not about an SABer but someone who reaped many benefits from without slightest sign of thanks, I don't if many of you know who I am but I was at EGA camped with a guy named ben.... too the point a lolvely member here gifted me SO many trich seedlings some really cool genetics too ben took on many of them and keep in mind this wasnt a sale, anyway this was years ago but recently saw them posted on a random ticho group for sale UNNAMED! what the fuck is wrong with people I distributed stupid amounts of grafted lophs and trichs within the circle I grew up with and more the findout almost none were grown out and alot just consumed or 'stolen' even just kept away from me because 'drugs a are bad mmkay" the bright side is the corroborree is still around and if the same kind of circumstances come around where I need to restribute my garden hope fully I don't wind up in the same prediciment. rant over
  9. DJ-MC

    Free tulsi

    last call before whats left goes up elsewhere
  10. DJ-MC

    Meet up: Brisbane

    really wanna get too this one, is the location posted anywhere?