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  1. the forum aint what it use to be sucks to see...
  2. DJ-MC

    ariocarpus and aztekium seeds

    if you dont have any luck go to the ariocarpus and astrophytum aus page on fb luke cook has a mad seed list for ariocarpus
  3. DJ-MC


    would be mad keen on some cereus tips
  4. DJ-MC

    Trichocereus cactus seeds

  5. DJ-MC


  6. DJ-MC

    Loph Williamsii seed / small plant

    check out kurunjang cactus kids on fb they just posted a bunch of seed packs
  7. DJ-MC

    seed sale gone wrong

    all good man have found a good source for seed so I'll be able to grow some of these beauties appreciate the sentiment
  8. DJ-MC

    seed sale gone wrong

    I saw the post's about stolen ario's but never any follow up on the culprit
  9. DJ-MC

    seed sale gone wrong

    yeah I realize that the question then stands If he is a known scammer/ thief why had he not been booted yet? and I had no idea about the thefts
  10. DJ-MC

    seed sale gone wrong

    well I tried to optimistic but it's become clear I've just been straight up scammed
  11. DJ-MC


  12. DJ-MC

    San Pedro for sale

  13. Am growing rather frustrated with user matt1280 as I paid him straight away for 50 ariocarpus seed and was told seed would be sent out the following monday and have just been ghosted for 2 months now, I really don't know where to go from here havnt had any issues with any other members here and I understand he might have some stuff goin on but it doesn't take much for an update message. and help in resolving this would be appreciated
  14. DJ-MC


    cheers will keep that in mind