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  1. DJ-MC

    Post your track of the day

    riiightt because life is so easy for everyone right now cool song you know how to hold a drum?
  2. DJ-MC

    Ethnobotanical Kefir

    fuck yeah have only been doing it for a lil bit and can see how these cultures are so hardy. keen to hear the progress, mine has been a bit hit and miss... refrigerating them at the perfect time seems to be the main factor with my tendency to start 10 things at once leaves lots of room to forgot with out date stickers lol need to start drying them and sharing they grow so damn fast!
  3. DJ-MC

    SAB discord

    https://discord.gg/XK65wRT start of something just need the money to go nitro so should be much better in a few days probably less.... -o-
  4. DJ-MC

    Visitation by birds

    - O - bird whisperer.....
  5. yeh it puts more people than not into a narrow mindset, the whole model for diagnosis is whack there is generations worth of proof now how fucked up psychiatry is. I still get the stench of the stigma follow me into certain social circles.... it was literally the last straw they could grab before had to write me off there book and remove the bogus order because I didn't meet the new criteria for the 2016 mental health act I was just fortunate enough to slip in while the 2007 act so pretty much the paperwork they used to place the order on me expired and they weren't able to renew it because I cleaned my self up.
  6. DJ-MC

    Australia eliquid nicotine ban

    oh that's cold. let people fill their lungs with whatever the fuck they want I know smokers who can't vape, vapers who cant smoke, people who do both and people who do none I don't think their health is gunna differ that much aslong as they're doing what works for them If they are looking after the other aspects of themselves.
  7. DJ-MC

    Ethnobotanical Kefir

    just burped some tulsi apple pomegrenate smells pretty good!
  8. DJ-MC

    SSL Certificate

    I just use https everywhere doesnt get block on this site
  9. wicked was so bummed I couldnt make it and the last one was empty when I rocked up. tricky audience to reach out to. alot of people around were raised before the integration of technology started so still hold alot of fear of the www because of understanding computers from a user level. alot of people I know are flat out scared of open sourced software simply because they get the impression it's open season on their data, I remember you saying your studying IT if you make a digital set of guidelines or tips and tricks for using encryption properly maybe it would be helpful for people stuck in a fearful mindset around internet privacy. There is nothing that seems more comforting than a simple user friendly program that is nothing more than an instruction manual like the way early apple OS settings were layed out.
  10. how did this one go acacia?
  11. can only view the page that loads for some reason cannot go to the last page or even the next one. makes reading old and pinned threads a bitch. edit - its only on my desktop mobile is fine