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  1. Ngati Wikitoria

    Happy Wattle Day!

    The temp dropped to 9-16 degrees, and so I put them onto a 25W brewing mat with a cycle of on for 30 mins and off for an hour (my timer has 30 minute increments) . I am using small seed raising containers (10x20x4cm). They are sitting in takeaway containers with the lids on partially (i.e. not entirely sealed) in order to elevate temperature and humidity. One set of cotyledons has emerged from the surface so far (Huzzah!!). My question is, should I remove the lids from both containers and therefore have reduced humidity, or should I keep them partially or fully covered? Acacian's original instructions said to keep them 23 degrees, and water them daily. I'm concerned about having them in a high humidity environment - should I have them uncovered? if this is the case then I will need to increase the temperature in some way (perhaps having it on constantly with a thinner/thicker layer between the heat mat and the containers). Also, should I water them from above, or soak them from below? Is either way preferred? Please help me get these sacred plants going across the Tasman my Australian siblings!
  2. Ngati Wikitoria

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Haha, no offense taken. Yes I may well be over-complicating things; I guess you could just way that it's in my nature to do so. I really just want to maximise the chances of survival of the few good seeds that I have managed to get, seeing as they are not available here (NZ).
  3. Ngati Wikitoria

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Is there any reason not to use the water that the seeds were soaked in with rhizobia for watering the seeds into the seed-raising mix? Or is it better/necessary to grind up some more nodules (I don't have soil, just nodules that I collected in Feb and stored in the fridge in 50% glycerine (one bottle) and silica gel (another bottle)). In case anyone's interested, I used this method of preservation after reading "Chapter 31: Root Nodule Bacteria and Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation" . Evidently I did not read it closely enough, as I have just realised that it states that the 50% glycerol solution should be stored at -20 degrees C. Hopefully the ones desiccated on silica gel are still viable.
  4. Ngati Wikitoria

    Peganum root division?

    I have 3 Peganum plants in pots that (by some miracle) I've managed to not kill off for the last 10 years, but it's too cold in Auckland for them to set seed, so I've never managed to get any seed from them to increase the numbers. As a noxious weed, it' not possible to buy or import viable seed. Has anyone managed to successfully carry out root division as a means of increasing plant numbers? I'm guessing that Winter is the preferred time, as there is no aerial growth and I figure that it will be best to have them all ready to go once they recommence growth in the Spring. I'd prefer not to leave it until they start regrowing in the Spring because they usually take me by surprise, and by the time I've noticed them growing they've put put 1cm + shoots, which are east to knock off.. As to why I'm growing them when I don't get any seed from them, I will say that I've been successful in isolating harmine from roots harvested when repotting them, but now is the time to increase the number of plants so that I can increase yields. Then by the time my Acacias come online (touch wood!!!) I'll have a matching amount of harmine to play with. If I don't get any responses then I'll just divide one of them in August and leave the others until Spring - and let you know the outcome.