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  1. I wanna be a drug-sniffing dog So I can snort coke all day long Bite my master when it suits me Get off on diminished capacity I wanna be a customs man Snoop through your stuff 'cause I can Sneaky peaky pry through your private lives Stroke your panties, jackin' off at lunch Weh oh, Weh oh ho Sure beats Alpo It's the life It's the stink It's the attitude I wanna be a San Francisco cop So I can speed and run red lights And sure as Rodney was a King We got ways to make you sing It's the life It's the stink It's the attitude We can seize everything Houses, cars, and life savings Keep the loot for ourselves Fake drug charge works every time I wanna join the christian coalition So I can molest my children None suspect me 'cause I've been saved 'Til my stepdaughter drowns her kids in a lake Weh oh, Weh oh ho Spare rod, spoil the child It's the life It's the stink Choose your masks
  2. Tøn

    what i've been up to, in my abscence...

    That's incredible! I wish it would catch on over here. Most definitely, when I'm out and about doing community stuff, noone gives a shit who I have been in the past, they just see this capable and intelligent person who wants to be involved and has a lot of unique skills. At the job I just left, I was constantly subject to subterfuge from people who are incredibly defensive about climbing the ranks in a company that EVERYONE hates working for, even the management. I was set up to fail in so many ways, and if I didn't know better I would have believed it- that would have become my reality.
  3. Tøn

    prescription drugs & driving

    This kind of thing blows my mind. I was prescribed quetiapine recently (which I refuse to take until I am confident that my condition wasn't drug-induced, the psych was saying 'we'll start you on this, then change to something with less side effects in a month and look into mood stabilisers' etc etc, which caused me to freak right the fuck out, in my eyes he was saying 'don't worry kid, we'll have you on a pension in no time!') Anyway. The upshot was, up until recently I was a forklift driver right? Walking away from that mindfuck of an occupation already has me feeling better... But yeah, let alone trying to drive to and from work (45 to an hour each way in ridiculously heavy traffic,) I was then supposed to go and drive this 3-ton machine, and if I fucked up (which is VERY VERY EASY when you're working under intense pressure all day every day,) it would automatically not just be my fault, but I'd be legally liable? I seriously felt like I was in this fucking double bind situation, like, if I weren't such an obstinate hippie, I would have started taking those pills and automatically become a rolling liability. Especially once the psych ramped the cocktail up for real, introducing lithium/sodium valproate or whatever evil shit I was supposed to take... Makes me wonder how many people there are driving around on combos of meds that should automatically disqualify them from operating anything more technically complex than a pair of safety scissors. I don't mean to cause offense to anyone who has no choice but to take psychiatric medication. Who knows, maybe it'll have to be me one day. Fucking hope not. (Classic Tøn post-- sorta on topic, mostly not. I'm getting better I swear )
  4. Ah-hah! I found it! This!! This is what it's like to make noise:
  5. Dude, this is fucking awesome It's hard being into the whole noise thing eh, it's like, 'wanna listen to something I'm working on?' and the answer is invariably 'oh god make it stop' There's a lot of stereo field fuckery which is often absent in the experimental stuff I hear, it's like... Folding inwards on my brain or something, like the sound's coming in at an angle. Masterful.
  6. One of the ideas the leading hand was kicking around with me when I was working on a farm was supplying herbalists-- apparently this can be quite lucrative, with relatively minimal input.
  7. Tøn

    what i've been up to, in my abscence...

    ....Aaaaand I have spent the last few weeks recovering from a drug-induced psychosis, and/or manic episode. Reading back on my last few posts here made me go *nod* hmmmm, yeah. I wasn't headed in a good direction. To be honest I'm gunning for psychosis, 'cus at leas then the treatment is more or less 'don't take drugs idjit' So I'm being a good boy, wholefood diet, hydration, exercise, canned the deity visualisation-style meditation, got a trial shift as a cook on Saturday. Finances are up the crap but *eh* it's just money. I've certainly been in worse financial situations... Correlating with other episodes which I can clearly see were much less spiritual and more delusional than I was able to accept ;) The alternative is the box of Seroquel I have sitting in a drawer, waiting for me should I make any more smart decisions like 'continuing to smoke cannabis (siiiigh and the psilo thing) when Ganesh and Lakshmi both told me to stop.
  8. Interesting. I asked psilo last night if I should return to vegetarianism and the answer was YES before I could finish asking. I continued... 'Vegan?' and there was a pause... 'In time' There was a big non-verbal space in the pause which was something along the lines of 'you have a lot of work to do before you can sustain a plant-based diet, don't worry about it for now' So I will listen. Mainly because it was clear that I am welcome in that space, but I am not to return before addressing my physical and mental health in a lot of ways. It was like, 'Address this and this, stop doing x and y. We (After years of trying to rationalise it, I give up. Psilo speaks as 'we' to me *shrug*) want you to stop. We can't help you, you have to do that yourself, but when you do, you will be mentally and physically prepared for complete immersion.' (non-relevant) I guess I'm just trying to find ways to info-dump some of the things that occured to me, but I think the most profound experience was finding my childhood self within me, red in the face from holding his breath and clenching his fists. I let him scream and claw at me until he was done, cried throughout it, cried tears of joy afterwards, held him in my arms and told him that he/I is loved and a good person and etc etc. I could feel his/my presence in the room, actually feel the space that he occupied. Thinking about it is bringing me close to tears again. Anyway. To answer your question, yes. Absolutely. But I had to learn to listen. Yisss, I sound completely deranged,.. But have never felt more sane
  9. Tøn

    what i've been up to, in my abscence...

    Hahahah, has your life just turned into a constant assessment of potential kancho targets? I've been having a lot of fun with my mental health! Yay for complex PTSD! Thankfully I'm starting to find more and more opportunities to move towards what I feel will help me thrive rather than exist... I just got home from doing sound for the local ukulele festival, which was freaking BRILLIANT fun, largely positive reception except for a couple of artists with shitty pickups and mic technique roasting me from afar for not turning them up to the point of feedback. Ahh well. I'm working on the theory that a lot of mental health problems stem from, or are exacerbated by, a lack of community involvement. This is partially through what I've learned about cultures with low mental illness rates- everybody has a place and belongs, people look after each other, the youth belong to a vast family which is their tribe, so if their parents are shit cunts the blow is absorbed by the love they receive from their peers. I'm also informed by my time living close to the city and how downright afraid everybody is of everybody else. Also had a professional development session for an arts festival I'll be performing at later in the year, another Big Thing for me. It's the first time I've acknowledged myself as an artist and exhibited as such. I asked my supervisor if I can drop down to 4 days a week. Here's hoping. I'm adamant that being less involved in the cooked logic of a huge multi-national corporation will do really bloody good things for me. Also, any reduction in time spent in a warehouse in winter is a GOOD THING, last winter was just painful.
  10. Tøn

    don't cha love it when...

    ^ That's a momentous achievement! Is this through the practice of meditation and/or contemplation of dhamma?
  11. Tøn

    Dark Mofo anyone ?

    Phwoooooar, Einsterzende Neubaten! Probably won't make it to Tassie for that but still!!
  12. Tøn

    Post your word of the moment

  13. Tøn

    effected by Brugmansia?

    I'm also curious as to why brug/datura/etc is so popular, surely it can't be a widely-used entheogen?? Is it to do with the wonder of cultivating something so devastatingly powerful? Reminds me of the time I WWOOFED at a conference centre which turned out to be owned by some serious Christians. They had a guest chalet out the back which had Brugmansia growing in an arch over the front door. One of the flowers was hanging at head height right in front of the door. I didn't have the balls to ask why they deliberately grew a plant associated with witchcraft/Satanism/Hinduism, I wish I did now
  14. Tøn

    Meet up: Melbourne