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  1. I too hate aeroplanes. However for me, bardo was clearly making a rather clever joke. In your mantra, you visualise the planes going away, for good. Bardo's joke takes that one step further, so they where not there in the first place. Humour is medicine for a sick world, embrace it where ever you can.
  2. What a truly fucked up world we live in.
  3. I agree with the rake wielder on this one. There are several great tools, like CBD, that help relieve symptoms.However at the end of the day it comes down to will power. This is why terms like addict and addiction can be so problematic. They weaken your resolve by implying you are a victim.
  4. For those not familiar with the clay ball method.
  5. Big fan of both old school and the trendy variety. If we're talking the latter, I do think you should put a lot of thought in to what species you use, and collect seeds locally. It would really suck to be a modern day Reginald Mungomery (well intentioned man, responsible for cane toads). Good bush targets are the many, badly managed and abandoned council sites, like old road fill quarries. Then there's all that degraded farmland. Eroded gullies and totally, cleared creek banks, seem like particularly tempting, clay ball, bomb sites. Probably more controversial sites are those mistakenly thought of as pristine, like rain-forests. Many of which have been heavily logged of their upper canopy species. Some of these species have been cleared from such a large area, they can never regenerate on their own. As for old school. Not really ethics, more of a common scene thing, but the law usually looks on it more favourably than the alternative. For instance in the N.T. 2 big, plants, grown outdoors, in the ground, gets you an on the spot fine. 2 little hydro plants, in your cupboard, lands you in court. However large scale seeding could be more of an ethical issue. This plant is invasive,, and the government tends to take a scorched earth approach when they find out.
  6. Sorry a bit off topic. DualWieldRake You started a thread somewhere asking for business advise. This is may not be the right place, nor the sort of advise you where looking for, but in the true spirit of many of your posts, I'm going to give it anyway. You started a seed shop, and advertised it on here. Seems like a smart move, given pretty much every one on here, as well as everyone that looks on here, is a potential customer. You then go on several threads insulting people. At times you even insult whole groups of people, gays for instance. Now I'm not gay, but this sort of stuff still effects where I want to spend my money. I bet I'm not the only one. Mate in business your not only selling your products, your selling your self.
  7. Mate this really depends on the plant. To over generalise, herbaceous plants respond better than woody plants. It can help pathogens in the soil attack the stem, causing rot. Anything that roots easily is good. Tomato's for instance, should always be planted deeper to increase their root mass.
  8. Of cause all the safety stuff is good advise, especially if it's been awhile. In particular spending some time with the plant, building up your dosage. Mate I think the main thing is, you have to be able to let go, and let it take you. What is going to help you do that? If I'm dealing with serious stuff, I like to be alone and near water; because that's what relaxes me. Then again it's amazingly therapeutic to hang with some like minded people, take way to much, and just have fun with it (a Tassy summer camp sounds goood).
  9. Come on mate waterboy 2.0 makes some good points. What about we mix everybody’s ideas together? Often the best farming land is along riverbanks. The same land coveted by property developers. Look at an average county town. For argument’s sake, let’s say something like 20km2 of urban sprawl, taking up what used to be prime farm land. What if we take your mega city and break it up? Build a single, self-contained skyscraper, complete with schools, shops and residential, everything. Revert the remaining 19 ½ km2 back to farms. This should reduce environmental foot print, transport and infrastructure costs, as well as solve the labour problem. You could then place these everywhere there is good farm land. Replacing city and town alike, with these ‘micro cities’. Leaving the marginal land between as wilderness.
  10. Yeh your right, probably not as much different as you think. It a while ago I was into this stuff, but I think human studies showed people needed social recreation and personal space to mitigate some of the worst effects. Never the less, the link between mental health problems and population density, are well established. One good recipe for sanity might be to avoid cities, socialise with friends and spend some of your time alone.
  11. Mate good on ya for doing this. I foolishly left my last medicine and ethno garden, thinking the new owners would benefit (they seemed to like the idea). Only to drive by 2 weeks later to see the entire site cleared to plant lawn. Still kicking my self.
  12. Because I live on a remote island, there is no shops that sell cactus mix and the like. So I use well rinsed beach sand in my mix. It has lots of shell and coral grit in it. Seams to work well for all cacti, but I'm far from an expert.
  13. Mate my concern for your well being is real. Looking back, you have been a little like that all along. So maybe it’s just the way you are. You also got more nasty on Friday. Not sure why you think I have been inconsistent. I have always been consistent. I strongly believe everyone should help out others. That’s how the world becomes a better place. You don't have to agree with that. My only problem is with people which are hurting others. In particular those that can't defend them selves, like children. I've taken that so far as to make a career of it. Our conversation started with me stating that pear pressure is one of the main drivers of social change. A statement you were not comfortable with. I’m sure you can understand; social change is a big part of my business. It’s something I very much like to hear others perspectives on. For the record I don’t much like how big a role, peer pressure plays in social change, nor do I think the people in my examples went about it in the best possible way. unfortunately, that alone does not affect the reality we live in. Nor do any of your objections. I personally think it’s all our responsibility to try and steer that change in the direction we want it to go. Make no mistake there are plenty of others out there trying to steer it in theirs. Which brings us to Sharia. Sure Sharia is a threat to some people’s freedoms in some parts of the world. However, you live in Australia, where all the extremist political parties are based on Cannon Law not Sharia. The Christian lobby, along with the coal lobby, remain the biggest threats to democracy in Australia. Constantly influencing law, policy and the media. The once clearly defined line between religion and state has openly becoming blurred. I know the main stream media keep pumping the fear the Muslim message, I’m sure you can see through that. If there is any credible, religious threat to your freedom, isn't it from Cannon Law not Sharia? So why do you keep bringing up Sharia?
  14. Mate strange reaction, I take it I was not supposed to agree with your links. As for the trolling, you were caught red handed. I would like to hear about that. I am genuinely interested. If you where genuinely trying to make a point, I don’t get what it was. Talking to families about this stuff is my job. Sure it’s a small part. Usually I am dealing with extreme at risk children. A lot of the parents of kids in this extreme category, come across the same way you have throughout this thread. As a result, I have probably been harsh on you. Why do you find helping others so strange? Both Paradox and yourself think ego is motivator. I’ve been in the non-profit sector for decades and I can only think of a few people with anything resembling an ego problem. If you understood the shit you need to wade through on a daily basis you would get why. Mate I was only dismissive once you started posting dodgy newspaper articles claiming smoking is not bad for you. Can we agree that was stupid! regardless whether you were trolling or not? You might not take child safety seriously, but I do. Not smoking around children is an important message. One that has gone way past the debate stage. One you were undermining for what reason?
  15. Mate for a start the smoking 'studies' you linked aren't actually studies there newspaper articles, that quote other newspaper articles, that apparently quote unnamed studies. In other words a total wast of time. Further more you admit to not even agreeing with them, which by definition is TROLLING. The only real question that remains is if you have the integrity or stones to own that. Mate to be honest I stopped reading after I realised the poor quality of your first links. I've gone back now and I totally agree about the phones. It's not a big problem where I am. However I have, a couple of times, spoken to families about that. Your other examples are about industrial pollution in manufacturing. Definitely a big problem. A bit outside my work with children and their families. Nevertheless a worthy thing to stand up to.