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  1. Mate I like the sound of primal earth spirits. St Elmo's fire doesn't require a large structure. There are several reported cases of the phenomenon appearing on cows horns(that would be creepy). Technically an isolated fence post, or even a blade of grass that sticks up above the others, should be enough. However the fire is usually blue, where as your spirits where white.
  2. I'm not sure what your argument actually is? I don't think that the existence of suffering (as a consequence of rape) constitutes an argument against determinism. Hi EightySeven, please correct me if i'm wrong. The way I understand determinism is that there is no free will, that everything essentially boils down too cause and effect. I understand how a certain upbringing, can cause someone to look on others, in a way that brings about the potential for rape. However do you really believe a rapist has no say in the matter, that they are not responsible for their actions, because those actions where inevitable?
  3. St. Elmo's fire.?'s_fire
  4. Hi Thelma, why these particular critters? Many people go vego for either health or ethical reasons. If it's health, wouldn't prawns be excluded. They have a very high cholesterol levels. Not to mention, like most bottom feeders, they are known to accumulate toxins, such as PCB's and dioxins. I personally think much of the ethical augment is flawed. Never the less, wouldn't the high intelligence of cephalopods rule them out?
  5. An environmental weed, but interesting insect control.
  6. Good stuff Moose, the bigger peak seems to be sunset, also interesting how they relate dmt production to uv.
  7. Great thread, good to see everyone sharing. I don't get much spare time. I work long hours with at risk youth, but a lot of my work involves camping, hunting, fishing, gardening and music. Have been getting into a bit of film making lately. When I'm not at work I like to either get in the garden or out on the water. My favorite hunting at the moment is spear fishing. It's like starting over, with a whole new range of species you need to learn. I've pretty much got the hang of the easy stuff like barra, parrots, or coral trout. It usually only takes about 10 min's in the water to get a feed. I got a way to go with things like mangrove jacks. I can ambush them, but their so!! hard to stalk.
  8. Mate I can't get that image out of my head now.
  9. Used to do this every wet season back when I lived on the mainland. I have a friend that owns a buffalo farm,. He lets us collect a ute full of poo, which we spread under fruit trees. Trees with branches that hang right down are best for mushys as they hold more stable humidity. Another mate does this on a small scale in pots on his veranda. Blue meanies for breaky anybody?
  10. As for fb, I'm with zelly on that one, and it's a given that there is no confidentiality. I have looked on the site a couple of times, there is some talk about illegal stuff. I might be paranoid but some of it smells like entrapment. It's not enough to not talk about illegal stuff, just being associated with this kind of thing can be a problem for some people.
  11. Great thread, we had a cyclone here as well. I lost 3 brig's a Meted Wax, a Kai and a Sina. The Wax was discolored all season, so no surprise there but the other 2 dropped on the same day. A bit of discolour on some pach's, not much, peru's just grew insanely fast. If they won't flower in the tropics, its going to be a bit hard to breed for tolerance, but we can still select.
  12. Mate I don't know your situation, but there are only a few thing in life that truly bind us to our current place in life. Being incarcerated, a child in the care of adults, or to a lesser extent having children to someone your not with and wanting to be a regular part of their lives. By far the biggest thing that stops us from living the life we want to, is our selves, and the way our culture has conditioned us.This requires a simple attitude change. Stop waiting till everything is perfect, just like your culture tells you to (enough money, qualifications, mortgage paid off, etc. etc.). It's a very big beautiful world, and you only have one life to see and do all you want to, so get out amongst it. The perfect time is right now.
  13. My favorite shade tree is an Albizia saman, while their impressive, they are not decidious. What about a Ginkgo biloba?