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  1. Crop

    When I die

    I think the problem is more how cemetery's are run, than what your buried in. I don't know how it works in the U.S. but here your options are limited. However they only embalm your body if you ask for an open coffin funeral. If you want a closed coffin, they just chuck you in a box. If you don't want to wast money or resources, that box can be cardboard. There is still the problem of how deep they bury you, and finding a deep rooted plant that they will allow you to grow in the cemetery.
  2. Crop

    When I die

    I don't see how the pods are any better than a card board coffin. The mushroom suit is a good idea, but instead of looking at our carcass as a waste that needs to be decomposed, couldn't we look at it as a resource? Maybe some sort of fertiliser along the lines of Charlie Carp.
  3. Mate as far as I know fruit fly are only a problem for ripe or near ripe fruit.
  4. Crop

    Space Chilli's

    The mother plant is still producing.
  5. Crop

    Lion's Mane Supplements

    Nammex is a Canadian bulk producer. Can get in Australia from Create Your Own Supplements in capsules, https://www.createyourownsupplement.com.au/product-page/lions-mane-hericium-erinaceus-capsules or powder, https://www.createyourownsupplement.com.au/product-page/lions-mane-hericium-erinaceus-20-polysaccharides-standardised-extract
  6. Crop

    predict the next PM and win a loph!

    Great comp, and this may be the only place the average joe wins anything out of this.
  7. Crop

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Yeh, there's not doubt he's very rapped up in his own ideas and he has a tenancy to over simplify complex problems (something the elephants learned the hard way). However this fella's not just an academic, he has been out there, doing this, on a fairly large scale, for a long time and getting results. Maybe he offers some of the solution, for some situations. For instance large parts of Australia's north are being taken over by gamba grass. Gamba is a perennial clumping grass from Africa, introduced by cow cockeys back in the eighties. each year the clumps get bigger. 3-4m high and the same wide is already common. It has a high nitrogen content so burns hot. Combine that with a pyromaniacal bush fire council and you have regular fires, that are so hot they can kill mature Eucalypt's (not to mention all the the fury critters), turning woodlands into grasslands in as little as 10 years. The only success I've ever seen at controlling gamba, over a largish area, especially in woodland , is by rotational grassing of water buffalo. Personally I've never let hooved stock on my place, but I've also watched my once pristine forest degrade to the point I don't live there any more. This is only a short Ted Talk, might be worth a better look.
  8. I too hate aeroplanes. However for me, bardo was clearly making a rather clever joke. In your mantra, you visualise the planes going away, for good. Bardo's joke takes that one step further, so they where not there in the first place. Humour is medicine for a sick world, embrace it where ever you can.
  9. What a truly fucked up world we live in.
  10. I agree with the rake wielder on this one. There are several great tools, like CBD, that help relieve symptoms.However at the end of the day it comes down to will power. This is why terms like addict and addiction can be so problematic. They weaken your resolve by implying you are a victim.
  11. For those not familiar with the clay ball method.
  12. Big fan of both old school and the trendy variety. If we're talking the latter, I do think you should put a lot of thought in to what species you use, and collect seeds locally. It would really suck to be a modern day Reginald Mungomery (well intentioned man, responsible for cane toads). Good bush targets are the many, badly managed and abandoned council sites, like old road fill quarries. Then there's all that degraded farmland. Eroded gullies and totally, cleared creek banks, seem like particularly tempting, clay ball, bomb sites. Probably more controversial sites are those mistakenly thought of as pristine, like rain-forests. Many of which have been heavily logged of their upper canopy species. Some of these species have been cleared from such a large area, they can never regenerate on their own. As for old school. Not really ethics, more of a common scene thing, but the law usually looks on it more favourably than the alternative. For instance in the N.T. 2 big, plants, grown outdoors, in the ground, gets you an on the spot fine. 2 little hydro plants, in your cupboard, lands you in court. However large scale seeding could be more of an ethical issue. This plant is invasive, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunter_Valley_cannabis_infestation, and the government tends to take a scorched earth approach when they find out.
  13. Crop

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Sorry a bit off topic. DualWieldRake You started a thread somewhere asking for business advise. This is may not be the right place, nor the sort of advise you where looking for, but in the true spirit of many of your posts, I'm going to give it anyway. You started a seed shop, and advertised it on here. Seems like a smart move, given pretty much every one on here, as well as everyone that looks on here, is a potential customer. You then go on several threads insulting people. At times you even insult whole groups of people, gays for instance. Now I'm not gay, but this sort of stuff still effects where I want to spend my money. I bet I'm not the only one. Mate in business your not only selling your products, your selling your self.