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  1. Ill be keen for a lil bag mate thanks
  2. Came arcoss this today on a walk, thinking its Phalaris Brachystachis? There seems to be 2 types in the same area, basically identical grass just long and short seed head. And yes im aware of the dangers etc regarding gramine. Thanks
  3. Well ill be fooked lol... thats mad hahah. My luck though id give myself blood poisoning lol.
  4. Yeah I havnt used the bow in over a year much to my dissapointment The scan was just an ultrasound so not surprised if something was missed. After it was feeling better for a while, I started being less careful (not intentionally) and what started it off again was my son had dropped a toy in the back seat of the car onto the floor. I reached behind me to pick it up from the passenger seat and tweaked it and it just seems to be getting more and more irritated. Ill check out those links, thanks man :D - sounds pretty cool, id have to look into it and see what that sort of treatment would cost. By saying 'ive done it myself with good results' I assume you mean you have had the treatment and not centrifuged your own blood and injected it yourself... lol i feel silly even asking but hey... stranger things happen right?
  5. The scans didnt show a great deal apparently, the doc reckons its an inflamed bursa and tendon. But that shouldnt be causing the nerve tingle/itchy/pins and needles, the doc said we will treat the first problem and see if it fixes the rest. The pain and inflamation went away for a while after the shots but the nerve issue remained. The doc said to give it more time. I think something might have been missed, the scan seemed to be very quick and halfassed.. Might have to check out those clubs... throw a few glowsticks on them, head down the beach at night with some doof music ;) heheheheh
  6. Hey ive missed a few replies here, thanks fellas :D Yeah legal would be preferred, I smoked weed heavily some years ago and it was quite an effort to stop... ie insomnia and sweating buckets and being an asssshole to be around lol. Ive tried to sprout some poppy seeds but I missed the boat I think, the weather is a bit warm now. Plus thats probably going to be problematic in the longrun also. I ended up finding a place that would bulk bill so I could get the scan done on my shoulder and I got steroid shots for it. They worked for a while but now its acting up again. Funny how you commented right at this point I got some akuamma seeds to try and they do pretty well but are expensive and taste like 100x ass extract lol. Might get some more, not sure yet Cheers for the replies :D
  7. I have been reading a little about fusing stems of plants recently and it got me thinking about the acacia seedlings ive sprouted recently. Could it be worth fusing a few together as an experiment? Same species? Mixed species? Could it help the harder to grow species like phleb or courtii kick on? Would it increase alk%? Has anyone had experience here? Lots of questions but I think some interesting things could come of it... maybe haha Thoughts?
  8. Lol might have to even the score ;)
  9. Yeah gonna have to get a net over my strawberries and raspberries soon
  10. Nicotine maybe?
  11. Spewing I lost a chunk of my future garden last night, oh the carnage... the horror.... lol I had a rather busy day and afternoon and ended up forgetting to put my plants back in the greenhouse for the night, so there they sat out the front of my place after having a nice day in the sun only to have the wildlife come and devour them. Amongst the casualties were: Chillies Morning glories Sida rhombifolia 1 rooted sceletium cut An apple seedling Hawaiian baby woodrose (will survive, they only had a small nibble) My own fault I know but still pretty spewing about it... Who do they think they are, no respect I tells ya!
  12. Yeah man appreciated :D wasnt havin a crack or anything
  13. Not saying its not mucronata, its the closest looking one I can find so far
  14. I dont think so, looking at the photos im comparing. The flowers on mine are more rods albeit lose/airy Ill take a photo of the immature pods in the morning
  15. Any other inputs? I have a big interest in this plant after a bit of mucking around