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  1. YEEEEA! Salvia recognita just starting to stick its head out of the soil. It took soooooo long.... hopefully the other 9 arent far behind. Happy as a pig in sh*t lol
  2. Good ol ebay hahahah
  3. Lmao... noted
  4. Why is this so expensive?
  5. Ill jump on that one! thanks AbleKay Salvia Recognita Salvia Nemorosa Rivea Corymbosa assorted super hot chilli varieties
  6. How unfortunate hahahahaha
  7. For kratky you are meant to leave a small gap between the bottom of the net cup and the nutrients and just have a few roots dangling into the solution. Thats it for the air, basically fill and forget Thanks man ill look into it theres some good youtube vids on it
  8. Hi all. I've been wanting to do a kratky (non circulating) hydroponic grow for chillis, I havnt decided on chilli type yet. But, the question I ask is... does anyone know if this is going to be suitable for a start to finish type nutrient or will I have to add a flower/bloom/fruit booster as the plant goes into flower/fruit? Nothing cryptic here, I really am going to grow chillis haha. Then I might experiment with other plants if all goes well. Heres the details of the nutrient Any help appreciated and I hope I put this post in the right place.
  9. Congrats to the winner. Thanks for the chance J Smith
  10. Sounds good to me nice work man #2
  11. Hi all, ive got this Acacia growing on my property. I didnt even realise it was an acacia untill it flowered lol no seeds or pods to show yet sorry. Anyone know what type it is? As always any help is muchly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Sorted everyone. Thanks.