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  1. They are labled on the back as Azureocereus hertlingiana. Looking at google images for both names they both look like the lumpier one moreso than the smoother one
  2. Hi all. So theres a few 'Azure torch' cacti at work. They all look the same really except one thats a little bit more 'lumpy' The left one is the lumpy one and the other is growing like the rest of the Azure torches. Was thinking ill grab it just because it seems a lil unusual compared to the others, but im wondering if it will keep the same growth pattern or smooth out like the others with time. Im hoping the lumpyness will become even more pronounced. Cheers
  3. If ya need a large take away container, the catering size containers from subway should do the trick!
  4. Was told by another acacia enthusiast that the nectar does something to the ants, making the acacia nectar the only foodsource for them. Not sure if its actually true or what but interesting none the less.
  5. I think they are nectar glands. Attracts insects do defend the tree/foodsource Not 100% sure tho
  6. Acacia floribunda perhaps? Not real up to scratch with ID's tho
  7. Ill jump on that one @Thatplantguy thanks! Ill leave: Some Ephedra fragilis seed Some Sida cordifolia seed Some Sida rhombifolia seed Some Acacia acuminata seed Some mixed tobacco seed (4 types) Some catnip seed if ya wanna get your furball trippin haha
  8. Yeh i reckon Infinity is on the money with Passiflora caerulea Its very different from the banana passionfruit that grows all over the place around here. Just hacked a big vine of the banana down out of my yard yesterday and side by side its quite different. Is there anything usefull regarding this plant?
  9. Passiflora caerulea maybe?
  10. Just googled the name you provided. They seem to be quite a bit different from that
  11. Yeah? They are very different to the banana passionfruit growing on the other side of the yard
  12. Found this little vine growing at my nans place, she doesnt know how it got there. The fruits are softish/not hard and rigid like black passionfruit. And the pulp is very red.
  13. I hope they get to that stage hahah
  14. This wasp thing has been buzzing around my Phleb seedlings for like an hour or so. It doesnt wanna leave them alone. Its not interested in the acuminatas growing right next to them Should I worry about it?
  15. Hi all. Im wanting to give Courtii another shot, i believe the soil I used with the last few seeds were the reason for failure. Can trade Acuminata broad or narrow seeds or a range of others, or buy. Thanks