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  1. Watered everything in the greenhouse yesterday, thought id take a snap of my happy lil phlebs.
  2. A type of Asparagus fern perhaps? Just comparing to google images.
  3. Looking for seeds, plant material and or extract, ive tried an online purchase of extract but I believe ive been ripped off. Any help appreciated, Thanks.
  4. Got a bit of an assortment Naga viper Choc habanero Trinidad 7 pot jonah African fatale Scotch bonnet Carolina reaper 7 pot long Probs a few others and some weaker ones too Pm me if ya want some
  5. Tried 2 seeds, scraped, chewed and held under the tounge for approx 25 mins and swallowed. Expecting only a little bit of colour enhancement and possible mood lift I was more than shocked to find I was having quite strong effects. CEV's, open eye visual distortion, a stoned heavy feeling, enhanced music etc. Some negative effects too, vaso constriction in legs, slight nausia/appetite loss and a lil paranoia because I was thinking how is all this happening from just 2 seeds! Lasted approx 4 hours. Definitely made the rainy day a bit more interesting.
  6. Platted a few lil shoots coming from this tree a few months ago, checked it yesterday. Pretty cool haha
  7. Some Ephedra fragilis (or so they were labelled) popping up Regular potting mix on the heat mat. Hope I can keep these ones alive.
  8. I have also been chasing courtii seed for quite a while
  9. @Planthunter On mobile, go to the browser options and check the box for 'desktop version'/request desktop site/ desktop site. It will give you the desktop layout with the search bar included
  10. Mmhmmm thanks for your input I havn't obsessed over anything thanks quite the opposite actually, I just tried to provide as much info as I could. What ever I've done was over a good period of time and only according to sypmtoms presented and on the advice of people who have a good knowledge on the matter. Its a few years old and it did have mites, you could see the oil that settled on the little threads they left all over the plant. But as I said, it's bouncing back now and hopefully things stay that way. Cheers Unfortunately im mot able to put it in the ground where I am at the moment either as im in a rental. The best I could do would be a larger pot which it probably needs and probably contributed to its health problems. And ive moved it into a different area away from some other neglected plants that are on the way out, strawberries, raspberries, cherry tomatoes etc.
  11. Its on the mend now, turns out id did have mites and my eyes are just bad lol. Hit it with a lil pest oil and is greening back up and the new growth isnt as retarded. Hopefully things keep getting better.
  12. Not a lot, some mucronata and something else. Its not mucronata though. I have one of them in my front yard
  13. Lol when i click Tas for location floribunda disappears off the possible matches
  14. Thanks for the replies. Also there is no phyllode glands on these specimens, would you still say longifolia?
  15. Hi all, theres a few of these growing around my area, im wondering if they are A. Floribunda Any help appreciated, thanks