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  1. I am definitely no expert on the subject and don't live in the US, but apparently The Peyote Way Church out in Arizona is cultivating at least some of the peyote used in their ceremonies as shown in this video:
  2. Yeah that definitely was not the best episode, and let's not forget it's vice doing these documentaries so of course it's gonna be "edgy" and hipsterish, don't set your expectations too high lol. I thought the episode on Salvia was pretty good, that's the best (only?) attempt at documenting traditional shamanic use on video afaik.
  3. I believe cacao seeds have to be fresh from the pods anyway, they aren't viable when dried. I also think I read that they often start germinating while still in the fruit so on a good ripe one you may have some that are almost ready to pull out the cotyledons.
  4. Dunno if y'all saw that, but this guy predicted the whole ordeal (except the outcome) back in July. Just goes to show just how orchestrated that attempt at a coup d'etat was. If the conspiracy is true, the SegWit2X fork was never even meant to happen, it was planned to be cancelled from the get go just to pump bitcoin cash as the natural replacement due to the 8mb blocksize. The guys behind this shitshow must have made billions last night.
  5. Well I apologize in advance if you did it because of my post and bcc happens to get another leg up now that Asia woke up, before completely crashing. But at this point I'm 90% sure you did the right thing. This thing is not going back to the 0.4 btc range imo.
  6. Well that was a hell of night, it'll go down in the history books as the mother of all pump & dumps lol. Not gonna lie I did fud out and got my positions out to USD once we broke below 6.5k to lock in my profits. Hope none of you guys fomo'd into bcash or that if you did you sold in time and took some profit. Bitcoin is king and I think this kind of market manipulation will burry BCC/BCH once and for all once the dump is over. We should fucking hang Roger Ver lmao.
  7. Well I put some on the bay, thanks for y'alls advice. I got a buyer for all 4 clones already. I'll keep putting auctions up every once in a while I don't wanna flood the market all at once, let them stay rarities. But if any of you guys is in Europe and are interested holla at me here and we'll work something out. Guess I'll post a bit of Phalaris porn for you guys. The mums: Seed-grown brachystachys Rhyzomes:
  8. Azamax is basically neem extract and some terpenoids. The active ingredient is Azadirachtin. The only issue I see with this product is that by buying it you're enriching Monsanto, since GHE is owned by the fuckers.
  9. These are scale bugs, if you're patient you can dab them all with a pin or wipe them all with alcohol. Spraying with some neem oil in water could help too. Also, watch out for ants around your plants, they farm the scale bugs and put them on your plants. It's normal for kratom to drop some leaves when brought inside, but it's not such a bad thing hey? haha
  10. Wow you've been hard at work Inyan! What percentage of your fingers is now composed of pere glochids?
  11. He are my E. fragilis seedlings I have sown about 3 weeks ago. Thanks again Sagi! Only two came up at first, but after letting the tray dry up and rewatering it the others sprouted. I'm starting to think having several wet/dry periods can really help germinating stubborn Ephedra seeds, as that's also how my E. sinica first germinated. I neglected the pot and left it to dry, reused the soil for other seeds and only then did one of the sinica seeds decide to sprout. Here it is now:
  12. @SayN Cloudmining is a huge scam, do not invest in those platforms. Most of them are nothing but big ponzi schemes, with no actual mining hardware behind them. They just pay the new users with the previous user's money until the scam can't sustain itself anymore. Dozens and dozens of these websites just close one day and leave with everyone's lunch money. Auroramine was one for example but do some research and you'll find hundreds. They're just HYIPs in disguise.
  13. Sorry man but it probably isn't gonna take if you removed the cling wrap after 2 days... Not only does this cause it to dry out too soon but by removing the wrap you unavoidably messed with the scion at the most critical stage. Fingers crossed for you though
  14. I have to confess that I did thoroughly enjoy the first season, despite the toothpick looking host and his emo voice.
  15. About seeds, yeah I'll definitely make sure to segregate my plants once they flower so I can hand-pollinate them and maybe make some crosses. Not sure if Phalaris is self-pollinating or not. The best species to grow from seed is apparently P. brachystachys though, great profile with mostly dmt, little variation and said to be 2 to 3 times more potent than mimosa (per fresh weight I'm guessing). It grows bigger and taller than P. aquatica and P. arundinacea but it has the disadvantage of not spreading through rhizomes, so you need to propagate it manually through cuttings. Hence it takes longer to get a sizeable amount of material with the same exact genetics at the beginning. I think even self-pollinated seeds from the named clones would give several phenotypes with variations in the alkaloid profile.