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  1. Very nice choice Inyan, I grafted one of these from koehres seeds a few months ago and so far it definitely seems true to form, it has permanent spines which are quite hard and not brittle, very fun to touch. Hopefully it'll bloom before the end of the season so we'll see if it has jourdaniana flowers.
  2. We know how to label them for Aus and for obvious reasons won't go into details publicly. Everyone has received their orders so far. The seeds remain viable for upwards of 6 month, I have personally tested this last year and documented it on the shroomery.
  3. Wow congrats those pink flowers are absolutely beautiful! Thecactus itself looks amazing as well, what genetics is this one from?
  4. Did a bit of repotting, so much more to do but so little pots...
  5. I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy
  6. They look fantastic mate! Here are your plants, first off the awesome Oscar x Helen mutant (1st pic is from last year, September 28): --> The named misplant hybrids (same thing, 1st pic from when you came by): --> The mystery mix (2015?) plants: --> Gorgeous blue coating on the Psycho0 x Sharxx Blue Really love those plants man, can't possibly thank you enough!
  7. Sorry I wasn't as welcoming as I should have been, my plants being at my parent's house make things complicated and i was at a bad place in my life at the time. Hope the winter wasn't too harsh with your plants. Will definitely post pics tomorrow.
  8. Beautiful army of scops man, you're really gifted with raising trichos from seed they're all so uniform, congrats! The plants I got from you last year are powering along, the Oscar x Helen mutant especially has grown a lot I'll post some pics. This graft is shining for me at the moment, Psycho0 x OP. I don't dislike the Yowie x Scop "Brad" next to it either.
  9. Hey guys, A friend and I recently launched our website for the sale of Mitragyna speciosa seeds: m2seeds.comWe source them from a professional kratom farmer in Malaysia we've been in contact with for a while, not far from Kuala Lumpur. I did a giveaway of some of these seeds a few months ago.We currently have 2 strains available, but more coming soon: Green Malay (local name "Urat Hijau") Red Malay (local name "Urat Merah") which was originally sourced by the farmer up north near the Thai border so technically this is what kratom sellers call Red Thai. The seeds are fresh and germination rates are great, see below for pictures of some seedlings. We're running a free shipping worldwide promotion until the end of July, check us out! We ship from Europe, orders going to Oz will be labeled & packaged accordingly.
  10. That's amazing! Did you put it there as a seedling?
  11. Absolutely stunning garden, I'm drooling over here!
  12. @ElectricDawn So how's it looking now? It sure does look like it has something funky going on in the 2nd pic
  13. Beautiful! Is that a scop x tersch as well?
  14. Really loving those R1 x BB Scop genetics! Fat, lots of ribs and short spined for that age. I just found out I still had some R1 x R2 seeds left, gonna sow them and graft a few as well. Unfortunately I botched the Whiora's. @Master B Would you happen to have a pic of the R1 & R2 parents please?
  15. Inyan do you keep your freshly done grafts outside in the shade? I always bring mines inside in low light, not even on a windowsill, but your comment made me realize it might not be a good idea. Speaking of Opuntia, I've done a few grafts on Austrocylindropuntia subulata lately, seems like a great stock. Loves water, has leaves, growth extremely fast and has a large cambium. The unions seem to happen very quickly too, only 6 days since I grafted this one and it's already cracking the parafilm seemingly. Here are my smallest grafts, not in terms of scion but in terms of stock. Young hylocereus undatus seedlings. Want to do a kind of tricho bouquet, I had way too many Clyde x Chalaensis seedlings so I thought what the heck let's try it. The test one I did beforehand at the front took. Btw, I followed your advice and purchased some parafilm, loving it so far!