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  1. Awesome initiative Pedropark, thanks! Put me down for at least 1 pack, but I'll take two if one remains unclaimed.
  2. M. hirsuta and javanica are said to be active, albeit at much higher doses, hence why they're most often found in extract forms. Hirsuta looks like kratom but with giant leaves. You'll have more luck finding speciosa than any other species though, most likely. I have at least 2 sources for seeds if you want.
  3. Not too artsy but here's one I did a while back. You could slap sunglasses on any cactus and it will look awesome lol. Gotta try it on a furry loph... We should take cough syrup and start a thread called "Cacti close-ups with a wide angle lens wearing hats"
  4. A recognita x divinorum hybrid would definitely be nice! Just doing selective breeding on S. recognita would be great too, but it would require ongoing access to GC/MS since the salvinorin content is so low, we're not going to be able to do selection for potency through bioassay (unless maybe by doing standardized extracts but even then it is quite subjective). But a cold or drought-resistant divinorum hybrid that retains at least a good part of the plant's activity would be amazing, for sure!
  5. My first Salvia recognita seedling
  6. It's quite a bit higher in Salvia D. "The retention time for salvinorin A was 23.09±0.95 min and the measured concentrations ranged between 8.32±0.65 and 56.52±3.77 mg/g dried leaf."
  7. I received my seeds today, thank you so much Master B, you're the man!
  8. Very nice Pedropark, I'm sure they'll love the spanish sun, and you too!
  9. I bought S. recognita seeds after reading this article last week.
  10. Yeah it's the only pup this happened to, the pup was already there before the nitrogen feeding and it started pupping the 2 new ones shortly after. I've had some base pups on another cactus after the N feeding, and another one just had tip burn.
  11. I don't see any damage on the pics mate, are you talking about the reddish tint the loph is getting? If so that's perfectly normal for a graft, the increased growth speed does that. Or is it the two little yellowish spots that you're worried about? This could be a nitrogen burn I've had it on trichos. If that's not what you're talking about I would still just wait and watch it closely to see if it gets worse, but don't degraft or nothing crazy it doesn't seem to be in danger at all.
  12. I've had this happen (pup pupping two other pups for no apparent reason) when I was experimenting with heavier nitrogen feeding. What's the NPK ratio of your ferts? Here's an older pic of the cactus I'm talking about, the 2 pups have developed nicely since and didn't pup again.
  13. Very nice garden! Here are my guesses in order: Psychotria viridis Ephedra (viridis as well?) Catha edulis Entada rheedii Pencil cactus (euphorbia cryptospinosa?) Some species of Ilex Acacia (my guess is either confusa or maidenii) Melissa officinalis ? Chamaemelum nobile Some species of raspberry (Rubus) Arrowleaf (Sida rhombifolia) Dandelion Silver wormwood (Artemisia ludoviciana)
  14. I'll PM you, I'm sure we could work something out