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  1. Natural Old Hippies

    Winter Solstice is 21st June 2015

    never knew that was part of the celebration. Is it organised for groups, or just spontaneous and individual lol
  2. Natural Old Hippies

    hello all i am looking for a kakadu plum plant

    Herbalistics looks like the best option. I am going to get some, but do not really expect to get them to grow, Relying on a hothouse, in Melbourne. If anyone has grown them in Melbourne I would love to hear.
  3. Natural Old Hippies

    Good ethical Cacao products?

    Cadbury Coco, like most of the known brands, uses the "Dutching" process. Which means it has been soaked in Potassium chemicals. And this is still allowed to be called organic. Green And Blacks is supposed to be raw cocao, but not so sure, now that G&B is owned by Cadbury, who are owned by Kraft, who are in turn owned by MONDELEZ who also own Nestles and hundreds of other brands. Living Earth say their Cocao is RAW. Which means it is not treated with chemicals. And LE is the one we buy. Also their virgin coconut oil is great. A bit expensive, but if you buy in bulk t is competitive. There is also a problem with ALL cacoa/cocoa ( same thing ) being high in heavy metals, which the whole industry is ignoring.
  4. Natural Old Hippies

    An open letter to Possums

    Having tried most things, a friend suggested peeing in the area they go, They are put off as they think other animals are there. Working so far. Pee Into a container, or straight onto the ground/plant. As long as the neighbours are not watching.
  5. Natural Old Hippies

    hello all i am looking for a kakadu plum plant

    hello all i am new here, and looking for a kakadu plum plant or seeds, I believe I would have to grow it in a hothouse in Melbourne, and years before any fruit is produced. Kakadu Plum Tree - Terminalia ferdinandiana Thanks Maria and John