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  1. Beautiful Castanospermum australe seed.
  2. It's funny that you call up belief systems being a major cause of issues bardo. I was just revisiting some Descartes in order to pull some doubt back into my world, to check my humility and arrogance. How sure can we be of anything that we believe? How much of what we perceive is perception and how much is truth? Nothing is a given fact when we ask these questions, except that we are doubting. After all it's much easier to doubt something than to prove it. It's not a comforting thought though and if let spiral could lead to extreme agnosticism. Even the thought of eating lunch now would be called into doubt... am I truly nourishing my body or am I poisoning it? Are the people I care about real or are they a projection of my belief? Does anything really matter or does anything even exist? This is where faith and ego jumps in and says "yeah, these things are real, these things matter, I can tell right from wrong". Then equally intelligent people with exactly the same information have the same realisations. But what if the things they think are real, the things think matter and the their moral compass point in a different direction? Should I still continue to doubt all in this situation too, including my beliefs? And what if in fact my version of reality is "truth" and the the opposing reality is "fallacy", have I then given up part of myself that was true to doubt just because someone else was wrong? I think people in general have lost touch with the land, with the power of life and the "gods" or "energy" that come from the earth itself. Like you said bardo, that now everything can be expressed in $ terms. Money is imaginary, it is a concept that is made up to facilitate trade, it's not really real. But because so many people believe in it so it has become a new god. The majority have lost touch with the old gods. We have lost touch with the earth. We have become selfish and inconsiderate of all but our immediate environment, our animalistic nature has spiraled out of control without the checks of intergenerational consideration. But do we even need the earth to give us what she always has? We could grow super slime food in tubes and filter the sunlight to give us optimal conditions. There's nothing stopping us creating an artificial utopia... except that there will be the doubters who don't agree. Our endlessly inventive species may be able to pull through any destruction that we wreak now, maybe we are on the true path to enlightenment even. Humility is often learned by great trial and error after all.
  3. Geez, I was in a dark mood last night...
  4. I spend quite some time looking into the future of our species. It's calamitous times ahead. We don't need political leaders that are funded by corporations to make bad decisions for us. As a whole we are naive and self destructive and could achieve the same end result without corporate guidance. It's the most peaceful time in all of human history and the warmongers are crying destruction as the solution to our minor conflicts. The whole economic system is rigged on a likeness to a Ponzi scheme and when lead to it's conclusion must fail. It's not if capitalism fails, it's when. Infinitely growing systems in finite areas must stop growing, and when the basis of success is built on that growth that system has a single eventual outcome. Inevitable failure. The funny thing abut these times as well is that as our wealth of knowledge and information increases so does our ignorance. Go riddle me that. There were no fools in the 20's-90's trying to prove the earth is flat, they were just fools and basically ignored. Now with the advent of the internet a fool can speak his mind as clearly as a wise man and convey a message to a malleable mind. Minds that have been fed on consumerism and advertising, minds that have no experience of problem solving outside of a very limited paradigm. Minds that would demonise others for beliefs, freedoms and words tear at the fabric of our society. Look at the rounds of words/phrases to go around the media... triggered, fake news, war against "x", protections, equality. Laughable in the context they are conveyed. The other ultimate reality that we face is the human race is a plague, quite literally. And as all plagues do we will eat ourselves out of existence or die of disease, 90%+ will die and the rest will rebuild for the next wave. Bacteria and other micro organisms are realising the potential of us as "food" and will inevitably capitalise on the opportunity also. The book "War of the Worlds" (original by HG Wells, must read) could show us how ignorance of these organisms leads to species death en masse. I know it's just a fantasy situation, but we can look at how indigenous populations were wiped out by the common cold... imagine what a long onset super flu could do to the planet with our transport systems. %50 of the world could be infected in weeks if the first symptoms were mild and transmissive, then later symptoms being extreme and acute.A modern Spanish flu with aeroplane transmission... gives pause for thought. I'd like to believe it's all going to be okay, that the human race will pull it's head out of it's ass. But I'm neither naive nor unrealistic. Civilization as we know it is doomed. This is why I live next to the jungle in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps my genes can be part of the 10% who survive this great extinction period, or maybe it's too late for us all. Maybe my kids will be isolated enough from the nonsense to see what is really happening. Maybe they can carve out for themselves a piece of reality.
  5. 3 left days to party people! Let's let it all hang loose and spend those 86400 seconds of every day like they are our last.
  6. RAIN!!! wooo yeah!
  7. Thanks ThunderIdeal, you're a legend. Somehow I went round and round in circles trying to find this.
  8. You seem to be attracting the same females mate if your garden could be sabotaged on 5 different occasions... that's one hell of a pattern.
  9. Hey, I'm having troubles finding the roolz guys. Not that I want to see how heavy I can troll people. Just want to know the etiquette on which plants we can and can't discuss, what we can go into details with what we can do with these plants etc.
  10. dyliw one of your science experiments works much better than you anticipated.
  11. “But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad." "How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice. "You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn’t have come here.”
  12. Got them today. Thanks so much Cumbrella.
  13. PM'd... Hope you are still around 1ayahuasca3
  14. Time for some ketamine... Not sure whether for you or for the cat though.