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  1. Northerner

    Removing pups from horizontal logs

    I let mine go to about 4 ot 5 inches. I don't know the recommended, they just looked good to go about that stage.
  2. Northerner

    Watch this space

    Hahaha... they thought they could step in and charge $20 a gram for plant flowers and everyone would buy it because they are legal, overnight millionaires right? I'm glad the monopolisation\capitalisation of it is failing for them. In other states the prices are even more ridiculous. I saw this posted on another forum recently. This is the price of shatter on the first day of legalisation in Idaho. pic of docket here Cunts be dreaming.
  3. I've been watching the progress on this film for years, so glad they've finally finished it. I bet it is a masterpiece. As usual everything is a million miles away from me. So jealous of you folks who are close enough to attend.
  4. Northerner

    Youtube vids

  5. If you start making legal high mixes with damiana, mugwort, lions tail etc I'm pretty darn sure some morality policing official will twist some law to fuck up your idea IF you mark it for smoking. Other than that there's quite a bit out there on the market already.
  6. Northerner

    Bridgesii seed giveaway CLOSED

    Yes please mate.
  7. Northerner

    QLD Parliament epetition to legalise cannabis

    okay, I signed it too now. Will share it around now I know it exists.
  8. Northerner

    Watch this space

    I can see all of my Aussie brothers and sisters smoking up in the next couple of years the way this is going. I'm gonna grow fkin christmas trees! Big bastards! Not because I smoke, but because I can.
  9. Northerner


  10. Northerner

    Mango feeling crook

    Just in case anyone wondered... The spots are mango anthracnose, a type.of fungus. I removed all the bad leaves and treat the rest of the plant weekly with copper oxychloride spray. It's coming along now. Happy tree.
  11. Northerner

    Watch this space

    Well, really quiet from the pollies on the ACT laws. They've either got bigger fish to fry and are gonna let this one go, or they're busy applying pressure and bribes to quietly try and kill it.
  12. Didn't really know where to put this, guess it goes here. I've got a young mango tree that got all these spots on him and dumped his leaves. I thought he was dead. Now he started growing leaves again but the black spots are back. Does anyone know if this is bacterial black spot or fungal? Not sure what to do. Thanks linky to tree pics
  13. Northerner

    Watch this space

    I really have everything crossed for our Actarian cousins. Hopefully sanity will prevail, against all odds.
  14. Northerner

    Removing pups from horizontal logs

    Thanks mate. Hopefully my logs will make some new pups if I take their babies away too.
  15. Northerner

    Removing pups from horizontal logs

    Just confirming, I cut right on the join despite the angle it comes off the log?