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  1. Northerner

    Hello world

  2. Northerner

    sick cactus

    In the spirit of growing cactus I decided to do just keep them dry. As the weather cooled and the air dried whatever it was has died off.
  3. Northerner

    [ENDED] Free Give Away - Kanna Extract

    I would like to try please Infinity.
  4. Northerner

    Help with id

    Perhaps Parasola also...
  5. Northerner

    Ayahuasca Paranoia: That Time I Nearly Died in the Amazon

    Sounds like she took a good dose and got the message, despite the rocky start.
  6. Northerner

    sick cactus

    Thank you.
  7. Northerner

    sick cactus

    I acquired a few specimens recently and a few of them had some scarring, then the scarring started turning yellow and spotting all over them. There's a pic there of one where the scarring looks like when I got them, and the first yellow spot popping up. What is it? How do I help them?
  8. I've had that before, it's a bit freaky hey. A couple of minutes and it passes, but in the moment it's pretty intense.
  9. I like vegemite, as I do all good food. But trying to eat the sort of doses I'm getting from supplements is going to be hard to do without noshing down a big kale and vegemite liver pie daily. Doing that every day is the issue as I don't eat a hell of a lot of meat. Was the reaction like feeling hot in the face and hands Alchemica? Maybe a bit tingly?
  10. Good topic Alchemica. There's a wealth of knowledge in what you have posted. Being in recovery atm I've been taking large doses of thiamine, activated B complexes, Magnesium C and NAC. I feel better than ever to be honest, but find that if I forget the supplements i have a harder day. I'm thinking a lot on how I can improve my diet now, how to get better outcomes without having to dose all these supplements. Eating loads of foods that are high in B's every day isn't appealing though. getting a balanced system that just needs a top up is going to be a milestone I'm looking forward to.
  11. Northerner

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Probably not an issue though, we will still be protected by the atmosphere. Interesting to wonder what sort of unexpected havoc a sudden reversal might wreak on our machines though.
  12. Looks cool, but waaaay to far away for me mate.
  13. Northerner

    Spore prints

    The grey area there is intention. If you have a mycology lab and are studying them, prints are legal. If you have a stack of cultivation stuff they are illegal. Of course there's the matter of interpretation of intent which would be horrible to fight out in court. Wouldn't be fun. Syringes on the other hand are not used for microscopy, so are illegal.
  14. Northerner

    Spore prints

    Spore syringes are illegal so you won't get that here. You can acquire prints for microscopy legally though.
  15. Northerner

    Watch this space

    I'm actually gobsmacked about these voices of reason getting mainstream publicity.