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  1. Northerner

    Sacred Alchemy LP

    Nice MG. I like your new sounds mate. Well done on the persistence to self release as well. It takes a lot of effort. You deserve the reward.
  2. Northerner

    Post a random picture thread

    Nice find mate. If you cut it length ways along the flower once or twice and then dry them in a warm place not in direct sunlight they will cure nicely like tobacco. Once they dry keep in an airtight container so they don't go brittle and harsh. Burn lovely and have a nice warm effect.
  3. Northerner

    Post a random picture thread

    Leonotis Leonorus. I use it in my smoalking mixes.
  4. Northerner

    Watch this space

    We're fucked here in QLD. They'd rather spend millions on sniper drones to hunt down potheads before they legalise.
  5. Northerner

    Alcohol, bars and drinking culture...

    Yeah, you can't even ride a horse these days. That's drink driving. (somehow, don't tell me how)
  6. Northerner

    Is it ethical to shoot someone in the face with a crossbow to prevent/parry a breach of the peace?

    She's been missing for some time mate... don't think your call to sanity is gonna make any difference at this stage.
  7. Northerner

    Work drug testing and driving home.

    Ya can't prove you're not wasted with cannabliss though because it lingers in your system for so long, hangs around in fat cells for ages. You can totally show up to work tripping on a large variety of psychedelics though and the chances of your employer going to the expense of testing for them is very low. As a person who is also tested at work for substances, the choice is clear.
  8. Northerner

    Cacti cuts

    Yo mate, I'm just there right next to you.. very close to Tully. No cactus to speak of, just wanted to shout out.
  9. Northerner

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Indeed. Reputation is much easier to lose and much harder to get back than money.
  10. Northerner

    Evolution just a theory or real?

    There's more than a few people on this planet that would look forward to Wednesday afternoons in hell.
  11. Nicely put Inyan. To embellish what you are saying... Something we as adults have is an ability to delay gratification. A child will choose to eat one sweet right now rather than wait till tomorrow for two, adults (assuming they like sweets) will choose the opposite. There's been some interesting studies on this, well worth reading. Why I think that this is relevant is that sometimes, even the most "in the moment" focused among us, will realise that we will be better off dealing with a few weeks/months/years even of discomfort to achieve a greater outcome that will lead to longer well being and a better now. Even though that now is not now, but later. Sure it would be great if we could all do what we love and get everything we want for doing just that. But if you look closely at the people who make a living (and life) at doing what they love, even they have made great sacrifices to be in that situation.
  12. Northerner

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Climate would naturally be warming in this phase DualWield, though it is being exacerbated and brought quickly... some facts that you were after • Temperatures are rising world-wide due to greenhouse gases trapping more heat in the atmosphere. • Droughts are becoming longer and more extreme around the world. • Tropical storms becoming more severe due to warmer ocean water temperatures. • As temperatures rise there is less snowpack in mountain ranges and polar areas and the snow melts faster. • Overall, glaciers are melting at a faster rate. • Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean around the North Pole is melting faster with the warmer temperatures. • Permafrost is melting, releasing methane into the atmosphere. • Sea levels are rising, threatening coastal communities and estuarine ecosystems. • The ocean is absorbing around 22 million tonnes a day of carbon dioxide, and is acidifying. • The current extinction event is accelerating. Every single one of these things can be referenced with evidence by highlighting them and right-clicking search. I'm not a fanaticist and do not think that the whole thing is caused by humans, but the changes we have made in our ecosystems are undeniable and anyone with an ounce of logical extrapolation can see that we are a contributing part of these changes that are happening. What a lot of people fail to realise though is what these changes mean is that we will have a wetter world, as there will be much more water in the atmosphere, not a drier one. That's great for plants and tropical rainforests, but a pain in the bum for much of the world's population that is going to be washed out of their homes and cities and find their food sources either disrupted or broken. The "proof" you are screaming for is widely documented, though the finalisation required in the scientific method, that something needs to be reproducible is never going to be available... because we only have one planet. You can deny all of the studies that show there is an acceleration of all the points above if you wish, but that doesn't make any of the millions of correlating data points invalid. The world is rapidly changing, there is no scientist that denies that... there's only a vast minority who insist that somehow the ecological changes we have made have nothing to do with it. Either way, as I said before... It's not the end of the world looming. Just the end of majority of the organisms on it, including us. All will recycle and we will be just part of the fossil record for some other curious creature to dig up and examine.
  13. Northerner

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    It's a funny world this one, where scientists are ignored and "experts" (paid to be sceptics) are given airtime to manipulate and confuse the population on critical issues like our environment. What's even stranger is that some people ignore the overwhelming evidence and prefer the doubt and confusion portrayed by the sceptics. It's really not rocket science the environmental issue of carbon dioxide and other polluting gases. Scientists have been explaining the effect since the 1950's. I'm sad to say this DualWield, but you are listening to deliberately sowed doubt that has no basis in reality. You are ignoring every logical reply and refuse to take on board what is happening. I think the only time you will ever believe is when you are dramatically effected in a personal way. You're not alone though. Many people have been fooled. It's okay man.
  14. Northerner

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Well apart from the tropical zones expanding from the equator and all life in the oceans dying from acidification there's not really an issue DualWield. Of course that will break a huge section of the food chain and many areas that were previously seas inland will be inundated again. Humans probably won't survive, or our numbers will be dramatically reduced to the point of endangered species... but in the greater picture that's not really an issue either. I don't know what all the hoo har is about. It's not the end of the world.
  15. Northerner

    Cactus seed giveaway #3

    Another great giveaway Gimli. I don't want to take part, just to jump in and say that you are awesome brother.