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  1. Northerner

    Error 500 with the forums

    Was an sql database error as far as I could tell... horrible things when they go TITSUP. (total inability to support upset people)
  2. Northerner

    Just out of curiosity, would you rather?

    Yes a fools happiness is genuine as is a dogs. Happiness is an experience from a perspective, it's not tangible or transferable. The happiness you and I might find from growing plants and eating them for their properties would be a boring nothingness to many, as their happiness building model aeroplanes or attending dwarf tossing competitions might be equally pointless for us. Just like looking deep into the psychedelic pool of endless questions might feel like it brings us stability and self understanding, but for many people that is hell on earth. Avoidance of suffering and imposed delayed gratification aren't really models for happiness either. A person who understands less is far less likely to experience cognitive dissonance and other internal conflicts than a person who understands more. There's a threshold though. When someone reaches a certain level of rationale it allows them to understand that there is much more they don't understand, then they are just as likely to suffer for their inability if they believe they are missing out on some truth. The actual truth though is that not many of us really understand much at all. This doesn't stop the illusion from propagating in our minds though. Understanding that I know stuff all and being conflicted is far worse imho than just knowing stuff all and being happy with that. Just give me the happiness.
  3. Northerner

    Just out of curiosity, would you rather?

    I dare to disagree. Experience and belief really is reality. If you are comparatively unintelligent and you have found balance and happiness, you have actually found these things. There is no higher point of happiness that comes with knowing more. Perspective is completely subjective. It's a paradigm. Quite literally. It's the most intelligent among our species who are prone to depression and drug addiction, who think that the people who don't understand what we do can never truly understand what happens around us. But that's an egotistical untruth. Sometimes we are so mislead by our apparent knowledge that our naivety trumps us.
  4. I bought viable rue last year for $40 for 1kg, delivered. I dunno man... It's not like it's rare and people will be happy to donate for them. It's widely available for cheep cheep.
  5. Why are they so expensive? They're literally 10+ times the price of standard vendors.
  6. Northerner

    Straya Day

    Probably upset some snowflake.
  7. Northerner

    Straya Day

  8. Northerner

    RARE SEEDS - $15 Diploglottis campbellii

    Brilliant. pm'd.
  9. Northerner

    Plant sale Brisbane

    If you were a bit closer I'd be all over that simplex mate. Do you have any seeds or smaller specimens?
  10. Northerner

    RARE SEEDS - $15 Diploglottis campbellii

    Could it deal with wet feet/wet tropics okay you reckon Infinity?
  11. Northerner

    Watch this space

    Sure, but it won't be as lucrative as a criminal market. (or there may be a tent appearing again chez Northerner)
  12. Northerner

    Importation of olivetol

    It's a THC inhibitor... doesn't seem high on the list. Just call up customs and ask them. Simples.
  13. Northerner

    Importation of olivetol

    It relatively unknown, though from Wiki "The production, possession and/or distribution of olivetol is not currently known to be outlawed by any country. " Just declare it straight up. It doesn't fall under our blanket ban of psychoactives. Customs guys have a list... it's not on the list.
  14. We shouldn't be using plastics in contact with food at all, they are the opposite to life... they are truly death, left for billions of years and dug up. Even the linings of tinned foods often contain BPA, as well as the hight temp blow molded bottles that we are putting all drinks and milk in. Glass bottles and paper cartons are a thing of the past unfortunately because of economics, but they were an excellent choice for packaging foods. Then there's even phthalates in almost all shampoos and conditions and even bio-threats being added to toothpaste. We have truly lost our way. Autism and chronic autoimmune diseases are rising in occurrence like never before. The writing is already on the wall. When we identify what the threat to ourselves is it keeps coming back to globalism. The economics that dictate that an hour of my work here on a global scale is worth 100 hours work of someone in Africa, for example, yet we can trade on that scale makes it grossly unfair. Where communities once lead a frugal lifestyle as one with nature they now find themselves impoverished and destitute. Globalism brings the reality of how the other half lives to them and of course they want to be the others. If that means owning iPhones and wearing bling or other media portrayed western culture is the go, including gluttonous meat eating, that is what they will aspire too. They don't realise that we have so much because of the exploitation of people like them. Scary stuff. Localism should be the what the world wants, not more globalism. My father never drank, never smoked, never did anything "bad". He was an engineer and had the good life. He never waned for anything. Yet he died at 60 from colon cancer from eating too much meat and processed sugars. It's a morbid testament to how important balanced lifestyle is. That not only meat being an issue, but everything we put in our bodies. I have had similar realisations on psychedelics, it's like they demand balance from us us people, or that we already know that we require balance and that we just need a nudge in the right direction.
  15. I looked at this topic closely over the years, again and again. I spent many years not eating meat, even now I don't eat much. The amount of meat that many people would put on one plate I cook and share among my whole family. It's so dense that we really don't need to eat 300g of it in a sitting imho. Something that has come now though is the tale of history. Our bodies, brains and teeth show the story that our ascension to be the greatest plague ever known pivoted around the moment when we took up tools and started eating meat. We are so successful as a species because of our everything eating, the true omnivore. That has always been our genetic strategy. There is no early society which did not prize meat for it's nutrients and fat which were critical in the development of our bodies and brains as a species as well. When you look at a gorilla you see it's forehead sloped back, no large frontal cortex like us. There's not enough fat in it's primarily vegetarian diet to support that. Gorillas could have been us if they chose different foods, we possibly even came fro the same spoonful of the primordial soup. We really are what we eat. If we look at the genetic strategy of cows we see a very different strategy. Eat grass, grass and more grass and grow as big as possible doing that. Despite it's simplicity cows have actually won the genetic race in in mammals. There is more cow biomass than there is human on this planet. We like to (or don't) think that we are the preeminent species, but in fact we are outdone by cows and by numbers we are certainly outdone by chickens. If there is any reason not to eat meat this is it. We are destroying our environment farming these tasty treats and eating them in gluttonous amounts. Ironically the real threat to us as a species comes from the plastics we are using to package our food. Plasticisers are bad news and their endocrine disruptors are a deadly threat that is mostly ignored. Future generations will look back and mock us, like we do the Romans who used lead as water vessels.