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  1. There's so many synthetic opioids about these days, many extremely potent. It's just not safe to buy heroin anymore. Not that heroin was ever really that safe, but the risk factor has gone through the roof. The massive body count in the US is testament to that. I'm a fan of harmala alkaloids, I think they have huge potential for healing and personal development. Knowing the risks and contraindications is important though. I've never had any issues mixing them with any psychedelic, but individual chemistry varies wildly and changes as we age. This thread has given me pause.
  2. Once again that's scientific articles, not case studies. Ive never read a single case where anyone has experienced SS from psychedelic and maoi combinations. Scientists claim all sorts of shit, particularly about illegal drugs, but much of it is speculation, potential possibilities. Just like people can potentially die from allergic reaction to MDMA. Sure it's happened before. I know of 2 cases, one in Australia and one in the UK. But how many tonnes of MDMA gets consumed annually globally do you reckon? I reckon it's lot. Scientists will warn about sudden death from MDMA use now, write all sorts of stuff about it. More chance of dying suddenly from peanuts though. Significantly more. The only reason I'd be cautious about mixing mescaline is alkaloids do not occur alone. I've had an experience mixing it with LSD and alcohol where I seriously thought I was physically in trouble. Weak heart rate, faintness, low blood pressure, bad mojo. Knowing how MAOIs can also affect the heart gives me reason to stop and think about this combo. It's not the risk of SS that would make me stop and think. I duked this one out years ago with other people, when I still believed the scientific literature on the topic. But experience and complete lack of evidence shows that these musings by so called academics are speculation rather than evidence based assertions.
  3. I've not read a single case report of LSD causing serotonin syndrome. Psilocybin mimics serotonin and binds to the receptors, it definitely cannot cause SS, just like DMT cannot. Look to amphetamines, cocaine, MDMA and other serotonin agonists for case studies of actual SS. If you read the unsafe guidelines they will even mention strong cheese, beer, wine and preserved meats as contraindicated. Lab possibilities do not add up to real world outcomes though. I'd not considered mescaline before, I wouldn't mix that. I should be careful about making blanket statements. I'm super glad Acacia is alright though. This sort of interaction is one of my nightmare scenarios.
  4. AFAIK there are no psychedelics that will trigger serotonin syndrome, with or without an MAOI. In fact it's an excellent combination in moderation.
  5. Yeah careful man. Glad to hear you pulled though. You were in a very dangerous situation there for a while. Fuck opiates. They are life destroyers. Stick with psychedelics and their allies.
  6. Northerner

    SSL Certificate

    It does depend on the site code though. The site is quite old and may not have any easy provision for applying https encryption. There was some work done to add a store here a couple of years ago... but that kinda halted. If that was ever to go forward encryption would be mandatory.
  7. Northerner

    SSL Certificate

    It can be done for free with "Let's Encrypt". It's a simple task that most web admins should be able to implement in less than an hour.
  8. Northerner

    Australia eliquid nicotine ban

    Smoking is really quite bad for you. Half of people who smoke die because of it. At the same time time I think it is their right to do whatever the hell they like with their own body. It's like the whole suicide being illegal thing. Total nonsense.
  9. Northerner

    Your Tax Dollars at Work - WA

    Nannup has been a well known spot for decades, I was picking there in there in the 90's and the police were hanging around trying to grab dickheads. It's not a new thing.
  10. Northerner

    Your Tax Dollars at Work - WA

    And the ABC are bitching about getting defunded... lol Good to see my tax dollars at work.
  11. Northerner

    Australia eliquid nicotine ban

    It's been pushed forward to Jan 1st next year after all the uproar this week. People are gonna start pushing it hard to get legalised now.
  12. Northerner

    zyprexa & co no good at times

    I've used diazepam for many years when and as needed. I've even taken it every day for a month before. No addiction. Not even a hint. Alcohol on the other hand has almost taken my life several times and has no doubt shortened it. The addiction to it was chronic and took me the best part of a decade to overcome. I've had doctors try and diagnose me with all sorts of stuff and have even sneakily given me SSRI's, without warning me what they are, for other non-related psychological conditions. But still I keep refusing these psych drugs they are trying to foist on everyone. I say no to the drugs. The key to a healthy mind is opened with a healthy body. The two are more intrinsically linked than many doctors like to admit. Exercise is a more effective for heart health than any medication, that was told to me by a cardiologist. Gut health is intrinsically linked to a healthy psyche, that was told to me be another specialist. Weed and alcohol are not not good while prescription meds are good... none of them are good. There is no drug that effects your mind and chemistry that is without consequence. These days I abstain from everything but classic psychedelics, but that does not make them fine. I make a physical and psychological sacrifice when I take them. It is a trade off that carries risks and benefits. Because I am who I am I consider the risks worth it, but you can be pretty darn sure your average MD isn't going to prescribe you LSD to overcome dysphoria. They're going to pick SSRI's or SNRI's. They like to pick those for everything. Sore back, sore tummy, sore head, sinus pain, addictions, depression, anxiety, insomnia... you name it. Those two classes are the go to for modern doctors. Easy cure all fixes, just write em up. When they don't work just write up a different one. Failing that they write up dopamine effecting anti-psychotics. It's cut and paste easy doctoring that avoids dealing with the patients actual issues. I'm not saying that for a group of people these pharmaceutical drugs aren't extremely effective and life saving, but for the majority of patients they are completely unnecessary, ineffective and commonly counter-productive to solving the patients health issues. When they do the whole "just say no to drugs" thing at schools they fail to mention the dangers of prescription drugs when taken as prescribed. It's a blind spot that much of society would rather pretend does not exist. They even took the paper out of prescription meds these days, so people are no longer provided with full information about the drug they are taking when they get it. They have to go out and hunt that info down. Disgusting abuse of power that put that into law. I can only see pharmaceutical companies benefiting from their patients remaining ignorant about the drugs they are taking, not the other way around.
  13. Northerner


    https://www.basedrop.com.au/ $12 a litre here for bases, dropper bottles are $1-$2 at any pharmacy. I fully support you selling botantics and microscopy and stuff like that mate. But all DIY vapers should know the above.
  14. Northerner

    SAB discord

    I'm not sure this place really needs a lot of moderation anymore, its mostly a fairly small group of people and many people only checking in weekly or monthly, some annually. I miss the cactus freaks a bit, many seem to have wandered off. Even back a few years ago when I joined there was a lot more going on... in some ways we are gifted to have such an intimate little group all focused on our plants and their uses. I'm pleased to check in here and read a lot, even if I don't comment so much. Besides, no one wants to see my ugly mug.
  15. Northerner

    Reward on offer

    It's rare af mate. Try ordering seeds from NZ. https://nzseeds.co.nz/ Might get a love letter from customs, might get through though. It's not scheduled so you should be okay as long as they are properly packaged.