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  1. I found that I was using melatonin a little too much at one stage, couldn't easily sleep without it. Now it just sits there, going dusty on the shelf. I think of bunnies riding sheep across endless fields of green (seriously), next thing I know I am one with the bunnies passing over the sea of green and.... hey, what's that irritating sound? Ah, it's my alarm to wake up.
  2. That's mad's not even a drug.
  3. I just eat melatonin when I can't sleep. 6mg, 20 minutes later... Game over.
  4. You're being fairly optimistic about your chances of winning... especially as the giveaway ended some days ago.
  5. Depends on the seeds you have, they are variable like everything in nature. Fresh from the garden, 3 or 4 individual seeds crushed to powder with a mortar and pestle and soaked for 24+ hours in cold water is enough for me. Though years ago I bought some and needed about 8. More than that and the vasoconstriction and general unwellness would set it. Most unpleasant. We all have a different tolerance for these things, so I can't say what will work for others. Traditionally people added nicotiana rustica to dream brews as well, people have a lot of crazy ideas. Tradition isn't always logical/safe.
  6. I've found HBWR quite ruthless and toxic. The only way the plant has been useful for me is by using low doses and being quiet in my mind. There's more in there than many realise, it's not at all like other lysergamides I've experienced. Less is more.
  7. They can present their aya licensing at will, all over the world. So technically its not bullshit. I'll send you a license to do DMT as well from the Sacred Holy Church of the North. $100 only. Limited numbers available so get in quick. nb: all purchases are not tax deductible, please see your local regulations before performing any ceremonies or extractions.
  8. That sounds like bullshit... lol "Shhhh, there's huge a huge secret in the US, I can't say much here in the fascist republic of Oz"
  9. You don't need essays or arguments waterboy, it just comes down to it doesn't actually work under any replicable condition. That is all. No need to refute any claim to authority or logical fallacy.
  10. To add to this, any "study" that has shown that homeopathy is in any way effective has been unrepeatable. ie:flawed or bogus It's not that people aren't amazed that homeopathy actually works and can't figure out why, but more that it doesn't actually do anything in any scenario where evidence is recorded. There is no mechanism to study, no result to correlate, nothing... just people telling people that it does something by a theory that is almost religious in nature. There's not a conspiracy to hold it down for $$$'s, just a basic refutal of superstition. By all means if that's your kick you can believe in whatever you like. But one should expect a less credulous response to these sorts of things in western society than 150 years ago.
  11. Mars isn't a habitable planet, any more than the moon is. hahaha. I mean like interstellar, next goldilocks planet from earth type voyage. I know, I'm a dreamer...
  12. Sign me up! Even if I have to chill in space for 4 years or something to get there I would love to go to another habitable planet. I was just thinking about this yesterday.
  13. The centre pot is a plastic basket filled with clay balls, mounted in a hole in the lid of the pot. The roots will grow down through the basket and hang in the nutrient solution, if allowed to progress that far. The seed is planted in a jiffy pot and set into the beads. It's different to what you were explaining, with a possible different objective. One can provide almost ideal root conditions with a tek like this and induce flowering and fruiting conditions in record time. With a bit of nifty thinking I'm sure you could modify it specifically for seeding propagation and increase the possible planting area.
  14. Here, a pictures is worth 1000 words It's a typical "bubbleponics" setup, kinda aeroponics type deal. Good for growing pest plants into trees in minimum time.
  15. The first thing I'm gonna do is grow a dirty great big tree of the stuff with massive nugs all over it... not because I smoke, but just because I can.