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    EU to re-think drug strategy

    Great! I'll spread this!
  2. Hi all, Just gringing up some kratom leaves, I found what I belive to be a M. speciosa seed pod. I know it is very unlikely that the seeds would still be viable, this batch was sent from the plantations in Indonesia sometime in December, who knows how long it has been sitting in D & D:s warehouse. But of course i'll try to germinate the seeds, miracles do happen. Does anyone have any educated guesses of how to procede from here? Sorry for the crappy image, I'll try to take a better shot tonight.
  3. Idplugg

    Kratom seed pod? (crappy image)

    OK, I just did that. I cant seem to edit posts though.
  4. Idplugg

    Pics of My Kratom Tree

    I wish I lived in a climate that would allow growing a kratom tree. Very well done!
  5. Hope you guys can help me with this... I'm currently fermenting some sceletium in a clear plastic zip lock bag. I guess I should have waited with harvesting the material even longer after watering, (I just waited until the pot was light), because the "sweating" has rendered so much liquid it is not even funny. In about 24 hours I will open the bag up and stir (3 days have elapsed since harvest). The question is as follows: Do I discard the greenish water while doing this, or should I keep it in the bag throughout the fermentation process? Thanks in advance [ 31. October 2004, 06:41: Message edited by: Idplugg ]
  6. Idplugg

    Sceletium fermentation question

    Thanks a lot planthelper, great info!
  7. Idplugg

    what's the deal with saffron?

    I once heard saffron is quite a potent carcinogen? Anyone know if there is any truth to this claim?
  8. Kratom is now being marketed as a sexual performance herb: web page What's also interesting is that it ships from Australia. Someone told someone that it's ok to sell until 1 September? The label and brand name Exotic Herbals also raises some questions about the connections between some recent kava and kratom vendors.
  9. Idplugg

    "KRATOM Sexual performance herb - go longer!"

    organic! :cool:
  10. No one has paid yet, only Mr.Kratom Also from this thread: quote: Cool, that should be enough time, then. You guys keep me posted if there are any changes, though. It's no problem if anyone needs to backout. Thanks, Mike, aka Mr. Kratom Not only people from Australia were in on the deal, and it's still legal elsewhere. [ 18. June 2004, 06:20: Message edited by: Idplugg ]
  11. I am certainly looking forward to the quality report
  12. Idplugg

    Lagochilus Inebrians!!!

    Are there any indications that the other, Chinese varieties are active as well?
  13. Idplugg

    herbal Vaporizer

    You could leave it on 24/7. I have mine on a timer ,it switchs on @ 10 pm
  14. Idplugg


    Does anyone know the actual origin of Kavamans kratom? Could it be that the "Thai kratom" from dutch vendors and Kavamans is the same? I have yet to try Kavaman's, but I sampled a tiny amount of the Dutch stuff (if I wasn't ripped off, which may have been the case!) From what I have read about doses, Kavaman's kratom sounds to be even more potent.
  15. Idplugg

    herbal Vaporizer

    I use the Aromazap, and I really like it. If you are a heavy smoker, or only have access to lower quality herb, Vaporbrothers is probably a better choice.
  16. Idplugg


    I'm also interested in the different strengths of kratom... The "commercial grade", as some call it, is apparently from Indonesia (and it's wild harvested as well). I heard there is an even weaker batch out there somewhere which also is wild harvested, I guess it's mostly available as extract. I tried 5 grams of one particular extract, and the effect was about what would be expected of 5-7 grams of the "commercial leaves". The extract from “commercial grade” is said to be hard like glass, but this one was quite soft. There seem to be a few different qualities of kratom on the market; these are the possible ones I've come up with: * Kavamans/ Sieberts * The Thai stuff (available from dutch vendors) * "Commercial grade" (The Indonesian variety imported to the US by Cielo) * “The weaker batch”, sold by British vendors, probably mostly as extract due to the low potency * Basement Shamans “home grown” This list may very well be incomplete, or even totally incorrect, any input is greatly appreciated *discretely turns head in Torsten’s direction*
  17. Idplugg

    Mitragynine pseudoindoxyl

    Very interesting! Would it be possible performing this oxidation process without making an alcohol extract, for example with an infusion as the raw material?
  18. Idplugg

    Lagochilus inebrians

    That is actually aves site, so I guess its too obvious
  19. Idplugg

    new endogenous legal psi

    Did try something like that several years ago (10?) after reading this: http://www.serendipity.li/dmt/eros.html Did absolutely nothing except putting me to sleep
  20. Idplugg

    Preserving khat by freezing?

    Is it possible? Would freezing the freshly harvested leaves prevent the cathinone from breaking down?
  21. What would be a good dose for these? Having heard that they are stronger than the flowers, are they the prefered route if you where to experiment with this plant?
  22. Idplugg

    yerba mate dosage?

    I've been told that you should add a tiny bit of cold water to the mate first and let it sit for a few minutes before you add the hot water. Just a little, not more than it can absorb. This is to preserve the flavours and alkaloids. Don't know if it's really necessary, but it works for me.
  23. Idplugg

    Interestin K A V A link

    I always find those articles comforting, after all kava is my drug of choice (sitting here with a cup of some from Papua, New Guinea right now as a matter of fact). I've actually had some abdomen pains before, as well as aching joints, and that scared me quite a bit. That time I discontinued all kava intake for about 6 months, the symptoms disappeared within two weeks. About 5 months ago I started to drink it agan. After all, as this report states, the findings are really scetchy, the comparison to Valium is striking. Diazepam is after all not considered a hepatoxin, and my three days/week average consumtion shouldn't be a problem. I didn't experience any jaundice or dark urine either, so it could have been anything. At least I thought. After about 6 weeks (thats a guess really) I started to get a mild version of the pains again. Then I bought some milk thistle, and I haven't felt anything from my abdomen since. Actually I'm not sure this abdomen stuff wasn't in my head all the time. It first ocurred right after, or during the media hype. It really felt real though and it got me really worried. Strangely the milk thistle did wonders, but I guess if you have a imaginary illnes, the best medicine for it would be a placebo. Im not fully convinced yet, even if this whole Kava hysteria seems to be one of the biggest scams from the (school)medical industry of the century. [This message has been edited by Idplugg (edited 22 December 2002).]
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    Chile Buzz Poll

    "The hottest chilli in the world" is called Tepin. I dont know where it's from, but here is a commercial link to some information and pictures: http://www.batnet.com/rwc-seed/Pepper.worl...ds.hottest.html