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  1. Infinity

    EGA Necklace

    Thank you Obtuse. Spot on. That’s the one.
  2. Infinity

    EGA Necklace

    Welcome. I greet you in the Love and Light. I purchased this necklace at EGA. Just wondering if anyone knows of where I could acquire something similar. or as a long shot have the details of the awesome lady that was running that stall. Thanks in advance. Love & Light 8
  3. Welcome! I greet you in the Love and Light. I just wanted to share an idea I had regarding a Vanilla Trellis. Recently I was lucky enough to be gifted a Vanilla planifolia and needed to come up with something clever so I could successfully grow it in the shade, under my pergola, up-cycling only what I had laying around. I re-used some discarded gutter guard, stuffed it with moist Sphagnum Moss and attached it to one of the timber posts using cable fasteners. I then secured the vine using trellis pegs. I'm really happy with the results and it looks really neat and tidy. I have no doubt the vanilla plant will extend its aerial roots into the moist Sphagnum Moss and grow like mad. I'm also experimenting with a cylindrical variation to cover up an ugly downpipe and will post the results soon. Below are a few pictures. Love & Light ∞
  4. Infinity

    The Random Thread.

  5. Although this is an old post, Datura Wrightii is used as a topical preparation to relieve moderate to severe pain. A sun tea made from 7x leaves and 7x flowers is used. The patient soaks the feet or hands in the preparation until pain relief occurs, usually about 20 min. This traditional preparation is used by patients suffering from abrasions and bruises, arthritis pain, muscle pain from over exertion, moderate back and neck pain, bursitis, gastrointestinal pain, joint pain, foot pain and other types of pain. It would most likely work on tattoo pain as well. This topical preparation is relatively safe, effective and has used for many years. This plant delivers small amounts of active ingredient to the skin, disrupts the pain cycle and avoids systemic toxicity. The plant contains the water soluble alkaloids, Hyoscyamine and Scopolamine. Scopolamine crosses the skin very effectively and inhibits pain. Hyoscyamine and Atropine do not efficiently cross the skin. It is not known if Scopolamine inhibits these pain interactions. Scopolamine potentiates the analgesic effects of Enkephalin and Morphine which may have long term effects in pain treatment. Scopolamine is also a very effective antidepressant. It is known that antidepressants are useful in chronic pain treatment.
  6. Infinity

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Welcome. I greet you in the Love and Light. My offer: 1. Acmella Oleracea Seeds (Yellow Flowered Toothache Plant) 2. Leonotis Leonurus Seeds (Wild Dagga) 3. Mandragora Autumnalis Seeds (Mandrake) 4. Heimia Salicifolia Seeds (Sinicuichi) 5. Hibiscus Sabdariffa Seeds (Rosella) 6. Nicandra Physalodes Seeds (Shoofly) 7. Scopolia Carniolica Seeds (Scopolia) 8. Sceletium Tortuosum Seeds (Kanna) 9. Veratrum Album Seeds (White Hellebore) 10. Papaver Rhoeas Seeds (Shirley Double) 11. Hyoscyamus Niger Seeds (Black Hebane) 12. Passiflora Careulea Seeds (Blue Crown Passionfruit) 13. Convulvulus Tricolor Seeds (Dwarf Morning Glory) 14. Tasmannia Lanceolata Seeds (Mountain Pepper) 15. Melissa Officinalis Seeds (Lemon Balm) 16. Ocimum Tenuiflorum Seeds (Holy Basil) 17. Hyoscyamus Aureus Seeds (Golden Henbane) 18. Helianthu Maximiliani Seeds (Maximilian Sunflower) 19. Clarkia Unguiculata Seeds (Elegant Clarkia) 20. Datura Stramonium Seeds (Jimsonweed) Love & Light ∞
  7. Infinity

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    I’ll jump on that one Noshie! Let me check my stash and I’ll post up my offer shortly. Love & Light
  8. Welcome. I greet you in the Love and in the Light. I’m seeking 10x fresh Entada Rheedii (African Dream Herb) seeds for a propagation instructional. Hopefully someone in North Queensland may be able to assist. Happy to trade for interesting sacred plants and/or seeds or cash. If if anyone is able to assist, please get in touch. Love & Light ∞
  9. Welcome. I greet you in the Love and in the Light. I just wanted to share some information with our community about an organisation that I recently came across. THE AUSTRALIAN CANNABIS UNIVERSITY https://australiancannabisuniversity.org/ The Australian Cannabis University is a not-for-profit community of like-minded people, aiming to bust through the political nonsense and to get Cannabis the legal recognition that it deserves. The University aims to teach students about the plant, how to grow it naturally, how to process it for health purposes, how to work through diseases naturally and much more. The ACU headquarters is nestled in the middle of 3,000 acres in the heart of Kunghur in Northern NSW in which all members are invited to visit, learn and help look after the land. OPEN DAY 2018 There is an Open Day being held from the 18th - 23rd October 2018 at the farm of the Australian Cannabis University. More information about the Open Day program can be found on their website. JOIN THE UNIVERSITY For just $1 you can join the Australian Cannabis University as a life time member. Their aim is to get 10,000 members so that they can change the law via a mandate presented to the Australian Government. Not only will you be assisting the change of outdated laws, but you will have access to their ever growing database of online learning materials and can also directly access ACU Cannabis experts with any questions you may have. Love & Light ∞
  10. Infinity

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Is the meetup happening this weekend?
  11. Infinity

    Chasing Sceletium, seeds, cuttings or seedling :)

    All sorted. I have a few spare Sceletium Tortuosum plants available if anyone else is interested.
  12. Infinity

    Chasing Sceletium, seeds, cuttings or seedling :)

    Hi Average Joe, I greet you in the Love and Light. I'd be happy to help you out. I have some Sceletium Tortuosum plants that would love a new home. How many were you after? ∞
  13. Greetings. This article runs through all of your options to control Slugs: https://learn.eartheasy.com/guides/natural-slug-control/ I hope that helps.