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  1. Appreciate it man. You can always tell me if situation changes. I also know a guy who can move stuff around for very cheap for me so transportation would be fine. Ah, I suspected temperature to be the main issue as well. I know how much they like full sun and it is my preferred way to grow them. I was hoping a month would not cause excess etiolation because then I have to chop the tips which ruins a column for me. I need to leave for medical issues but once back I am to stay for a long while so no bouncing between garden and indoors.
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering what can one do to slow growth of trichocereus pachanoi/brdigesii/peruvianus during summer so that the plants do not get drastically etiolated when placed in front of a wall-facing windowsill? I already plan to withdraw water until the pots are bone dry, but since the temperature is going to be high overall I am not sure if this would halt the growth completely. I am going to be leaving the Oz for a month and I cannot stand the thought of my plants being stolen, therefore I will lock them in my room in front of the windowsill. With all being said, I would also be more than happy to transport my plants if someone is willing to keep an eye on them in a surely safe place and would gladly give away a good number of cuttings in return
  3. I guess i will make a small/medium sized cut labelled "echionopsis sp.". That is quite fair I suppose.
  4. Exactly my expectations. I bet they see way crazier stuff though. Also I think I would take small pups like the one below. Big and easy-to-notice ones are mine! I delivered so many seeds of matucana varieties to my mates. Lazy bastards didnt appreciate and even bother attempting the takeaway tek. I will probably take these pups and plant them in my summerhouse lawn around Mount Olympus so that South American spirits can talk to Greek Gods :D
  5. Well if those are the odds that's fine by me. I am used to dicks taking my stuff (from my ciggies to guitar pedals) I just want to keep my slate clean and avoid any sort of charges really.
  6. Thanks for the reply Glaukus. That is what I worried about, the container aspect. Although I know my family members took hilariously oversized cuttings of other plants (like a 60 cm tall branchy fangipani) I dont know if the border patrol will recognize and react to trich species. I could not find anything against it in official sources so far. The plant is non native and not in the CITES list either. I am sure they wont bother where I am going. And in that place a measly cutting of a TBM is around 150-200 aud which is a total rip off. *I found prohibited exports section in Federal Register of Legislation website and it states that export of "cacti and parts of cacti of the species Lophophora williamsii" is prohibited. Not sure if this covers Trichocereus/echionopsis spp. In section regarding lysergamide for example their list was more exhaustive and covered multiple ipomoea spp. and argyreia nervosa etc. which suggests that they tend to specify what they dont want exported.
  7. Hi all, Has anyone any previous experience with taking pedro cuttings out of Australia? Kingsford would be the relevant airport in question. Honestly, border laws and customs of this country creep me out and I would rather not go through any fuss. I saw eaelier posts (from 2009) suggesting that taking cuttings with you or maybe sending them is fine but the law or its interpretation concerning these matters are prone to change and I would rather be safe than sorry. It's just that I have very pretty cultivars/strains I would love to take small cuttings of with me and the variety in where I am going is saddeningly low. Any advise is appreciated. I am new in forums and this is my second post. Lest it is an eyesore, here are some of the pretty specimen from my small collection. Cheers!
  8. Thanks CJ, As far as I remember he only mentioned seed pods with no seeds in it. It might hint of some self-infertile species. As far as I know williamsii fits that definition but have no idea about fricii and koehresii. The latter are very rare though aren't they? I would be surprised if they turned out to be those species. Also this link decribes a variation called "decipiens" and the plants fit the description quite well in my opinion. http://sacredcacti.com/blog/decipiens/
  9. Hello everyone, A friend of mine overseas sent me these pictures of degrafted and rooted lophophoras which he bought for an amazing price (around 25 bucks each?). I was rather suspicious since it sounds too good to be true so decided to ask if these are just some of the more common lookalikes out there. The three heads in the photo are approximately 6 cm each and the one with the roots is around 5 cm. The ribs are clearly defined but these do not look like any of the classic williamsii's I have seen on the web so far. Unfortunately I don't own any so I can't compare. Any of you guys know if this is a particular variation of williamsii or another species altogether? Thanks in advance!