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  1. I enjoyed looking at your photo thread!

  2. LittleGuyMushrooms

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Good morning Corroboree! I am a mushroom grower from the United States. Three years of growing experience, home built equipment, farmers markets and restaurants later I've started reaching for the less common mushrooms. All of my competition has access to the same mushroom sources as I do. Getting an edge over the competitors comes down to better equipment, better practices, more space and/or unique selection. I've sunk as much of my cash resources I can into my equipment, streamlined my procedure and used every space I have available to me to the best of my ability and resources, that leaves unique selection as my obvious choice, which is why I find myself begging for the kindness of Australian strangers! The Black Bolete, Aka Phlebopus Portentosus, Salmon Gum, etc etc. is apparently able to grow saprobically and is therefore a candidate for bag cultivation which has been achieved in Thailand and China but is still lagging here in the U.S. as far as commercial production goes. I'd like to collect some spore prints (or even live culture!) from this mushroom and attempt to develop it here in the states. I've been trying to acquire this from both Thailand and China - via web forums - and have had very little success. The language barrier - is a barrier. At least we (Australia and U.S.) share the same language and can easily discuss the matter without the aid of Google Translate. I am unfamiliar with Australia's import/export limitations, customs enforcement, etc, but I am willing to do trades, pay for the shipping, pay for the culture/print or whatever you may find reasonable (and legal) to get this mushroom in my collection. If you can help- if you know someone who can help, please let me know. here or by private message. Thank's for reading!.