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  1. Hahaha! This won't work for me as I'm in a t-shirt and shorts combo for 11 months of the year.
  2. I grew these from seed, so roots. They are my first lot so I want to be extra careful.
  3. Cheers, I was hoping to hear that there was more growing time!
  4. So sorry for taking forever to get back to you all. For some reason I didn't get notifications. I do appreciate it! Thank you!
  5. Hola! Just curious as to when the best time to stop my watering regime when it comes to Lophs in Brisbane. Anyone who lives here knows the 2016-17 summer was a long drawn out one and the daytime temps are still in the high 20s half way into Autumn. Any help would be awesome. Don't want my babies dying from over watering. Or at all.
  6. Great idea, @Glaukus. I do the same with my CA glue. Except that's in the fridge.
  7. Makes perfect sense, @Sallubrious The fridge it is! Many thanks, all. Can't wait to start my first lophs!
  8. Appreciate your help, @Change
  9. Thank you, @Change The present weather here is a bit all over the place especially when it comes to humidity. Would the fridge or freezer be okay?
  10. Hi, I've just received my first lot of Loph seeds. Unfortunately, I'm going away for work up to 3 months so I won't have time to sow any until after I return. What are my options for long term storage if at all?