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    Cactus Surgery

    Still haven't decided how I'm going to attack this guy but I will need to do something because it will be going out into the ground uncovered eventually. Dualwieldrake he's already had a severe lobotomy so I don't think we'd get a reaction anyway, plus if I had morphine itd be going towards my back pain first. maybe it just needs one of those little cocktail umbrellas over the hole
  2. TBG

    Cactus Surgery

    So i bought this guy for what i think was an extremely good price knowing that it had some damage. It has an old wound that seems to be fully dried out and not affecting growth at all. My worry is that water will get into it and cause rot. Im wondering if anyone else has dealt with the same problem and has any advice? My plan of attack is to cut out all the damaged material, dust with mancozeb protectant fungicide and allow the wound to dry. Then paint the wound with bitumen paint or similar and fill the void with expanding foam, silicone or something similar. What do you guys think ? Any other ideas or options ? Thanks Tbg
  3. Ok heres what a couple look like. Some small some big all will grow .... Generous amounts can be supplied because i dont want to have to look at them anymore.. On a related note id love to get into microscopy Tbg
  4. Not sure if anyone would be interested but I have a heap of variegated furcraea propagules, easy as hell to grow just plonk em in or on some soil or potting mix and they'll grow. Would trade for almost anything that's mildly interesting, not so common vegies, cacti, ornamentals or other. Take one or a heap. If your brissy local bring a bucket and I'll fill it. Ill upload some photos once my other device is charged tbg
  5. TBG

    Cactus Surgery

    Thanks for the imput guys. It's all dryed out and not actively rotting I'm just worried about water sitting in the hole and causing future rot. Good point about the expanding foam that I didnt think about. i feel like it needs something to fill the hole to stop moisture and water sitting in there, or am I being over protective ?
  6. It looks sorta like a zinnia to me ? Definitely asteraceae tbg
  7. Hi all, Im currently planning out an ornamental cacti garden. I'm wanting to plant some nice big chunky column cacti. I already have a T.scop that I got from a member here. Can anyone make some suggestions of any other thick looking columns that are available in Australia. I absolutely love the look of the Saguaro cactus but I'm not sure if they are available here and from what I hear they are extremely slow growing. Any imput appreciated Tbg
  8. TBG

    Thick, Chunky Columnar Cacti?

    Sooo many options.. Thanks for all the Imput, they all look awesome. Now just to find some. tbg
  9. TBG

    Giveaway competition

    I'm fairly sure that's from hymenosporum flavum. I only know this because I stumbled across them and imagined that if there where green wallabies that's what the males would have hanging between there legs tbg
  10. TBG

    What's wrong with my Mimosa Hostilis?

    Mites directly damage the leaves by feeding from them, I doubt they could be feeding on the roots and causing leaf damage like that. Mites are bloody small and sometimes hard to spot(magnifying glass comes in handy). it could also be old damage and the mites have vacated.
  11. TBG

    Latin - a beautiful language

    I vaguely remember being told during my studies that there is no official correct way of pronouncing botanical names (Partly because as stated above a large chunk are not actually based on Latin, many are named after local places, words or people from all around the world and also because it's used worldwide there are always going to be different ways of saying the same names based on local language and teachings) and that all individual and local pronounciations are acknowledged. But im digging deep to remember this and I'm far from an expert on language and nomenclature im barely even competent at my own language. plus I'm merely an Aussie tbg
  12. TBG

    What's wrong with my Mimosa Hostilis?

    I can't really see it well enough from the photo. Are the spots discolouring of the leaves ? Or raised bumps ? If any of my plants ever get white spoty marks on the leaves first thing I do is check under the leaf for mites..
  13. Can't help you out with the Fukurokuryuzinboku but if you track some down I'd love to know where from.. tbg
  14. TBG

    Thick, Chunky Columnar Cacti?

    Thanks Halcyon, Your right! Pasacana looks fantastic. I guess I'll have to do some searching. As for the gardens I had no idea they existed, particularly Fields looks like an incredible place. You say your not sure what's happening down there anymore? We're they closing down or something? Tbg
  15. TBG

    Thick, Chunky Columnar Cacti?

    Ooooh yer !!!! That's the kinda plant I'm looking for.. Are they easy to come by??
  16. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone can give me an id on this guy. Im not very good with cacti but im guessing cereus peruvianus montrose ??? Thanks Kieran
  17. TBG

    Cereus ??

    Cool, thanks for the quick reply.
  18. TBG

    Plant id please

    Definetly Malvaceae, any pictures of the whole plant? Or other features of the plant?
  19. TBG


    Fare enough, not planning to smoke it just an interesting find and was wondering if it is what I thought. Guess I'll go with a most probabley is and see if i can catch up with the grower one day. Thanks
  20. Hi all, Found this plant growing in a semi public garden. I have my suspiscions that it may be a N.tobbacum. can anyone confirm or deni this? Thanks Tbg
  21. TBG


    Thanks for the reply, Anyway to know for sure without being lucky enough to show up at the same time as the person who planted it. realised how far off my spelling of the name is... Was too hurried to look up correct spelling so i guessed it. For the record I don't plan to harvest any of the plant because I know how disappointed I'd be if it were mine and someone were to start pinching bits of it. Just curious Tbg
  22. TBG

    Watch this space

    My question may be slightly of topic but i guess it's somewhat political. if it came to the time where we were legally allowed to use cannabis recreationally or medically how would this fit in with our driving while under the influence rules. From what I understand cannabis can show up as a positive on roadside tests well after the affects have worn off? Does anyone know how this works in place where cannabis is legal? tbg
  23. Hi all, This is my first post Have been browsing this site on and off for many years. Finally decided to sign up. My account confirmation came through today and convieniently coencided with me finding a plant that i am unable to identify. Unfortionaltly i wasn't expecting to post about it so i didn't get a lot of photos. The plant is a strong climber with very hairy stems and buds. The flower was much smaller than most morning glory plants i am familar with maybee 2-3 cm across. The seeds seem to have a rough almost fuzzy coating. Anyway i was on the job so i collected a few seeds then ripped the bugger out. Any help would be appreiciated. My best bet is Ipomoea hederacea which seems to have medical properties Thanks Tbg
  24. TBG


    Thanks for the reply matt, Thats pretty much what i thought i also thought the flower shape seemed to be pretty consistent with the pictures of I. hederacea. Any ideas how variable the flower colour is in wild weedy populations of ipomoea ? The few plants that were growing all had the same flowers