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    Youtube vids

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    Youtube vids

    nyone remember this? lol
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    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    Man they look good, how often are you watering/ feeding during warmer months?
  5. Coming along nicely! Many thanks Communacaician :)
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    Lady & the Lion

    Leonotis leonorus ladybugus
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    Post your track of the day

    Trevor FTW
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    EGA Necklace

    So I poked around a bit more, the dude im trying to get in contact with was directly NEXT to the guy running the Polyester books stall in the corner... haha one step closer I guess, he gave me his facebook page but I lost it on the trip back If anyone knows him please PM me cheers!
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    EGA Necklace

    Sorry to go off topic but you guys or anyone else wouldnt have the facebook page/ contact for the two blokes running the stall at EGA on the opposite side in the corner? they had the herbs, extracts, books and tech bits n bobs
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    Post a random picture thread

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    Thanks for sharing that valuable info @Caster I couldnt find anything in that thread with the location for it in Tasmania though, but I read somewhere else its found "at Brown's River" but thats not all that specific. If you do manage to positively I.D it in your travels, please let me know and I'd gladly buy some from you for a sensible price.
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    Link doesnt work mate
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    Sick Red Khat?

    Hey all, So ive got a couple of Catha pushing 12 months old, on one in particular the stem has lost significant amount of color, I'm not sure if it is sick or a pest is attacking it. Also, some of the new foliage is slightly deformed with some leaves, kind of curled and misshapen. Please see pictures attached. If anyone is able to shed some light on what the problem might be I'd be very grateful. I water them often and feed every so often with Maxicrop seaweed concentrate.
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    Sick Red Khat?

    Thanks Halcyon, much appreciated mate!