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  1. As an American, all I can say is push for sanctions. Treat the US under Trump like the dysfunctional piece of shit it is, invest in your own military and divest any monetary interests you have in this country. Trump and the Republican party are a bunch of fanatics and we need to starve them and make sure that they fail so spectacularly that the ideology that spawned them is shoved back under the rock it crawled out of and the pendulum swings back toward sanity. Although I will say, if that damn Aussie Murdoch hadn't created such an efficient propaganda network for the lunatic right we wouldn't have gotten Trump in the first place. :P

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  2. I'd like to reserve these if possible:


    scop (Zed's) X Super Pedro



    Scop X (Juul's Giant X Scop)



    Schick Pink X Ech. Spring Blush



    "Roy" pachanoi X Super Pedro



    Super Pedro X Hahn pach



    Scop (Zed's) X Scop (Hulk)



    Scop (Heynes) X Scop (Hillside)



    PM sent about ordering, I just need your Paypal email. 

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  3. Yeah, there's several problems. The discoloration on the stock looks like it's failing around the juncture site. That's bad news as the rot will spread straight up into the scion. You need to cut immediately. The second bad news is the mites are out of control and you need to hit them with some neem/insecticidal soap, maybe even just spray it down with some isopropyl alcohol. I'm a bit concerned with the centers of all the heads and how much mite damage they have. You may have rot at the center of each of those.  

    First thing's first, cut it off the stock right at the juncture and examine how bad the rot is going up into the scion. If you can hollow it out a tiny bit and remove all the bad tissue, then great. Dust it with sulphur and call it a day. More likely, the main head is toast and you'll have to remove each head, hoping that the rot has not spread all the way through and up into each meristem. If you have other plants, personally I might just cut out all the rot then dry the good flesh up for tripping. If you're doing surgery and want to salvage the plant, be aggressive in how much you remove and sterilize the blade with alcohol between cuts. If you can, always cut in good flesh so the blade doesn't touch any rot and there's a bit of space between the diseased area and the part you're keeping.   

  4. Honestly high CBD weed is one of the best natural relaxant/pain relief plants out there. I have shoulder problems and it actually beats opium for my pain, though combining a bit of both is optimum. I think the CBDs probably have some anti-inflammatory properties in addition to the relaxation and pain relief. Make some strong edibles and chill. You can try some neck stretches and alternating hot and cold compresses (15 minutes each). Good luck and fast healing.    

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  5. I'm looking for trachyandra tortilis and albuca namaquensis seeds. I'd also be interested in a pilea peperomioides cutting. I'm in the US. Anybody growing these plants and want to share the love? 



    Which species ? Looking at Wikipedia, there are many, and they seem very different.



    Turbinicarpus lophophoroides flowers freely and copiously from spring through summer/early fall. Established specimens are easy to care for if you just keep them dry in the cold months and give them lots of sun in the growing season. Thelocactus are also pretty tough and have nice, huge flowers for their size. T. bicolor especially.  

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  7. I saved 10-15 seeds of each variety from my last order of trichocereus hybrids. They're very fresh and I had great germination. I'm looking to trade them for some different tricho hybrids for some more variety. I'm in the US, so it'll most likely involve international shipping. I've got: 

    Icaros x LumberJack 
    Macrogonus x Lumberjack 
    LumberJack x Pach Jessica 
    (SS02xSS01) x Bridgesii Bertha 
    Validus x Red Grandiflorus 
    Peru James x Icaros 
    Peru Clyde x Chalaensis 
    Peru Bonny x Peru Clyde 
    Peru2 x Bridgesii Bertha 
    Huarazensis x Pach Jessica 
    Bridgesii Bertha x Bridgesii Helen 
    Bridgesii Helen x Bridgesii SS02 

    If you see anything you like let me know and tell me what crosses you have to trade.  

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  8. Forums like this and the Shroomery have been better than any books for me. Cactus-art.biz has a nice list of species by genus for becoming more knowledgable about the various genera. Otherwise, care is generally simple though dependent on your climate and very species specific, so most books are only good as a list of species with some nice pics of them. Cacti & Succulents for Cold Climates is a great one for people that get freezing winters, it lists how cold hardy different species are. 

  9. I don't know how safe it is. I usually just eyeball it in terms of concentration. It definitely works, it can boost germination even in stubborn seeds like stale b. caapi. You have to watch it though as too strong a concentration will cause everything to germinate but then the residual acid dissolves the root system and kills all your seedlings. 

    It doesn't dissolve well in water so I spray a tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol on it first and get it dissolving then dilute with water. Have fun. I have much better luck with this stuff for germination than I have for BAP for pupping. 

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  10. Technically no vegetative growth or seeds of cacti are allowed to be shipped into the US from overseas, regardless of the legality of the plants in question. Phytosanitary certificates are a huge pain in the ass to procure and don't actually extend to anything in cactaceae even if you could get them.

    Fortunately, US Customs are lazy and terribly ineffective at their job. So unless you are foolish enough to write "seeds," "cactus" or "plants," the package will not be confiscated. I have had seizures when people sent packages from OZ and labeled them as "cactus seeds." I have successfully received full plants and seeds from various countries labelled as "collectibles," "botanical samples" or "chocolate" (that person threw in a candy bar, lol).

    So, if you're willing to fudge the customs slip a tiny bit, you should have no issues, if you're going to write "cactus" on it, don't bother, they will be confiscated. Oh, and the reason cacti are banned from importation is protecting endangered species. So, as long as you're not poaching the plants, you're still acting in the spirit of the law. ;)  

    Also, country of origin tends to be a red flag, so ordering from Mexico, China or any other country that is problematic from a standpoint of contraband will increase your risk of inspection and seizure. With Australia being a fine, upstanding Anglophone country so long as the package doesn't scream "I'm doing something naughty" it should fly right through. 

  11. The seem to like conifers. I've found them under pine and holly. I'm not a big fan of the high. A low doses it just makes you sleepy then you wake up slightly energized and a little aggressive. At higher doses they feel like getting so drunk you're about to pass out and the room is spinning so you lie down and enter an opium dream kind of nod/trip. I got some delirious states and had a vision of a golden buddha but it wasn't worth the body load. Eating them is good though. If you cook them up fresh like regular mushrooms they're actually a choice edible. 

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