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  1. tormentosa has been an absolute miracle plant for me. Unfortunately, I can't say that I found it had any obvious psychoactive properties. Rather I've used an extract of Pentacyclic oxindoles (PCO) chemotype - quite expensive - for rather crippling chronic rhinitis/dust allergy/hay fever, which really interfered with life, dripping pools of snot constantly, making it hard to concentrate, making me grumpy as and leaving my nose red raw.  All of this, coupled with a fear of going outside because of pollen, really affected my mood and general QOL. It sounds like such an innocuous disease, but it wasn't.  Non-sedating antihistamines made no difference (rapid tachyphylaxis), only partial response to nasal steroid sprays, sedating antihistamines made a difference, but left me like a zombie for work. 


    It took a week to work, but to be honest, it was only when I ran out of the extract that I realised how well it had worked - took 3 days and the symptoms began to return which is when you realise just how much better life was. After about 6 months of taking, I'm really able to have quite long periods without it without any significant resurgence of symptoms - a bad afternoon here and there is perfectly acceptable.  Definitely due to a TH2 dominant immunity.


    With regards to it's healing properties, I feel like it has an anti inflammatory action at a genetic transcription level, and this may have a beneficial effect on cognitive function.  It is interesting to note that cats claw is often used as an admixture to ayahuasca for its healing properties. There are several reports that it potentiated the mitragynine group alkaloids of kratom. 


    Have you looked into sarcosine for schizophrenic cognitive symptoms? Huperzine is another interesting Ndma antagonist but lacks the interesting seratonergic component of the above uncaria. Bacopa is worth looking into for normalising seratonergic transmission - increasing SERT and tryptophan hydroxalase expression. 

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  2. New to the forum, arrived from bonnie Scotland. 

    Also new to mycology here, but well versed with cacti - with some to trade to help start my own mycology microscopy collection. 

    Apologies if swapsies for cactus is not in keeping with this forum, but i only want to reach out and share.