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  1. Id be super keen to try growing some Magus.
  2. Cheers Pedro
  3. I got this with some succulents and want to know what it is. cheers
  4. Well all i can say is i wish i had of done this from the beginning i should have done a before and after photo. Only 2 weeks in i had some lettuce in a pot hadn't grown for ages was just small and standing still using chemical fert, 2 weeks after hitting it with the chook poo DAM there 3 times bigger massive growth in just 2 weeks. Passion fruit vines have come alive as well, have a few buckets of chook poo brew going can't wait to see how the rest of the garden goes! 2nd trailer load of hpoo under a tarp as it was a bit fresher this time.
  5. So can we have a end prohibition postal vote?
  6. Thanks AD might hit you up i have another option & i'm spewing i didn't think of it until i was driving home from my old's last weekend but there is a poop load of wild opuntia where they live (i can see why it's an invasive weed) every 3rd-4th tree had one growing on it in the bush stupid thing i told dad i wanted to try the fruit so we went for a walk (to early for fruit by the looks) but i was there if i had of though of it i would have grab a bunch to play with. I did a quick search seems some people have better success then others with it and it might be species related but it's ready to go and plenty of it.
  7. Would you believe the bloody cat ate the fresh tips that was just starting last night hope she got pricked and doesn't go back for 2nds tonight ;) Once these get out of dormancy aka as we roll more into spring weather they should start going crazy? or the more the better?
  8. I was so pissed off this morning, the kids know what im like when the animals knock stuff over or in this case eat it! Funny one of the kids came in the other day and im like what's up a min later she says im really sorry.... i say you knocked a plant over didn't you..... mmmm yes lol ok lets go have a look ;) .... i tried to fix it.
  9. oh for fk sake the cat ate the fresh pere shoots iv'e been waiting on last night.
  10. Nice work the side grafts are a wedge style? Once i get some shoots i'll try both rooted and un-rooted experiment.
  11. Haha yeah one of my old dogs (jack russel) used to do that - and chase wind screen wipers.
  12. Yeah Thanks to AD im keen as a bean for some seedling grafts tons of seedlings started and just ordered some of zellys cross's ;) Just need the pere's to kick into overdrive and pump out some shoots ;) so far there sucking up the water only one is showing signs of growth tips so far..... come on hurry up ;)
  13. Honestly the trailer of poo was a dream, the rocks i put around the retaining wall and path THAT was a BITCH.
  14. Man just finish the 1st trailer load of horse poo and prob still 2/3 of garden still to cover lol This lot was well rotted no where near fresh. The rest of the garden is planted out so shifting chips that are already down around young plants i found was a pain + i squished some doh! Might throw small amounts of chock poo on the other 2/3 (different section) see how it goes.