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  1. FYI peoples i just got a customs letter on the 14/5 Loooong time after ordering and saw this last night on facebook seems there cracking down on seeds coming in, going by the time it's taken for them to send a letter im guessing there's a fk ton of stuff getting destroyed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Trichocereus.Lophophora.Ariocarpus/permalink/1672057342831918/
  2. ;( Mine hasn't showed up over a month now, how long did it take for the rest to receive in aus? I assume we all ordered the same time as that was when the store opened. Dual i sent an email the other day in regards. Cheers
  3. yeah i like to grow my own.
  4. Location:under the clouds hmmm google maps is having troubles with that one ;)
  5. Thumbs up on the eco-neem 5ml to a 1 liter did 500ml to a pot and dumped the soil out later in the day to check it out and had dead body's
  6. bump any1 point me in the right direction, only place i found online had to buy big $75 bucks worth.
  7. mmm better pic's.
  8. AH im not the only one i have found a crap load to in the last few days i emptied out a pot that had a dead raspberry plant in it full of the fuckers.
  9. I've only popped a few so far, any 1 know how these hold up over winter? I was hoping to pop a few more before the weather drops to much. Think these were the narrow kind (as per usual i'll remember what that was lol), i had a couple of the other type hanging around somewhere too.
  10. I can't afford fast food so i have to take a snack pack, seedlings is my only option ;) should have a mighty collection by 2021 lol
  11. I'll take that Dicko I'll offer Apple of Peru (Nicandra Physalodes) Shoofly seeds xlots Sundew Alba carnivorous seeds Aji Pineapple chilli seeds x10 Black Prince chilli seeds x10 2 Lots unknown chilli seeds X10 of each one tear drop shape other long purple changing to red Blue Hopi Corn seeds x20 Sunset Boulevard seeds Acacia longfolia seeds x10 Cactus Arboricola x zelly11 seeds x10 Adding Some mixed tobacco seed Toothache plant seeds & Catnip seeds
  12. My smallest attempt so far, looked better from a distance prob one of my best close up camera shots i've do as well ;) Looks like 1/2 yellow 1/2 green split down the middle. Cross fingers 3days old on the graft. Validus x ss02xss01 Getting some practice in, feeling more confident now. Ordered some cheap Chinese film wrap, i did another bigger one with some glad wrap and it seems good so can't wait to try some side grafts ;)
  13. can't wait to see what that turns out like ;)
  14. I looked on ebay i didn't know if that stem wrap the same as parafilm when i was looking i thought i read it was made of a different material. I did see some 1" stuff from china.
  15. Any 1 know of a parafilm source in aus that's reasonably priced?