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  1. Going to stick some in the ground come spring. Thanks again
  2. bump
  3. Got mine today 2 cheers mate
  4. It looks broken, i'll start it off again 15x blue hopi corn seeds 10x painted mountain corn seeds 10 x acacia cognata seeds 10x acacia acuminata seeds mix of un named chilli seeds
  5. +1 please i gave these a go in my early days & none survived
  6. 16 x fingers cheers
  7. Hey chasing some narrow leaf or v white catha seeds pm me. Cheers
  8. will have plenty to play with next season, to cold now.
  9. I had 100% success with this lot (impale graft) kinda cheating lol
  10. Some of my seed grown garden - some of my favorites, i wish i could go back in time and start earlier. Can't wait for next season i'll be ready to graft my ass off.
  11. thanks bardo will check it out
  12. FYI peoples i just got a customs letter on the 14/5 Loooong time after ordering and saw this last night on facebook seems there cracking down on seeds coming in, going by the time it's taken for them to send a letter im guessing there's a fk ton of stuff getting destroyed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Trichocereus.Lophophora.Ariocarpus/permalink/1672057342831918/
  13. ;( Mine hasn't showed up over a month now, how long did it take for the rest to receive in aus? I assume we all ordered the same time as that was when the store opened. Dual i sent an email the other day in regards. Cheers
  14. yeah i like to grow my own.
  15. Location:under the clouds hmmm google maps is having troubles with that one ;)