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  1. Hey guys looking for some tips on rooting Damiana cuttings, i have a plant going well in the ground but wanted to get some cuttings before winter comes round just in case it doesn't like the cold. I currently have a few cuttings inside a 1.25l water bottle for humidity with sphagnum moss as the medium but as of yet haven't seen any roots. Doesn't seem to be much info out there on this one. Cheers
  2. Mine decided to re sprout.
  3. I can understand were your at i was really sick for a while & the heat lately killed some of my collection and the fact i was so sick i didn't / couldn't water and thought about how much time i wasted on these plants but a month later feeling better and back in the garden im still not the same but starting to enjoy the garden again. Once it's mulched it really is a waste.
  4. lol $1500 think he'd through in a pot!
  5. Chasing Acacia cognata seeds pm if u can help. Cheers
  6. Nice i have some cactus seeds for trade if interested i can get a list together.
  7. In the 2nd link i posted i think i read they used gates to change flow rates... and telescopic pipes that could expand was it 0.8m or 1.6m either way.
  8. https://web.archive.org/web/20141016045942/http://cobalt.ca/ragged-chutes
  9. good read here https://ia802708.us.archive.org/24/items/IllustratedDescriptionOfTheTaylorHydraulicAirCompressorAndTransmission/49590.pdf
  10. No-brainer right?
  11. A clean power source that was once used by cities that's awesome, reminds me of another video i watched where good ole mj was deleted from history removing medical literature ect and making it evil How different the world could be now had a couple of things stayed around.
  12. Mine came today as well cheers mate already in the dirt ;)
  13. Tried some blue hopi corn picked fresh looks good. Taste test ummm if i was hungry i wouldn't so no 4/10 edible but not sweet corn, reminds me off porridge but never really had corn other then sweet corn to compare it too. I'll do sweet corn next year.