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  1. od101010

    Spider mites on cactus - metho spray?

    thanks i sprayed a couple of plants on the weekend only did 30% metho see how it goes.
  2. YO got some little fkers on my grafts looking for something safe to use on my 1 year old grafts. I suspect these are false spider mites as there's no webbing. IPA is dear, metho cheap i did a bit of a google and looks like a 50/50 mix of metho/water should be ok just wanted to hear from someone that might have tried aka don't want to kill my collection either ;) Cheers
  3. od101010

    Happy Wattle Day!

    7/7 popped pucking slugs got the others ;(
  4. od101010


  5. The ones i have in pots using Yates 30L Potting Mix With Dynamic Lifter are doing well it drys out quick compared to others i have used. I lost a few in other mixes that didn't dry out as fast.
  6. od101010

    Crazy Corn Wanted

    have have some painted mountain and a butt load of blue hopi pm me if interested. cheers
  7. od101010

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Starting to pop
  8. od101010

    Watch this space

    At least there is 'fors' hopefully something happens this time around im dreaming of the day.
  9. od101010

    Watch this space

    I don't watch much free to air TV but i heard the end of something anti cannabis ad from the United party against the Greens i wasn't paying attention just heard some shit at the end.
  10. od101010


    They were only just up potted this week, im hoping larger pot/roots = better/faster growth.
  11. od101010

    P subaeruginosa print

  12. od101010


    I had a photo i was going to post of a lizard tail left behind on some cactus seedling spikes ;) Plenty of lizards in the little green house haven't seen any licking the sundews.