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  1. Yeah these are around the 3 month mark.
  2. Thanks Guys ;) Cheers
  3. Ps i was planing on doing some grafts but my cat or cats like to either eat or rub against the pere's so any new growth on them usually gets snapped off, need to get them inside under light me thinks.
  4. Hey Guys n Girls Have some seedlings getting along and just wondering how long you wait before transplanting? I have a few that are close to the top of the takeaway containers. Also pic attached these Cereus peruvianus monstrose seem to be long before the spikes start should i plant them at current soil height or bury some? Most of the other seedlings have a little bit before the spikes. Cheers
  5. +1 please
  6. Any 1 have germination? I had mine in the fridge cold stratification till last week just wondering if any one had any pop up yet? cheers
  7. Tried basil mint & rosemary over the weekend. They all had a nice flavor nothing else to report. By far my fav is lavender i have always liked it just never thought of vaping it idk i feel the lavender does make me want to rest. Idk on the nutmeg might google it later im sure someone has done it.
  8. That looks uncomfortable ;)
  9. WOOOT Cheers Gimli i pop u a msg.
  10. Tried some semi dried lavender flower today and have to say it's my fav so far mood/relaxed. Nothing is coming close to the real stuff!
  11. Edit i also had a mild headache late arvo don't know if it was from the tea but will try the tea again another time. Ok i tried vaping damiana alone and it was a pleasant taste i love the smell of fresh leaves to, i think the damiana liqueur would be nice but as for effects meh didn't really notice any thing i did last longer in bed last nice but idk if that was from the damiana.
  12. ok so after the initial onset it tapered off had a rest, i try vaping it tonight and see what i get out of it.
  13. Holy crap the post lady just dropped my package of passinflower and damiana off as well as some brugs cuttings (thanks Glaukus) and i thought i would try a tea 1st. Well blow me down i potted up the brugs whilst the tea was brewing 1 teaspoon of each as im googling pretty brugs pics it suddenly hit me i 100% feel my eyes getting heavy it hit me as ifinished the cup i'll see how i feel later but im sold on the tea!
  14. Good link i found i have to have my flower mate on high for the chamomile. https://www.davincivaporizer.com/news/vaporizer-temp-guide/
  15. Woot Woot