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  1. kgrens

    T. Bridgesii "Jeans"

    Awesome pics Zed, that is one crazy looking cactus lol... is your avatar the same one ? Love how its so wide and with all the pups ...
  2. kgrens

    T. Bridgesii "Jeans"

    Yeah so cool Skellum, I had some crazy synchronicity happen lately regarding sacred plants and things coming super fast after putting it out there or even sometimes before .. And thanks for the link, very good read I wonder if its this same plant Sir Jeans ? guess its strong inside and out,, definitely to be respected !! Ohh yeah Skellum, been here a while just dont get around to posting so much, I have loads of trippy plants and cactus in my garden, Ill try to post some pics soon Thanks all K
  3. kgrens

    T. Bridgesii "Jeans"

    Hey Sir Jeans,, congrats on a great plant,, i would absolutely love to buy a cut mate, if you could put one aside for me that would be great !! .. Very cool story on how you came by it,, I wonder how long the lady had had it and the history of where it came from originally ?!?!.. Cheers K
  4. kgrens

    T. Bridgesii "Jeans"

    This is an awesome looking plant,, Anyone have a spare pup to trade or sell ? I would love one of these bad boys :D
  5. kgrens

    Is this what I think it is?

    Yeah nice Brugmansia, I was thinking "old apricot" also .. If u take a cutting and put it in water or soil and keep it moist it might grow roots, there usually not hard to grow from cuttings
  6. kgrens

    Hi everyone

    Yeah man that one is nutz, turquoise color with pink flowers, nice genetics :D
  7. kgrens

    Hi everyone

    Yeah wasnt sure because its quite light for a jourdaniana still looks great glad its recovering well Will it go much darker, is the lighter color because of the recovery ?
  8. kgrens

    Hi everyone

    Hey niggles, man that plant it awesome, is it fricii ? thats a monster and the flowers are beautiful,haha,, glad you worked out another way to post images i as wondering how to post full sized images ...
  9. kgrens

    Hi everyone

    Thanks Master B .. your welcome, yeah there starting to look nice with the warmer weather coming
  10. kgrens

    Hi everyone

    thanks niggles, hope it lets you send tomorrow
  11. kgrens

    myladyluck - Peyote Button Project

    Thats an awesome looking jourdaniana,, How is it now ? would love to see more pics of the open flower
  12. kgrens

    myladyluck - Peyote Button Project

    Hey there, awesome project, hows it all going ? is the offer still available ? I would certainly be interested
  13. kgrens

    Hi everyone

    HI all, new member here just thought I would post some of my loph collection to start off ..