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  1. We already established this a few pages back. While it's technically not all that scientific (you should know the reason for that yourself) Now i challenge you to present some kind of evidence for why this should be an issue at all Others may also chime in since Inyan may gonna need some help on this one
  2. Well that's the whole point isn't it, painting a grim picture. Whatever picture they are painting though it's not real, as in fake, as in computer simulation. It's fine not to be smart but please just stop spewing your dumb shit here
  3. What the hell, your copy paste is not even relevant. You severely lack understanding of logic, science comes only second.
  4. It could have been an issue if it was what you think it is, but it's actually a quite similar looking plant Origanum vulgare They didn't have much of a chance though not beeing a cactus and not getting watered either. Combine this with the medium they are in (this stuff is light as air...) Keen eye
  5. I'd need a ultra thin nanomaterial glove to keep me from crushing the pere as well as the seedlings Most of my stents took but many pere rotted, probably should have waited for callus I've put a couple on leafed pere
  6. That's "Skellum's Vegan Hotdog ®" Got some melting to it It came from a pack of bridge seeds (either koehres or uhlig)
  7. Would have grafted more but ran out of supporting sticks
  8. How does your union fail? I haven't had long term failing yet, just some stalling within the first few weeks...some grew over it, one that i inspected had an infected graft union. Did a few woody, haven't noticed much difference overall. IME drought seems to have a negative effect. Also root space. UV or cold nights possibly, but could have been an acclimatization thing
  9. Whoa sweet birds Petting zoo's rock!
  10. That's what they want you to think yes Those doge's aren't trained to smell drugs though, and pretty sure bongwater will repell them You can easily try this for yourself, just bring 2 friends carrying assorted drugs and have a sausage in your pocket yourself. Now see who will be the first one to get frisked
  11. I'm still getting an (hour it seems) block when visiting gallery
  12. Fanatic detected Looks very comfortable