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  1. A bunch of researches into optimal germination temperatures combined into a graph. Maybe someone finds it usefull https://cactusbae.com/sowing-instructions/temperature I'm personally looking for ways to increase germination of lophophora (and a bunch of others too) Now i've read about how dehydration cycles can improve germination in some species. Anyone tried this and had success? Or do you already get excellent germination rates Here is some more info with references on it https://cactusbae.com/sowing-instructions/moisture
  2. Hey, i hadn't read the e-mail yet but i see it now. Your order will be shipped later today. The order status had failed to correctly update
  3. Nope, it's just a random number i pulled out of my hat You can win a pack of seeds if you guess the actual number correctly The seeds that i source have been mostly selected and bred for high alkaloid profiles for protection against bugs
  4. What are the pro's and what are the cons? I drink coffee all day like water. (For more reasons than just an energy boost) Do i need it? not really. I think i'd notice things like change in weather or physical activity over a full stop in caffeine Not saying caffeine is without effect, but it's well possible to adapt to changes. Do you work out?
  5. Harden up bro Nicotine got's nothing on you. It's more of a choice than anything else. I'd personally advice a good reason why nicotine is bad combined with a good reason why no nicotine is good over patches
  6. Have to check your local rules and regulations for that https://www.victoryseeds.com/au-allowed.html I found this too Apparently the main reason for this is to keep invasive species out, most if not any species i sell are hardly invasive i'd say. If there are any invasive species on my site i'll even consider not offering these anymore Besides this, packaging is discreet
  7. Big thanks for spotting this, i found out what cause this error and it should be working now!
  8. Currently also grafting stock available (Pere and Hylocereus)
  9. Super spring sale: ~60 USD for 1K No wheelbarrow included cactusbae.com (all coded seed shipping) Sorry for undercutting you Zelly
  10. Pachanoi often stalls for me. With one i waited maybe 6 months before it finally started, others i just rerooted. Haven't had a single bridge stall yet, and lophs only temporarily stall for me...
  11. Thought maybe there was a special type of glue for leaves Your graft looks good, snug placement. Looks a bit like one of my first grafts and it turned out to be a winner
  12. pere leaf glue?
  13. Everytime is a great time to sow A lot of trichs optimally germinate between around 15 and 25 C I had my seedlings on a windowsill the whole winter in cold dark northern europe, apart from beeing a bit etiolated/stretched they are all fine healthy. And ready to pick up speed with warmer weather ahead I've read somewhere you'd need a week of consecutive temps below 15, maybe 10 C before they'd go dormant (untill you warm them up again i assume)
  14. Yes
  15. Ok i'm gonna look into this, i'll keep you updated.