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  1. Cool story waterboy, only now you make it seem like the other news is in fact real
  2. E. sinica (since 08-2016)
  3. So i've been trying to organize some cacti and I stumbled on some things.. "The rules for naming a new animal taxon are governed by the ICZN, while the International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT) governs plants" Visiting their site i found out they don't even list the data? All i see is a link where i can pay for a subscription...makes me think, are these guys even real or just your average fraudulent asshole Got the quote from this page https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/the-big-ugly-problem-heart-of-taxonomy-180964629/ Talking about how taxonomy doesn't use scientific method, instead any asshole can just jot some random name down Am i missing something here? Or is plant taxonomy really just a hobby thing currently.
  4. Lol, crazy story. Makes no sense whatsoever though. And it's probably psy-op propaganda
  5. If you feel you can't stop smoking sigarettes...you really need to get stronger cause it's a breeze....ffs. Either you'd be lying to yourself about wanting to smoke or you'd have to find your balls back
  6. I'd say it's not much different than your everyday old news in that sense ;)
  7. BMF (black mafia family) about "one of the largest drug conspiracy cases ever." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y8zkGiHZMk
  8. This is a good discussion, would it instead get too advanced people would start building nukes in their backyards
  9. I find this as unlogical as the candela beeing used as a SI unit for luminous intensity. One would expect female involvement in cases like these.
  10. Looks a lot like the terscheckii thunderhorse sent me
  11. Cuttings day Started with this cactus eager to grow it's own roots and thus degrafted itself Not sure where that gash came from, never seen it before. I figured i'd make cuttings of it's brother too before it too comes crashing down Heres a picture of them both 11 months ago So what else to cut. I looked around and found 2 more cacti that could use pre-spring pruning. Technically the same plant just in different pots. Here is them 11 months ago Lower left pup on this 'My first lopho graft' got some light too, hard to imagine 9 months earlier it was this little red raisin looking thing Been finding a lot weeds popping up in my plant pots Will keep a close eye on these to see if they can be controlled or if better to just surrender (maybe even join them)
  12. Hey yall, What would you reckon this be From a bag of mischung l.w. from koehres. Having a bit of doubt on the w part (Not much of a bitter taste to it either)
  13. Hey do you have a link perhaps to that dutch bestiality video?