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  1. would be a good occasion to also name them E. lageniformis
  2. Thats a pretty interesting theory crop! @Insequent Is such a thing even possible?
  3. I'm not sure sucking on lollipops could be classified as swearing. Or are we talking about donkey ballz here?
  4. Nice grafts Ethnotramp That HuariMayo in the middle looks interesting Do you removed the leaves from pere? And also thanks and to everyone making this possible, ofcourse EG for the seeds, Kinich Ahau for the light, Anne Halonium for inspiration, All mite and pest patrol..Mr. Salticidae, the guy living next door in the Coryphanta who has been putting up webbings, and ofcourse the never tired predatory mites you guys all rock. I will contact you EG about the info's, that book will make me very happy Heres my the latest pictures of em 2 scops and 3 santa's and this big ass scop (it's on the biggest pere i had)
  5. Is that Ephedra growing around the cacti?
  6. Did some grafting practice From left to right: reynosa, camargo, rinconada and caespitosa Ready for action All done Time for jinba ittai Previously
  7. Good points made and noted. Mind you tho this is not in Australia, here in dark, cold and ever wet Holland things like fungus are apparently a real thing to watch out for. After i took this inside the rusty stuff growing on it quickly faded in this new dry situation. The shallow spots hardened up mostly too, some of them did however take with them the tip of the cactus. (turned black untill where the callus stopped it in it's tracks) Wet maybe fine, the prolonged cold im guessing was preventing the plant from growing out of damage and attacks (it was fully dormant) I doubt even with proper ventilation (as in no rain tipi) it would had survived
  8. I think it has to do with selection for qualities other than taste and/or early plucking. Or maybe even some hydro quick grow operation
  9. It was just a glitch in the matrix
  10. What happened?
  11. Heard good reviews of this product