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  1. john

    ID Fungi

    Agree. My attitude can be a matter of how free i am and thus how free I allow others to be?
  2. john

    ID Fungi

    My thanks. It does not look awarenessing.
  3. john

    ID Fungi

    these look innocent to me? Shjroom2.docx
  4. john

    ID Fungi

    ID please. wont last long. shroomsjune20docx.docx
  5. Does anyone know how to get spirit molecules from this plant in a fairly pure form please?
  6. john

    ID Fungi

    Hey Saguaro, Thanks for the advice. I am up in Darwin and do not yet know of places to get good 'shrooms. I have looked around stables but not the abattoirs out of town. I saw these growing in a park and thought they looked like some pics I have seen? I am old but new to this so I appreciate you guys helping. Best night, John s
  7. john

    ID Fungi

    Hi Zonad, Thanks for your reply. I am in Darwin NT. Fairly tropical. I was looking for Cubensis. It was growing in a nearby park that gets mown fairly regularly. It was just growing among the grass so I took it and surrounds with me and planted. I was looking for Psilocybe cubensis or similar. We only have a few stables that get cleaned out regularly in Darwin and the abattoirs which are a long way out of town and I have not been there yet. Enjoy today, John S
  8. john

    ID Fungi

    Hey Guys, I am new to this. Can anyone ID this one please? Best day, John S Fungi.docx
  9. Hi Guys, I am in Darwin (< tropic) and there a lot of Acacia planted along highways here (not self sown). I have just read you suggestions re photos and may have to take more as I just took these on the way past. Please let me know if this is needed. I can also get pics of cuttings if needed. If not can you please ID the attached if possible. i also have some growing but young as yet. Best day, John S Acacias_Darwin.docx
  10. john

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    I would like a couple please? How do I arrange postage?
  11. john

    P. viridis

    Hi Enth, Please send me an addressed postage paid parcel with preferred packing to reach you over about 3 days express mail and I will send return mail. Will 6 do? John S, 28/52 leanyer drive, leanyer, nt 0812 Cheers, John s
  12. john


    Many thanks Dan. I have just planted some but have a few other species at 1M. I have seen the extraction process and and just waiting on nature.
  13. john

    P. viridis

    I have 20-23 to give away if you send me a post bag with about $8.00 postage from NT. Pm me for address.
  14. john


    I did a search for this but found nothing. I have read that some Aussie plants are very feeble in content. Does anyone know how to determine if a plant is a potent producer?