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  1. john

    Thanks for advising re uploading pics.

  2. john

    "Longifolia group" and DMT

    Hi Guys, Were any conclusions reached re content and best time to harvest for max.? I have many small plants ready to plant. They love the tropics. Best day, john s
  3. john

    Acacia courtii giveaway

    Do you have any more to swap or sell please?
  4. Hi Guys, i have read up on A.longifolia and it is supposed to have about 0.2%. I have also seen an article that casts doubt on this. Does anyone know or has anyone extracted from this species? I have about 80 young plants but do not want to plant them close by if they are not going to produce the spirit molecule. If they are useful for this I will have some to give away. Best day, Nimshie29
  5. john

    T.iboga seeds

    For sale or swap please.
  6. john

    Mimosa Seeds

    Anyone like some fresh seeds from Darwin?
  7. john

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    Hi Enjaytee, Do you have any Idoga seeds for sale please? John s Darwin
  8. john

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Hi Communacacian, I was just reading one of your previous posts. Do you have any more A.courtii seeds for sale, swap or give. I have about 100 Acacia ready to plant around the parks close to where I live as I live in A oldies complex and have limited control of the common garden area and am running out of room in my small yard. I would love to have a couple of mother plants to propagate and share product. Best day, John S Darwin ([email protected])
  9. Hi IPStech,

    I am unable to attach / upload photos in Fungi ID. Is there a trick ?


    John S

  10. john

    ID Fungi

    Agree. My attitude can be a matter of how free i am and thus how free I allow others to be?
  11. john

    ID Fungi

    My thanks. It does not look awarenessing.
  12. john

    ID Fungi

    these look innocent to me? Shjroom2.docx
  13. john

    ID Fungi

    ID please. wont last long. shroomsjune20docx.docx