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  1. Hi fellow SABers. Im after some advice. I needed to clear out my humidity chamber and ran out of my perk's. So I grabbed a few pieces of Dragon Fruit for root stock and went to town on grafting a whole heap of thich's onto unrooted cuttings. I wasn't expecting many to take and to my surprise I had a 80% success rate. I moved some perk grafts outside a few months ago and they seem to have stalled in there growth. They are in almost full sun 3/4 of the day. I have been thinking of putting together 2 polystyrene eskys (one on top of each other) and adding some translucent film that they use for hot houses (Both top and sides) . Would this be more beneficial to the dragon fruit grafts or the perk's? Or should i just keep them in full sun?
  2. Hi fellow SABers. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a positive name and id on this beauty? i bought this off ebay awhile back under the name of hulks dick. since pupping the main column is getting drained of its gearth. what can i do to help it bulk up again? I have been watering a bit more often than usual but the pups still seem to be draining the main body of its fatness. Before Now video-2016-11-20-09-06-05.mp4
  3. I'm heading away till the 5th of January. Do you think I will miss this flower or might it hang in there till i arrive home? This is my first Scop flower and i would love to do my own cross. Is their anyone out there who would like to trade pollen?
  4. my first scop flower opened last night i offered some pollen to someone and can't remember who. if the person comes forth i will post tomorrow. If not is there anyone who needs pollen now?
  5. Bruce

    Pineapple Sage. Mature plants

    sorry mate i only just noticed your reply. i have a few hundred if you would like some. ill do you an amazing price. pm me
  6. Pineapple Sage, . Up for offer are fully mature Salvia elegans. Items will be cut down to send through post. Huge root system for fast growth in spring. Some root structures have 2 main stems. Most have a LOT more. You should only need one or two plants this it is a fast, strong growing plant in almost any condition. The leaves are a great flavor to add to water. It is my favorite drink right now. Such a fresh subtle flavor. The flowers are a great garnish in salads and a new flavor for cocktails. Infusing honey with this flavor is outstanding. Rum seems to go well in a sweet, juice base refreshing cocktail. Pear juice, Pineapple Sage infused water and your choice of spirit. SO FRESH !!! oh and add a hand full of flowers to make it look pretty. The flowers are beautiful butterfly attractant and the smell.... Well it's called pineapple Sage for a reason. Just walk by it and you will know why. Reports say growing near tomato's adds flavor to you red lovely's. However growing near mint will affect the mints smell and flavor. I don't know myself, so I would love to hear back on peoples experiences who KNOW or who buy from me. A great plant for only $25 delivered to your door. $50 for 4. Remember this is a mature plant, so it will shoot MANY new main stems and be a large plant in no time. I am open to offers of trade.
  7. Hey mate, it looks like i have a scop flowering in about a week i can cold store it for you if you would like.
  8. Thanks Zelly. I think i maybe here for that, crossfingers. So if anyone out there with flowers, contact me please.
  9. Bruce

    eBay/Gumtree finds

  10. Bruce

    OSP Pach Comp giveaway

    Got to be the 11 of Dec. Cross fingers
  11. Anyone interested in a cutting or two? Both Scop and Pach are from very old plants grown in the opal feilds. I have some heavily scale damaged pieces of scope that I think i have killed all pest but I would suggest keeping in quarantine till you see healthy new growth(and no scale creeping up). I also have some not so heavily scale damaged pieces and some in really good condition. The pach is good and fat with some damage from branches rubbing on it. Some pieces in great nic. All lengths at least 3 foot long. I can cut to order. I would be interested in trade as well.
  12. Trade for a few Loph seeds
  13. Bruce

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Here is a few pics of some of my favorite thing in my garden today.
  14. First pic is of leaf miner damage. The second pic is the one in question. It looks healthy growing. Is it varigated?
  15. Bruce

    Rosie #2 freak out

    Ok i have either mislabeled this beauty or i got the wrong info. So now i am looking a cutting or rooted plant of Rosie #2. Anyone interested in trade for some nice fat scop? Alternatively I'm ok with a cash payment.
  16. Bruce

    Rosie #2 freak out

    Has anyone else got a Rosie #2 freaking out?
  17. All sold bar 2 pieces of scop and 1 piece of pach. Drop me a pm if your interested .
  18. I checked with the postie and its 21$ for a 1 foot of pach and for a 3+ foot log would be 43$ for the scop. thats from here to Melbourn. the scop log is over 10kg
  19. is it better to sell by a foot cutting or by a 3+ foot log?
  20. Bruce

    Rosie #2 freak out

    I have watched this vid SSSSoooooo many times. I'm not surprised it was a member here who made such an informative video. Big thanks who made it. Looks like I have a few weeks to wait to graft. I have been doing grafts with a lot shorter root stock and some without roots at all. Should i be more patient and not slice up a tall perri?
  21. Bruce

    Grafting stock giveaway

    cross fingers. Lucky no. 11
  22. Bruce

    Rosie #2 freak out

    Change. At what age is it good to graft unusual seedlings? I have 2 seedlings that look red in a lot of SG OP Trich mix. Kindly given to me from Olive. They are now two ish weeks old.
  23. Bruce

    Rosie #2 freak out

    Bugger. I think I got this as a freebie from a reputable breeder/ grower. I think he is a member here. I was a bit concerned over the bridgesii looking spines. Any idea on what bridgesii it could be or is it a bit too soon to tell? My Rosie #1 looks a lot different. sorry about bad picc.