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  1. Found this gal at a homewares store. The soil is full of wood chips. Will repot immediately. Could I get an ID please and help with what I think is scale? Peace.
  2. Dekeius

    Peresk Leaves getting Munched On

    tried a weak vinegar spray on the plants as I saw more little bugs. hopefully that wipes them out
  3. Dekeius

    Peresk Leaves getting Munched On

    I found the bugger!!! he went for a 10m sky dive. And no pets (unless you count my cactii) mountain goat.
  4. Dekeius

    Peresk Leaves getting Munched On

    thanks Change. I would love a green house but just don't have the space. Got a few germ boxes but nothing bigger. Maybe I could make something around the pot ive already got. Unfortunately aesthetics matter a lot to my girlfriend and housemate. was quite the battle to get the pots I wanted.
  5. I have some pereskiopsis living outside in a pot in the open. I live on the second floor (3rd for you yanks) of an apartment and have noticed something has had a munch at some leaves. Just wondering if anyone knows what might have done this and how to go about stopping it? I have little general gardening knowledge so any advice would be much appreciated. Need these guys strong and healthy to help support some trichs ill graft in a few weeks.
  6. Dekeius

    Time to Begin; Lageniformis x 'KK1688'

    These are my original sown seed. Quite proud of them. No lights, no heating, sown in Autumn. Very pleased. One of those guys there is a little smaller but also seems to have limited spines. Would love to see it keep growing without becoming real spiny. I have a tiny little lophophora williamsii about 3mm in diameter. I'm rather nervous about him. its the only loph I've got to germinate out of 10 seeds or so. will try grafting a trich or two in the coming weeks.
  7. Dekeius

    Time to Begin; Lageniformis x 'KK1688'

    Alls going well in my cactii Kingdom. got some beautiful seedlings and some not so. tried and failed at grafting and will try again with bigger scions. been to bunnings a few times to acquire some terracotta pots. All my guys are outside now and some still with glad wrap coverings. sun burn is still a problem and my holiday to the states was not welcome by my cactii. Lets go summer!!! Pics to come.
  8. Dekeius

    East Coast of Australia Weather

    Yeh people think they can beat the elements. As waterboy said all you can try and do is divert it away. On a more humourous note when i reached into a vending machine today to retrieve my peanuts the compartment where the purchases fall into was full of water. I guess flooding? That or rain is getting really wacky.
  9. Hope everyone on the east coast of Australia is doing alright this morning. Lot of destruction. Had to empty water out a few pots. Lost a few peresk leaves that were outdoors. Come on sun!!! Dekeius
  10. Dekeius

    Sowing seeds

    IME if uve got them outside you probably will end up giving them too much sun early on (they go red). I've found shade cloth or just an old rag over my germination box works. Enjoy.
  11. Dekeius

    Time to Begin; Lageniformis x 'KK1688'

    One graft failed and some idiot bumped another off so I did a bit of surgery and then decided to sow all the remaining seed I had. I now have trichs and lophs in a variety of organic and no organic soils. Got some lophs sown but none germinated. I've also tried a technique i found on the forums to get pereskiopsis to root in just a glass of water by a window. Got 2 of my seed trays indoors. With this amount of experimentation I'll get some success hopefully.
  12. Dekeius

    Time to Begin; Lageniformis x 'KK1688'

    Update. Grafted 5 of my trichs and sowed some loph seeds. Seeds and pereskiopsis courtesy of a member Currently don't have any plastic for humidity or weights on the scion. Have them out of the sun though. The trichs were small and juicy. Will wait to see if the grafts take. Only question for now is what will happen to the base of the trichs i took to make my scions. Any chance they live?
  13. Dekeius

    Trich Seedlings Need Shade. But how?

    A simple tshirt seemed to work. Some (probably not fully covered by tshirt or maybe receiving more radiation facing outwards) are still a little red. The green ones are certainly looking plumper.
  14. Dekeius

    Trich Seedlings Need Shade. But how?

    Thanks everyone. Karl Marx i am planning to graft but not every seedling so need a parallel plan. Will probably try a few things and see if anything changes.
  15. Got some trich seedlings which are nearly 3 weeks old. They were doing fine with just the plastic lid and were receiving sun protection from the soil mix and edges of germ box. However they are now a little red. So I have put a tshirt over them but fear this cuts out too much light. At the moment they get no direct sunlight but are outside. Unfortunately the image doesn't do the colour justice but they are red near the top especially. I was wondering about attaching a shade cloth directly to the top of the lid. Maybe starting with it doubled up. There is a lot of conflicting information on here about sunburnt trichs. Peace, Dekeius.