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  1. Hello beautiful people. My maestro is seeking large amount of mature caapi. If anyone has an established garden, preferably nsw please contact me. Thankyou kindly.
  2. Looking for Caapi and Chacruna, please pm me if you have large specimens, open to swapping, have a lot to offer.. Happy to pay also. Gracias.
  3. Hey all, i have some grafted lophs i was thinking of selling as I have an excess... But thought before i do id maybe see what people had to trade... Keep the greasy money out of the situation to start with Have some smaller grafts and up to about a closed fist size clusters... All grafted onto active trichs, pach and bridg. Open to offers of interest... I have a reasonable garden so im not after anything common really... But flick me a message if you're interested, i do alot if work with plants across the spectrum, and if you happen to be a musician I'm open to swaps for music gear also Excuse the grainy quality, I had to reduce the picture quality to upload. Can send better quality pics through other means if your interested and specific size/value your keen on. Pm me for details/discussion. Cheers guys.
  4. Ajnadurga

    Anything to trade/Sell

    I am also late but interested in trades if theres any going wooo :D
  5. Ajnadurga

    Wanted to buy Nicotiana species

    I have got seeds and plants of rustica if anyone wants to trade...quite easy to propagate from cuttings
  6. Ajnadurga

    my new ethno garden

    This is amazing, they look great, thanks for the update, so awesome to see...nice work
  7. Ajnadurga

    Rape’ and Sananga importation

    Neither are illegal, I had close friends bring alot through customs from South America... God what a story.... They wanted to spray everything with fly spray and just so dumbfounded by rahpe and sanaga and any medicines in general lol... But weight for Rahpe is an issue.... And customs are just dumb and seize stuff that confuses them.... I know of many who get both through fine no hassles and others who have had it seized and get the letter saying they have the choice to contest it or it gets destroyed... Usually the sellers try to resolve any issues with customs... Such as katukina.com they state that they have cleared it up with customs... But you never know... Its your money down the drain if customs pull that card on you.... Even rahpe in my understanding starts to lose its kick after a year give or take... Good to find a seller that's making it fresh... Better to know someone who brings it over fresh from the natives Good luck.
  8. Ajnadurga

    Mosiac virus (TMV) Awareness, solutions.

    I think the panic and paranoia is totally understandable and reasonable considering entire collections are possibly at risk and years of nurturing and care put into gardens only for someone un-educated, unaware or just completely ignorant of the virus to spread it and do irreversible damage to peoples sacred gardens. Hell i know people with it in their gardens who choose to leave it there and continue to sell to others while these infected cacti are in the same and close proximity. One person and i quote said" this cactus can make me a lot of money, i'm not getting rid of it". I also saw the virus in a cacti nursery not to far from where i live, 20mins away, who has had trade relations with the person i just quoted...coincidence? In total i know of 3 large collections just in my local area that have it present, two of which don't seem to care and continue to sell, the nursery im not sure if they are aware of it. I think ignorance and profit/greed based at that is one of the most atrocious attitudes towards the cacti and ethnobotanical community, choosing to turn the other cheek at the potential risk of infecting and destroying peoples beloved collections and gardens. If they are aware they have the virus and not taking measures to contain it. People with it in their gardens that sell definitely aren't going to state so unfortunately dude, because that means they might lose $$$ and that's top priority for those types of people, they dont care about your garden. I was given specimens with the virus a few years ago and its constantly now in the back of my mind in regards to my garden. The best approach i could offer you Messiah is to just separate like you have done and monitor and be bloody careful who you source from and any tools and utensils you use, get into a good habit of sterilizing and keeping clean knives etc. Here are some of the pics i've had that were given to me and shrugged of as nothing to worry about when i had no idea about the risks of the virus. When this is the possible potential, i think most people will panic if they see signs of it. From what i've seen this doesn't look like sunburn, i've had severe sunburn, nor cold, nor insect, pretty certain i've got an eye for TMV now especially seeing it in peoples gardens progress.
  9. Ajnadurga

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    If you want to gain the favor of the spirit and its blessings then you follow the guidelines of those who have walked before us and gained the favor of the spirit. If you wanna use it for recreational use and hedonistic use and disregard that then well....that is the relationship your choosing to create. Personally ill trust the natives that learned to make Aya in their f'n dreams out of all the plants available to them, from respecting Mapacho and the plants, listening and revering them. Anyone who wants to disregard that feat of interaction with spirit well be my guest. But hey..If you think its right... lol
  10. Ajnadurga

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    If you had sat with the natives and worked with mothera and rahpe' together made and used by them in the correct manner and the use of mapacho in the respectful way then you wouldn't even question it you would simply be humbled. And id say you would have a reverence for it enough so to not misuse it for getting high. But go ahead, enlighten us on which cultural uses are more predominant and effective than the amazonian tribes and have the same healing, expanding and cleansing potentials?
  11. Ajnadurga

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    If your going to all that effort you may aswell just buy some Rahpe' and a Kuripe at the same time and support the natives like the Katukina and the Yawanawa and get some sacred medicine thats been done in the correct way and prepared in a traditional manner. You will never make Rahpe' anywhere close to how they're doing it, not with bi carb and Mapacho lol its almost disrespectful, not even with Parika ash and Mapacho, its just not the same.... Inhaling Mapacho is warned agaisnt, Rahpe' is a purgative your not meant to swallow it. Its sacred. Smoking it for fun is like doin aya for fun....if thats your thing then cool whatever but you should ask yourself if you think its right. Get it from the people who have the strongest relationship with it and you will understand. Its like comparing Daime aya to just some basic brew you have whipped up.... theres not much comparison. Just my two cents anyways. Shouldn't half ass it when it comes to spirit lol. Commit.
  12. Posting for a friend here, this is their loph family that's looking a bit depressed, at first glance I thought the soil looks all wrong, suffocating and not very aerated, but I said to them id ask here before re-potting to get the best advice and approach for a remedy as they don't want to make the wrong decision. I haven't seen it in person. yet. To get a better look, maybe this week. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  13. Ajnadurga

    Not so happy loph - Advice please.

    Thanks EG yeah I thought the same, i'm actually amazed its gotten as far as it has in that soil. Do you think bare rooting would be the best step to take while they source a mineral base? or just leave it without any watering until they are ready to re-pot? Thanks man. I've got a few seed grown in scoria and sand/pebbles but they're alot smaller, i've never dealt with anything of this size. Cheers.
  14. Ajnadurga

    Hi everyone :) new here.

    Welcome man
  15. Ajnadurga

    Where do people sell second hand vape gear in Australia?

    I have and used the same unit for years, its decent rig with good temp control ranges along with being all glass except the bag and whip and you can make some pretty good oil from the decarbed material too. Great bang for buck.
  16. Ajnadurga

    Cacao Therapy for The Ill - South Australia

    Hey, How is the Cacao healing going? Ive been taking part in and more recently facilitating Ceremonial Raw Cacao over the last 2 years and have come across some truly amazing one of a kind Raw Cacao if you are interested? The woman that introduced me too it has tried cacao from all over the world and never come across one as magical as this one and also very beautifully harvested and entwined with supporting and caring for the local community in South America... Flick me a PM, Im in the Adelaide hills and work with Vibrational healing/Cacao... would love to meet more people in the Ceremonial Cacao scene and intent :)
  17. Ajnadurga

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Ive still had no reply from noshiewa :/
  18. Ajnadurga

    New Music

    Nice project That didge sample sounds very similar to The Witcher 3 soundtrack didge hahaha. Hey what software are you running for production?
  19. Ajnadurga

    Looking for pine seeds

    Well in the meantime i shall investigate this haha, I am in there everyday, ill let you know if i prevail
  20. Ajnadurga

    Looking for pine seeds

    Yeah let me know if nothing turns up, i don't think its that hard...i'm not sure they even need heating, like just grab one beginning to open and force it and grab the seed haha... like i said it really never crossed my mind until now to actually harvest seed from them haha
  21. Ajnadurga

    Looking for pine seeds

    I live right next to a pine forest....If you don't have any luck I could heat extract some from some fresh closed cones....the thought never actually crossed my mind in the 20 something years Ive lived here haha They're radiata's tho... depends what your hoping for
  22. Ajnadurga

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Ill take that if its still on offer @noshiewa and revive this thread a tad. I have to offer: 1 x Adelaide macrogonus 18cm seedling. Approx 30 x SG Cuzco seed. Nicotiana tabacum seed. 20 x A. Maidenii seed. Mixed poppies seed.
  23. Ajnadurga

    2018 Winter shroom pilgrimage.

    Hi all.... like many of you im sure, I journey to some very beautiful and magic spots throughout the winter and get some great pics every year, so I thought I would share some with the community this year and at the same time make a commitment to brush up on my mycology and become a little more familiar with the folk im seeing during my travels with a little help from you all of course Ive been using the big ol web for identification to this point... but I intend on purchasing a book to take out field with me... I thought id ask for some suggestions for good Australian Id handbooks you guys are fond of before i go picking one up... would be greatly appreciated The season has been off to a slightly slower start than last but I managed to get some nice shots for the first short trek of the season.... all pine today but will be out in the native flora soon enough Im yet to do any deep work with the Amanita but I admire their vibrant nature and deep history... Gymnopolus. I have no idea what these are but they are huge.. haha. Mycena Genus? Armillaria? Not sure Some funky friends Chloropyllum? someone told me these are edible? Galerinas? Any help and advice on a good handbook would be appreciated... Cheers! ~Blessings.
  24. Ajnadurga

    2018 Winter shroom pilgrimage.

    Thank you lindsay Quite a delay at my end, apologies, I had been incognito for some time due to some ripples among the community here over the winter....I will most definitely employ your aid over the next season when i'm back out there, sharper than ever Thanks again, very handy indeed. Cheers.