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  1. Ajnadurga

    Cacao Therapy for The Ill - South Australia

    Hey, How is the Cacao healing going? Ive been taking part in and more recently facilitating Ceremonial Raw Cacao over the last 2 years and have come across some truly amazing one of a kind Raw Cacao if you are interested? The woman that introduced me too it has tried cacao from all over the world and never come across one as magical as this one and also very beautifully harvested and entwined with supporting and caring for the local community in South America... Flick me a PM, Im in the Adelaide hills and work with Vibrational healing/Cacao... would love to meet more people in the Ceremonial Cacao scene and intent :)
  2. Ajnadurga

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Ive still had no reply from noshiewa :/
  3. Ajnadurga

    New Music

    Nice project That didge sample sounds very similar to The Witcher 3 soundtrack didge hahaha. Hey what software are you running for production?
  4. Ajnadurga

    Looking for pine seeds

    Well in the meantime i shall investigate this haha, I am in there everyday, ill let you know if i prevail
  5. Ajnadurga

    Looking for pine seeds

    Yeah let me know if nothing turns up, i don't think its that hard...i'm not sure they even need heating, like just grab one beginning to open and force it and grab the seed haha... like i said it really never crossed my mind until now to actually harvest seed from them haha
  6. Ajnadurga

    Looking for pine seeds

    I live right next to a pine forest....If you don't have any luck I could heat extract some from some fresh closed cones....the thought never actually crossed my mind in the 20 something years Ive lived here haha They're radiata's tho... depends what your hoping for
  7. Ajnadurga

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Ill take that if its still on offer @noshiewa and revive this thread a tad. I have to offer: 1 x Adelaide macrogonus 18cm seedling. Approx 30 x SG Cuzco seed. Nicotiana tabacum seed. 20 x A. Maidenii seed. Mixed poppies seed.
  8. Ajnadurga

    2018 Winter shroom pilgrimage.

    Thank you lindsay Quite a delay at my end, apologies, I had been incognito for some time due to some ripples among the community here over the winter....I will most definitely employ your aid over the next season when i'm back out there, sharper than ever Thanks again, very handy indeed. Cheers.
  9. Unconditional Love Plant medicines surely can become a reciprocal cycle and process.... more often than not in my experience due to the self not getting the message or learning the lesson... Eat clean, do the meditations yes but ceremony is of utmost importance imo.... if your not clearly asking for healing and progression then you'll go around and around until you find your voice.... or meditate endlessly on an ideology or intention without it ever coming to fruition.... Healing from the plant teachers must be asked for, respected, revered and honored.... in my experience and bearing witness to the journeys of my fellow brothers and sisters .... if these are not taken into consideration it will potentially become a maddening loop of uncertainty... When the two eyes become one, you will say to the mountain move and it shall move. But it has to be seen and it has to be said Satnam.
  10. Ajnadurga

    Psilocybe and Xochipilli

    Wow, cosmic to stumble onto this...I only briefly read over this discussion but thought I might add something as Xochipilli has been in my awareness of late, I have a mural on my wall with the prince surrounded by some of the plants listed above but also noticeably mushrooms at his feet... I came across Xochipilli doing some research on Aztec an Mayan use of sacred Cacao, I don't quite remember exactly where, I was doing a lot of quick information gathering/browsing but the prince was strongly linked with Ixcacao and the Mayans and Aztecs strongly linked the two together...Cacao and Psilocybin ...Mexicana? Aztecorum? Anyways...Maybe look deeper into Cacao use and there may be some link tucked away in there somewhere.... Also if you guys aren't on board with the ceremonial cacao I would strongly recommend it ;D Beautiful medicine.
  11. Ajnadurga

    2018 Winter shroom pilgrimage.

    Hi TheMooseZeus, thanks according to the BOM in the area I visited there was approx 8mm over the last week still very dry out though.... we need some big showers to really soak everything... soon enough haha... cheers.
  12. Ajnadurga

    2018 Winter shroom pilgrimage.

    Hi all.... like many of you im sure, I journey to some very beautiful and magic spots throughout the winter and get some great pics every year, so I thought I would share some with the community this year and at the same time make a commitment to brush up on my mycology and become a little more familiar with the folk im seeing during my travels with a little help from you all of course Ive been using the big ol web for identification to this point... but I intend on purchasing a book to take out field with me... I thought id ask for some suggestions for good Australian Id handbooks you guys are fond of before i go picking one up... would be greatly appreciated The season has been off to a slightly slower start than last but I managed to get some nice shots for the first short trek of the season.... all pine today but will be out in the native flora soon enough Im yet to do any deep work with the Amanita but I admire their vibrant nature and deep history... Gymnopolus. I have no idea what these are but they are huge.. haha. Mycena Genus? Armillaria? Not sure Some funky friends Chloropyllum? someone told me these are edible? Galerinas? Any help and advice on a good handbook would be appreciated... Cheers! ~Blessings.
  13. Ajnadurga

    Ephedra Sinica (Ma-Huang)

    Looking for a reasonably established plant, will however settle for seedlings, haven't had much luck with germination, have one ephedra in the garden already but cant for the life of me identify it accurately..... PM me if anyone can help a brother out Cheers
  14. This is a great example of how times are changing... new traditions incorporating the old and respecting its history while still meeting the needs of new comers like us westerners... great clip