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  1. Heliamphora

    zed240's hybrids thread

    Yowie x BBs scop
  2. Heliamphora

    Server cost bulk auction SA

    awesome stuff i couldn't quite compete with spooge, but here's my little contribution to this great forum. Thanks micromegas. I'll shoot you a pm, as I'd love to add super pedro to my collection. thanks again
  3. Heliamphora

    Server cost bulk auction SA

    Good stuff micromegas ive got bugger all in the way of nice cactus to offer, I'm afraid, but I'll Bid $200 towards costs. cheers
  4. Heliamphora

    OP tricho seed give away

    All gone thanks guys
  5. Heliamphora

    OP tricho seed give away

    Cheers guys. look foreword to become Ming more active on here. Here are some pics of seed that has germinated have one more pack to give away
  6. Heliamphora

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    First graft I attempted. Two months growth caespitosa on spachianus stock
  7. Heliamphora

    OP tricho seed give away

    Hello all I am new to the forum and thought I would start things off by offering some open pollinated tricho seeds to people. I have open open pollinated seed from T. Werdermannianus, and T. schickendantzii, collected with permission from plants at the Adelaide botanic garden. I believe both these species names are no longer valid. I have five five packs of each I will send out for free. Pm me for details cheers.