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  1. Zyppel

    ID help please?

    I have one very similar to this, based off my searches (please see below link) I have concluded it is either a pachycereus/lophocereus schottii? http://www.llifle.com/Encyclopedia/CACTI/Family/Cactaceae/8344/Lophocereus_schottii See first and last picture. Your's however is slightly different.
  2. Zyppel

    The future of tricho breeding in Australia

    From another point of view completely, I don't see what all the fuss is about truthfully - I do not love or go crazy over Trichocereus and I do own quite a few crosses which most people will never have access to obtaining seed or cuts of. However having said that I know they're mostly tough (from cold), easy to grow (grow in dirt just fine), grow fast (compared to other sorts e.g Eulychnia & Lophocereus) but I personally do not see what the big deal is. My bookface account is a member of a page within an Australian tricho page and day after day post after post of the same mundane boring PC or hybrid which is not so great (to me anyway) and people eye them off like gold such as this 'landfill' cut.. for $100 + you can buy lovely plants such as Pilosocereus Magnificanus, Lophocereus Schotti Monstrose, Pilosocereus Bradeii, Carnigea Gigantia, Stenocereus stellatus etc. etc. for half the cost or less.. No big deal......... *End of rant* Agreeing with the top post however, I have noticed with other columnar cacti the prices are decreasing as availability is becoming more readily accessible as more collectors and growers acquire cuts. A good example of this is the Cereus Forbesii Spiralis, which is starting to circulate among people in the know and prices are steadily dropping (not talking eBay here). A point I like to make to friends and people as I have been mentored by an elder collector who is an expert with Cacti and Succulents - collect the original's such as Robert Fields specimens, these have actual history and worth dating back to the 1920's or true species from South America, Chile etc grow them from seed and enjoy them, plenty of online trusted vendors to acquire seed of lovely plants from. Albeit I must admit Zelly's pink/orange flowering specimens are in a league of their own! Fantastic stuff, truly. Hopefully with the widespread growing, people will be able to acquire the bigger stuff a lot easier and cheaper as I don't know a single person who does not like a large Terscheckii or big old San Pedro.
  3. Well I have ONLY A FEW plants in literally dirt (from garden) and theyre alot harder to grow than trichocereus and they dont 'die or rot'. Infact I have a few gymnocalicium's and pilosocereus in plain old dirt..... yes when it rains heavy they are soggy but they've been in there for years like that and grow fine, I do find that plain soil (loam or dirt whatever you call it) holds nutrients better than some bunnings potting mix (mostly bark?) with some perlite. Having said that I am no expert but all of my Astrophytums and ariocarpus are in a super free draining mix of perlite, stone, sand etc. It is interesting though because I would deem my climate (Victoria) as somewhat fkn cold! *Edit* I only use plastic pots too no terra, I drill bigger holes in bottoms.
  4. Zyppel

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    Received earlier this week, huge thanks to Master B for throwing in some extras and again what a wonderful forum. Generosity is what makes it a special place to be part of and I look forward to returning the favor in the near future to come.
  5. Zyppel

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Reverse cross pascana x something maybe it was spach (will have to check id tag). Ive seen them grow pretty big!
  6. Zyppel

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    Chaotic! Awesome work Master B! Much appreciated, congrats to all. Thanks again!
  7. Zyppel

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    Awesome stuff, number 6 please
  8. Thats great to see how a cutting has matured into a lovely branched out clump you've got there Micromegas, lovely cacti.
  9. Zyppel

    Free Peres

    Hi Terrapin you wouldn't happen to have any left overs? I am after a few pere's for grafting stock! Happy to pay for postage.
  10. Zyppel

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    I haven't done this first hand but personally know people who import various plants (caput medusae, uebelmannia's and other varigates etc. and they say its roughly $50 quarantine fee per plant - I have not personally asked or aspired to yet do this as there are plenty of lovely species within Australia and tissue culture is basically an exact science and makes masses of one partial plant into 100's or 1000's and will be my chosen avenue. Sorry I cant help further
  11. Zyppel

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Succulent-Haworthia-Maughanii-Variegated-Growing-From-Seed/302351457021?_trksid=p2047675.c100012.m1985&_trkparms=aid%3D777003%26algo%3DDISCL.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140107090229%26meid%3De2a83c69c2be458a8bc7f42f27fedcce%26pid%3D100012%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D162539772083 Aahhahahaha I hope it's no one from here going for this... you can import them from various places around the world and pay a $50 customs fee to get them here for a third of that easily, if it is goodluck to you! weeks wage almost for 2/3 of Australia right there.
  12. Zyppel

    Post a random CACTI picture thread

    Agave Burnt Burgundry (A. Victoria reginae x A. Pelona cross) which is a 2011 cross by an American Greg Starr. This is currently being multiplied in the masses but quite still limited numbers.. should see these become more common in the years to come. They look stunning once they reach 2feet in size!
  13. Zyppel

    Building a cactus house

    Check out the bunnings ones mate theyre not that expensive as you may think, https://www.bunnings.com.au/maze-victory-greenhouse_p3321150 - $3000 but decent, https://www.bunnings.com.au/maze-8-x-12ft-greenhouse_p3320980 - $1700 but decent size https://www.bunnings.com.au/maze-6-x-10-greenhouse_p3320750 - I plan on getting one of these later this year (based off the price) Otherwise just check out google and try to find a wholesaler or supplier to bunnings ect, if you want a custom thing then yeah you'll be up for abit I guess it all depends on how many or the size of your cacti & succulents. *EDIT* Just some advice from experience but if you intend on making something custom youll need a real plan, drawing ect for custom shelving and access ect ect and things like glass or polycarbonate roofing is $$$ and with the experience of a 3rd year you'll wanna make sure he can hang doors, pitch rafters ect.. Just a heads up of what to expect!
  14. 15 years old approx on that variegated astro. The little astros we have a few of take ages to grow and like any living thing requires food & water to grow. You have to be careful with them though because rott can and will take astro's at any given moment for no reason . We are very cautious of waterings (have a few hundred myrio's) and you do lose a few here and there due to waterings but it's worth it when you see them growing :).
  15. Dear fozzking it is a varigated cultivar Astrophytum ornatum to my best knowledge, alot of time and effort to get those colours and size.