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  1. ph7

    Mimosa pudica seed

    Thanks anyway mate!
  2. ph7

    Mimosa pudica seed

    Looking for seed, any amount - trade or $ Cheers
  3. ph7


    Nice one man. Frosty Pink?
  4. Mine arrived today, thanks again mate.
  5. ph7

    [Closed] Yopo Seed

    Hey mate, I'm alright for the moment but thanks.
  6. ph7

    HBWR Vine has taken over

    Yeah awesome plant. No, I just sow as is but soaking in water for a few hours or until they swell can speed up germination. I have volunteer plants coming up from last year so they are viable all year in the ground. Cheers
  7. ph7

    HBWR Vine has taken over

    Haha, yeah well worth it. Mine is actually probs 3m telescopic type from Aldi. Good for cutting vines and banana leaves etc. My plant flowered in the 3rd year from seed but not many flowers. Hoping this year will be better! Definitely likes hot weather. You may have more luck with Rivea corymbosa - heaps of flowers on that I got seed, if you want some lemme know. Cheers
  8. ph7

    Current spore availability!

    Update: Got a reply after emailing the PayPal email address. Also coincidentally got the package an hour before the reply. Looks good, time will tell - when I find my microscope. Not the best overall experience but hopefully got what I wanted. Cheers!
  9. ph7

    Current spore availability!

    Thanks mate, will post here with any further developments.
  10. ph7

    Current spore availability!

    Anyone had contact with Misko in the last week? Hate doing this but, out of concern for this great little community, I would recommend not doing any deals until my package has been received. It is overdue and I have waited five days for a tracking number - or any sort of response from Misko. I really hope all is well, and there is a plausible explanation. Cheers
  11. ph7

    HBWR Vine has taken over

    Welcome back Mine did the same thing last year. I pruned with really long (2m?) pruner then pulled some vines down, and re-positioned them. Very tough, I was swinging on them :p One plant I cut right back to the main chunky stem, just leaving a couple of green shoots. This year it has regrown like crazy. Good luck!
  12. Nice one Flux. I would love some and will be happy to keep the tradition going! Cheers
  13. ph7

    Smoking Acacia fimbriata

    He mentions smoking baileyana for that effect, don't remember fimbriata. I haven't tried it but have some plants growing :p
  14. ph7

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Sweet. Yeah today I planted Acacia...baileyana, podalyriifolia, confusa. Also some rustica, P. carth and alba too, thanks to SAB people Any dwarf fruit for your climate is a winner if space is limited. Definitely recommend dwarf mulberry and dwarf bananas! Cheers
  15. ph7

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Well I started early since it has been so mild in QLD. Sowed/planted out some ethnos and edibles: Heavenly blue morning glory Heliotrope cherry pie Marigold anise Mimosa pudica Purple hyacinth beans Dwarf pineapple Dwarf red mulberry Atherton raspberry Naranjilla Sweet sandpaper fig 20+ Tricho hybrids Mexican tarragon Sugar dragon (dragonfruit) Lots more to come over the next few weeks, will try to get some pics! Cheers