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  1. ph7

    advice needed please

    Apparently DE needs to be on the surface of the soil to act as a deterrent to snails/slugs. You can also top dress with coarse river sand. Also for most insects I use neem oil, about 1 TBSP diluted into a 9L watering can. I rub the leaves (or use a soft brush for cacti) while showering the plants, then pour the rest into the soil around the plant to treat the roots. For infestations I do this twice a week, until it clears. Works for me against scale which is my only real pest. Cheers
  2. ph7

    Noob's cacti

    Amazing bro! I really think you should start planting some privacy screening around the borders. Maybe some Acacia or Brugs, or a passion fruit vine on a trellis
  3. ph7

    Wanted: Opuntia prickly pear

    Really just looking for a known good fruiting variety. I plan on using the fruit and pads for food. If anyone has a good one for sale or trade please send me a PM. Cheers
  4. Yes, I have pondered these questions many times. Some of it I think is simply a cultural difference. A great example, which is more controversial, is the Japanese hunting of whales for meat. It seems to anger even those who eat most other meats. But is factory farming cows or shipping live lambs to the Middle East better or worse than hunting whales? To me, it's the same. I wonder how many people one whale would feed? :p There is logic in killing less to feed more but I think it is more utilitarian/economical use of resources rather than an ethical difference. Its a tough one!
  5. ph7

    Free Psychotria alba seeds

    I'd be keen mate PM'd
  6. ph7


    Looking for 'Dwarf Pink n Green' and 'Peaches n Cream' Cuttings or rooted. Trade or $ Cheers
  7. ph7

    N.rustica seeds giveaway

    Got my seeds today, very nice. Thanks mate
  8. ph7

    Yopo Seed

    Hoping someone has some Yopo seed available, for cash or trade. Cheers
  9. ph7

    N.rustica seeds giveaway

    Hey mate, I would love some too. PM'd Cheers!
  10. ph7

    Free P.carthagenensis

    Hey Katu, I'd love some if still available! Cheers
  11. ph7

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Yeah I should be able to make the 25th
  12. ph7

    Noob's cacti

    You're building a very nice collection mate! Also very neat and tidy in the garden, those square pots look good.
  13. ph7

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I'd be keen if this is still happening
  14. ph7

    2019 Andes Eclipse Festival

    Mate, this looks amazing. Would love to be there.
  15. ph7

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Yeah I went out yesterday and found some very promising places. Found several Pans but they appeared to be inactive, black spores but no bruising at all Definitely need to get down close to the ground! I will try the same area again when it is less busy :p