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  1. sagiXsagi

    Amanita muscaria ULTIMATE super-duper thread

    of course a week passed, and its not ready, I havent ever created a pdf from scratch , if you believe it, I didnt even have Word on my computer. as a reward for those that really believed me in that it was going to be ready in a week, here's a teaser
  2. whow what a thread (that I hadnt seen in the past) .. as always, amazing ambitious project , well done spooge.
  3. sagiXsagi

    Acacia acuminata seedlings stalling

    Consistent to what Gimli is saying, I managed to get my first seed grown acuminatas grow normally to pubescens (now ~ 1 year old) only when I transplanted the newly sprouted seedlings to very big pots relatively , 4~5 liters, and leaving them exposed on winter and to full sunlight, except from the very hot part of summer when I put them in part shade because they were drying too fast and I was afraid they will dry up if a forget them couple days. I did not use mycorhiza's.
  4. Very nice retrospective video! Thanks for sharing! For those of us that are not in australia, it would be cool to describe the particularity/uniqueness of Tasmanian climate as opposed to australian climate, to understand better why you point this out. Indicative lowest temps and description of the cold season there would also be helpful to form a better picture. Also of some use and definately interesting would be to have some small descriptions of the habitat / climate where major species naturally occur, for those of us that are not familiar with australian climate
  5. sagiXsagi

    Acacia burkittii germination

    sanding/filing the seeds a must for me. Snu mentions burkittii as a ssp of acuminata btw
  6. sagiXsagi

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    The other day I planted ~ 1 year old ~ Acacia acuminata plantlets (normal + narrow) and a couple other things in the ground. Fingers croseed. Today I am preparing a GA3 solution for sowing several things, like more Acacia sp, Mandragora sp (I have seeds from all species this year), Hyoscyamus, and some old Ephedra sp. I will also try petalostylis cassioides which I was recently sent. I guess I will treat them as Acacias as the seed is really like an acacia
  7. sagiXsagi

    Welwitschia mirabilis for sale

    This thread needs to go up. Does anyone know any viable seed seller for reasonable prices?? I am also looking for Gnetum sp.
  8. sagiXsagi

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    Hello. This is not from your seed, but at last I have some seedlings grown from seed from ferret, many years ago. Running out of space in my roof , wanting to plant more seed of Acacia after my success with this species and actually wanting to plant those in the ground made me plant all 4 plantlets I created (both narrow and broad variety) in the ground in 900 m altitude, risking it might get too cold for them as I consider them warm-loving plants. Just today I read that its particularly cold hardy.. I would like to ask, up to what temperature?
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  10. sagiXsagi

    Amanita muscaria ULTIMATE super-duper thread

    Nah , this dude doesnt seem to know much about muscaria. I have done another final revision of my article on muscaria and I hope I will be able to release the ver1 of it within a week.
  11. sagiXsagi

    Petalostylis sp.

    bump... any growing experience in 2019? seeds seem identical with Acacia sp. so I guess similar to Acacia treatment is one idea
  12. sagiXsagi

    Desmanthus Leptolobus on the balcony

    I only succeeded with acacia (acuminata) when I repoted the very young seedlings to big pots, full sun and then left them for the duration of winter there .. sometime in the summer they exploded with growth.. maybe desmanthus also need lots of root space when young...
  13. sagiXsagi

    Cloning with Aloe Vera gel

    thats interesting, never heard of it
  14. sagiXsagi

    HBWR Vine has taken over

    Impressive. A couple pictures would be cool... Rivea seed are also helped with filing (scarifying) . I havent sowed for long time. I miss my Argyreia. My Argyreia flowered at 18 months from sowing.. And after a while it was strangled by turbina.. Turbina for 2 years was producing tons of buds, but it was mid winter so it never opened them all dropped. Then mysteriously, Tubrina died. It has some 7cm wide trink at the base. Ι have some theories why it died, but its all theory