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  1. And thankyou to AM for offering such a prize
  2. Dozer

    T. Thelogonus X E. Seminudus

  3. Dozer

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    I will also throw in some Psychotria Carthayenensis seeds, ~8 mimosa hostilis seeds and two samples of rustica and something toast snuff ( half the label was rubbed off the toast sample ) Keep this going!! Edit* Plenty of different chilli seeds from mild to butt burners if wanted
  4. Hey everyone, been a while since I have been active here, and as it's tax season so I would like to spoil myself! So as the tittle says, I'm looking to purchase cuttings of Sausage and or Norma, or anything almost to be honest. Please let me know if you can help me out!
  5. Dozer

    Echinocactus grusonii seed giveaway

    I would love to give this a go if I can! What ever I have excess of, I will of course pass on. Very generous! -Edit- Excess of seedlings
  6. Dozer

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I recently moved to Brisbane, most of my collection still in NSW so will have very little to offer. That is of course if i can join this secret society.
  7. Dozer

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    Received a while ago , very generous! One of the peres already has something grafted to it?! And more seeds then you can poke a stick at. Thankyou
  8. Dozer

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    You're the greatest! I only just seen this as I alamoat forgot, work has been crazy. PM on its way
  9. Dozer

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    Sounds exciting! I'm number 13, good luck everyone
  10. Dozer

    Golden teacher prints wanted

    Sorry guys, spoken for by mr. B
  11. Dozer

    Golden teacher prints wanted

    How about we wait for Mr. B, hold your horses haha
  12. Dozer

    Golden teacher prints wanted

    I can help out if you want._ Are they even worth anything?
  13. Dozer

    One GT print for trade

    Just pm me an offer, no one has offered anything as yet.