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  1. miss-meander88

    Piper Auritum for Bris Trade:)

    Hello! I am so sorry for the late reply, I got lost in a black hole of uni assessments Boll; I still have it if you're still interested, PM me groovedude; I also have a few offshoots that I may be able to repot soon, it seems to thrive quite well in Brisbane
  2. miss-meander88

    Piper Auritum for Bris Trade:)

    Oops, for some reason the pic uploaded is horizontal, apologies for that!
  3. miss-meander88

    Piper Auritum for Bris Trade:)

    Hello, I have a Piper Auritum that has gotten waay too big for me to continue to harbour as I already have the mother plant Beautiful scent and has been flowering nicely Way too big to post so wondering if anyone from bris might be interested in a trade
  4. miss-meander88

    Dam animals

    As an owner of 3 cats and 3 dogs, I can completely sympathise with this post, one of my cats gets in moods and goes out of his way to knock things off...my crystal table used to be another regular victim...its like the cats just HAD to sleep on it despite me constantly kicking them off! just casually flicking crystals off all over the place! Sometimes I could swear my lot do it for fun, a bit of a cause and effect game for them :/
  5. miss-meander88

    Mandrakes for trade :)

    Just letting anyone know who may still be interested that 3, 7 and 9 are all in new homes Am going to put them in their final resting place soon as they are in tubestock pots at the moment, so PM me if anyone else takes fancy in any of the remaining ones
  6. miss-meander88

    Mandrakes for trade :)

    Ooo I like photos that show progressions...I will have to check your posts out! Happy mandraking!
  7. miss-meander88

    Mandrakes for trade :)

    Hi SagiX I am super pleased my mandrake caring capabilities make you glad! The seeds you sent have brought me great joy! Yes I plan to do my best not to poke and prod them for the next few seasons, I am a touch like a small child with these guys! I just have to see what they are doing - when I see they are growing bigger I get super excited, tis quite sad I will definitely have to try the cactus tip - the photos on your thread of the fruit are just exquisite with their little veins like yellow and green rivers...super cool looking Yes I took them out for a photo but now they are in little pots until the trade is over and then I will carefully put them into bigger permanent homes I was unsure of how to post them so I just put them in a little bit of dirt, wrapped in brown paper then a bit of bubble wrap...probably overkill but I didn't want anyone to receive a mushed or dead one :/
  8. miss-meander88

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Yay I will endeavour to make sure I can come along
  9. miss-meander88

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Hey! I am pretty shy when meeting new people and pretty damn socially awkward in new situations What are these meets like? Postage is way too expensive these days and i have a few plants that need new homes Are you all friendly (i may or may not be )? I am trying to improve on my "avoid new situations" issue and i would love to meet some plant people and yes i have a giant piper auritum that needs to go somewhere!
  10. Just wanted to say it has been a hectic few days with arborists and uni stuff, if I haven't replied to the few inbox messages it's not because I am being a twat, I have just ended up with too much to do, too little time :)

  11. miss-meander88

    Mandrakes for trade :)

    They are awesome plants! Yes you don't see too many about nice to meet another mandrake enthusiast...the history and folklore surrounding them is just incredible!
  12. miss-meander88

    Mandrakes for trade :)

    Just letting anyone who still may be interested that Number 3 has also gone
  13. miss-meander88

    Mandrakes for trade :)

    Ok number 7 has gone Still waiting on selection from other members
  14. miss-meander88

    Mandrakes for trade :)

    Yay! Replies Endotheogen; you can have the giveaway , I will reply to your PM od101010; I had a go at some cactus seeds, they are sooo cute when they are little , I will PM you Matt1208; from memory I think we have had a few chats and you also were a recipient of my crafty stuffs (which I am getting back into, however this time will bake for longer and package better to ensure to breakages; it breaks my heart when my crafts don't arrive safely, I likely rushed things a little too much back then...but I will not make the same mistake again)...It was awhile ago so I will track back through my PMs and try to remember which great conversationalist you were thank you all for the replies I will get onto this further this arvo, am just about to pack up camp and head to the pub so I don't boil to death in this heat I think there should still be 2 left for rehoming, I will post again once you three have selected which one
  15. miss-meander88

    Mandrakes for trade :)

    Hello Finally gotten my computer to play nicely (after 4 hours of cursing and finally resetting then reinstalling windows - good god I hate technology sometimes)... Which means I can get around to finally posting about my little Mandrakes that have finally gone dormant for the year (Thank you SagiXSagi for the seeds ..they are amongst my top prized plants that make me so happy It has taken me ages to decide which & how many to keep... But have decided to part with 5 out of 10. Also, after recently realising over the last few weeks, just how much I treasure my membership on these fantastic forums which give me a break from the drain of reality and constant life stressors, as well as the immense appreciation I have for the conversations I have with some of the members, I have decided to giveaway one and hopefully trade the rest, if anyone is interested, so as to increase the awesome collection within the sacred space that soothes my soul that is my garden They are Mandragora Autumnalis, and I am pretty sure I cannot post them to WA/TAS. I will investigate the best way to get them to anyone who may be interested, if anyone shows interest They are on their 2nd year (I am still a novice gardener, so I am unsure if they are developing at the rate they should be, but I have repotted a couple of times, just to be sure they are still there (which I plan not to do anymore, as I know it stunts their growth...it is so hard to resist!) I plan on keeping 1,2,5,9 & 10....I figured I would see if anyone would be interested in trading something small in return (just so I can keep my gardening diverse and interesting!) However the first one I will give away, to the first person to show interest I guess (Would rather save the larger ones for trade, so first posters pick from 3,6 or 7 ) Anyway, let me know if you're interested & hope everyone is having a nice Saturday night/Sunday morn