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  1. istherockhard717

    San pedro gone crazy

    The airpot... or Rocket Pot, according to the girl i bought it from... was sort of expensive, i think it was 25 dollars.. its delivered as a rectangle with loops on either end for a plastic rod to be inserted so it connects itself to itself and has a base grating thing that is adjustable in height/depth, eventually its roots will be prolific enough to fill the pot and the holes on the side will air prune the roots... which will encourage finer root growth which apparently have more water uptaking ability... only concerns are when it will require repotting in the future and I may just drop it in the ground by the time i own a house... I dont know when this cactus will require a pot larger than 50 litres basically... also... came across pictures of it before the Big Chop... acquired from a dealer who had little I.D knowledge... It was free but apparently flowered had a mid section cut but i left it out in the rain and it started to rot... silly me I probably could have saved it... but thats not how i was at the time...
  2. istherockhard717

    San pedro gone crazy

    Have some new up dates on the growth of my C. hexagonus first 2 2/4/17 3rd 29/4/17 last 3 13/5/17 all i can say is... WOW... so cool that taking two cuttings and moving to mostly full sun gave it such an explosion of growth... new growth is much thicker now... should have waited on taking the cuttings as the ribs are now more than half the thickness as they were a couple weeks later... also lots of slow release ferts and lots of water and heat helped... also lots of pups and branches forming on main body... as well as the startings of some branches on the two cut branches.... considering using 6-benzylaminopurine and lanolin mix two maybe get some branches forming on the other branches... but not sure... absolutely love this thing... i am hoping the drainage is enough... i think it was 50/50 perlite/osmocote cactus soil with some hydroton thrown in... Sand is mostly aesthetic and for lots of drainage as i planted this cactus deeper then before... also chopped off a large chunk of roots matted together before i repotted... used a sharp blade to slice down vertically on sides of rootball(or rootpot... should i say) thinking i might just leave it out for winter... it is heavy and awkward and water doesnt build up a pool on top of the pot... any thoughts??? :0
  3. istherockhard717

    Arsenal Required

    Heimia salicifolia ...from DualWieldRake I like the flowers... pretty... my question is, are you an avid auditory hallucinator? or is this to increase such an exercise? i used to have experiences laying in bed after nitrous, and one time i hallucinated a fbi spy bug crawled into my ear..., this was partially auditory... probably the least pleasant thing that ever happened to me, less pleasant than having my arm sliced off whilst on nitrous and a lysergamide... ... i think i remember a particular RC that caused primarily auditory hallucinations, perhaps i read it from shulgin... 4-ho-DiPT .... supposedly reduced the pitch of all music... without slowing
  4. istherockhard717

    Arsenal Required

    you say th A. muscaria is difficult and needs symbiotic relationship... i was just given a pine/conifer by my parents... to grow as a christmas tree... perhaps it would be a good candidate... also... ☽Ţ ҉ĥϋηϠ₡яღ☯ॐ€ðяئॐ♡Pϟiℓℴϟℴ i seem to be adverse to the idea of using harmaline... for one i see no reason to potentiate dmt... or many other chemicals... perhaps i will, as well ayuauscha, (im assuming peganum harmala is a suitable maoi) has never interested me... perhaps fear has intertwined me, or perhaps i feel like fear is useful, but i just dont want too feel physically ill... not that im adverse to medium doses of lysergamides... Great replies... i love starting conversations, they often derail, but that keeps things more interesting i think, even if it might annoy us sometimes, not that i thinks...that it has derailed... it is a broad subject and im still trying to find ways to incorporate other parts of the garden, of the "non-medicinal" variety, namely... symbolism, the nature of fruit...why use such an anology for getting something..., ummmm,,, one thing i have been interested in is... worshipping corn... maybe even while listening to korn, while hallucinating (as in what is the importance of an idol), something i think is important to a young friend who screams about these occult practices(hallucinating) ... as in hes not very secretive... and why should he be... he has opinions others may not understand... but he also listens. anyway i missed one plant of my shamanic journey... proabably the most important one... my BOOM ELECTRIC lights Fuschia... pink flowers(originally planted in an effort to calm down... along with some strawberries...and cereus hexagonus.... my fiance loves this fuschia... i should not be mistreating it) peace
  5. istherockhard717

    Arsenal Required

    thankyou for replying... sagiXsagi an interesting choice i must say... i have heard of this white and red mushroom and have never tried to grow something in such a calibrated enviroment... probably useful in learning how to keep a child alive only worry i would have is i have heard of spores getting everywhere if not careful... intriguing, never before had this plant intrigued me... also being a lysergamide fan... and not recommending one choose that route unless fully aware, would be nice to see if Argyreia nervosa affords a lighter more thought provoking journey and perhaps less of a FORCED meditative feel, i also love vines... as i am a slow invader Thanks for the welcome
  6. istherockhard717

    Arsenal Required

    ill go first... Calea Zacatechichi: The Dream Herb what is it?? containing flavones[6] such as acacetin[7] and sesquiterpene lactones such as germacranolides ... stuff i cannot know about... is that wise? perhaps so... that may deter high usage... for if i think i know the outcome... i will probably proceed
  7. istherockhard717

    Arsenal Required

    hello all.... my shamanic name is forgotten, but intention is pure... i have started a career in horticulture... i have the startings of a shamanic garden, as i strictly (for now) refer to my practice as conversational art, (for the purpose of psychological healing) i do not wish to medicate others until i have unmedicated myself.... (although i do not see medication as the only or even the first route towards healing) so for now the only drug i have is coffee... i also have peanuts, tomatoes, lettuce, a fuschia, strawberries, corn, the wonga wonga vine, some cereus cacti :P, a prickly pear, a sunflower, chillies my current thinking is to have lemons, an acacia confusa(time...) as well as some various other plants for dreaming.... was basically wondering if anyone had any recommendations... I am as the spirits(god)(whatever your name is) refer to as the nitrous shaman... it is time for me to put down this shamanic tool, leave my trances... and learn... so in your answer...extra bonus points for a possible use in addiction psychology... creative answers are welcome though always
  8. istherockhard717

    San pedro gone crazy

    cool... ill definitely have a look at the botanical gardens, i havent been there for a while... interestingly, the hexagonus is referred to as "the lady of the night"
  9. istherockhard717

    San pedro gone crazy

    hello all just an update on my supposed... "cereus" genus type cacti, its been growing well since i repotted it over a year ago (rootbound mind you), just recently repotted it again into airpot (rocketpot) and suprise surprise... very little root growth... i took to it with a knife... so hopefully itll comfortably fill my massive air pot. (just as a side note, if using airpot, halve the size required compared to a standard pot) anyway... heres some piccys
  10. istherockhard717

    San pedro gone crazy

    thanks for the replys , im wondering if i can take the bottom two pups as cuttings, so it doesn't grow into itself, and accelerates the top branches also the fuschia is an electric lights from bunnings
  11. istherockhard717

    San pedro gone crazy

    My cactus has done this, after taking a cutting on September 5th, and then November 23rd it showed signs it would do this, i didn't think it would look so cool though! I was in voluntary mental health system for a month while it exploded in growth so not sure when... I cut it because it was severely etiolated, the top looked crap, even though it would apparently still flower. I am under the impression it is a san pedro(pachanoi... it looks to me, not that im well versed in the cacti world), the cactus was given to me. Hoping for other peoples impressions, and also whether it will go weird as it grows into itself. This is my first post, i hope its not breaking any first post rules