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  1. Bundy Bear

    Cacti progeny sale - WA

  2. Bundy Bear

    free Loph seeds

    fap fap fap....what's that you say there? ...you and your missus want to get together with my missus while i hide in the wardrobe with a video camera!?!? that's a strange request but if you insist... also watertrade is a king....just to stay on topic...
  3. Bundy Bear

    free Loph seeds

    ....lesbians are so hot.....
  4. Bundy Bear

    free Loph seeds

    ...i want your cactus babies....
  5. Bundy Bear

    cacti for my B'day

    thanx sally, im doing ok, my headaches are getting worse with the heat tho. alternate i'm keen for anything interesting
  6. very cool, although i think solar panels would be easier in africa
  7. Bundy Bear

    cacti for my B'day

    Hi guys, i was lucky enough to get a little cash for my birthday and i thought that i would spend it on cacti instead of the massive amount of rent i owe.... so i was wondering if anyone out there had a small 'Icaro' peruvianus they might want to part with... also interested in any other interesting or unique pieces. i don't have a lot of mullah so i would appreciate it if you didn't prey on my addiction and gouge me... Thanks, B. would also like to ad a thanks to the people who have helped me get my fix in the past, i will be posting pics at some point in the near future so you can see what happened to mah babbiezzzz...
  8. peanut butterr ... good as gold the extra r is coz your missing one in your topic title
  9. Bundy Bear

    Ben Lee - Ayahuasca

    as a ben lee fan, do you have an enlarged clit? or just an undersized dick? do you still need to gamble everything for love if your trying to make love to yourself? do you gamble everything for love or do you just go fuck yourself? is it true that listening to ben lee when your smoking will kill you?
  10. Bundy Bear

    Wanted - damiana plant

    i wouldn't mind one of those either....