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  1. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Yeah thats right Gimli. Sorry for the confusion guys!
  2. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Thanks ethnoob! Means a lot. There will always be other cactus sales mate ;)
  3. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Hey guys, one of those csd's up on the bay was mine, happy to answer any questions. Just loaded another up for $20 starting price. Mine is legit. I got mine direct from the man himself. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254066277975 If anyone here wins this one msg mw before paying for a discount
  4. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    CSD & 20+ other tricho clones for sale

    Hey Guys and girls, Got a CSD on the bay if anyone is interested If a sab member wins. Private message me on this forum before paying for a discount. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254066277975
  5. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    CSD cutting

    I've got a couple of csd pups grafted, various sizes. If anybody still wants it. Flick me a message
  6. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    How to get a discounted EGA ticket. Quick - won't last.

    Any discounted tickets left for myself? I'll PM you now. Thank
  7. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    Very generous thanks #12
  8. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    Looking for some new cacti...

    Hey mate, Ill have some short spine bridge for you later in the season if youre still looking then. My pups are pretty small atm. Could also help with the MG red spine later this season too if you dont work something out with spooge. But im sure you will. Spooge has always been good to me!
  9. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    T.Bridgesii 'Albi' 90cm - $90

    Beautiful clone this albi! Id be keen if i didnt already have one haha. Looks pristine.
  10. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    European Trades

    Wish i was in the EU now!
  11. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    Cactus for sale

    It could be. Sharxx would have to confirm.
  12. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    Cactus for sale

    The medicine Garden (MG) redspine is a herbalistics.com.au clone as far as i know. It is a peru with nice red spines. That is the only clone above that i know. I think people may say red spine bridge or peru just to describe a plant. Similar to "single spine bridgessii" not reffering to a particular clone.
  13. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    Cactus for sale

    If you havent got any in the mean time youre welcome to the first pups mate
  14. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    Cactus for sale

    Sold: $20 David pup $15 red spine bridgessii pup
  15. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    wanted: trich clones

    I couldnt agree more skellum. Would love to see some pics when you get a chance. I have recently acquired some norma also! been collecting a bit recently. Time for a slowdown over winter i think! For now anyway
  16. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    wanted: trich clones

    Hey guys and girls I'm chasing some cuttings of a few particular trich clones I'd love to put in my garden. Im mainly looking for Nothink, Norma, Tig, Trent, JS (pachanoi), TPQC, BK09509.2 – Huachuma de Chavin and a Zeus (does anyone know if this clone is in oz?). Also open to other offers of nice clones. I have quite a few cuts to trade with but can also trade money. Many Thanks
  17. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    wanted myrtillo geo crest

  18. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    wanted: trich clones

    Ive managed to source (mainly due to the awesomeness of members) all except the JS & Norma - and zeus which i dont thinks in oz. Thanks for the help all!
  19. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    Wanted :)

    Are you still chasing those acacia seeds Moon Unit?
  20. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    Cactus for sale

    Ill take the david please mate. Also interested in what length the cut is. Thanks
  21. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    Trich clones

    Looking to trade a Yoda pach and a anakie peru for other cool clones. Also want to trade my validus shed for a val garden if anyone has one to trade?
  22. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    wanted: trich clones

    What Psyentist said Skellum! I will pop it in my diary Psyentist thanks!
  23. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    Whats going on with Norma ?

    How is your norma now mr caapi? Id love to see it, or sneakily buy or trade for a pup
  24. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    Finished. Please Remove

  25. Trichocereus_Rhinocerous

    wanted: trich clones

    That is a big loph! But i wouldnt pay $500 for it. The price should depend if it is a degraft or seedgrown on own roots. Cheaper for a degraft. It would probably sell for around that price on ebay, however those prices are greatly inflated