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    Enlightment, Psychederic Art, Entheogen, Love&Sex,,,,etc
  1. Gosh, They are so beautiful. Be proud of them ! Where & How you got them ? Natura.
  2. I feel Ayahuasca & Peyote is complementary. The Mather and Father, The Sky and Earth, the both ends of chakra,,, etc etc. @the both ceremony, the "singing"- Voice work is important component, I believe. Personaly, I'm not into Native American Church setting, I dunno... Far more details, check Stacy B Schaefer's book. About "Huichol" culture research, She is the Best. Did Anybody try unceremonized peyote DEEP trip in the middle of desert alone or mountains... ??? I feel DMT and these tryptamine are very related&connected into the Place where we take it. So, what's the mean of ceremonizing ??? [This message has been edited by Natura (edited 31 July 2000).]
  3. Natura


    Torsten, U mean Wasabi is Entheogen ? Indeed, Japanese people are basicaly very Spiritual. UUUhm,,, Al Japanese Tourists in Byron Bay for honeymoon have Entheogenic Experiences !?!?! Oh, This is Wonderful ! Eat Sushi, and See Mt. FUji-Yama !
  4. Natura


    Wasabi ? What you like, friend ? Putting on the top of raw fish ??? Once I took much and it gave me temporal amnesia in Sushi Bar !?!? This is Entheomimic ! In Japan, they have many different Wasabi species to Make wasabi root bark Paste. I like their flower. I think some Japanese gardening sites are selling them, search and try some.
  5. Natura

    tricocerus from seed?

    uuhm, it's upto yr skill and the climate where you liv... I got a nice pachanoi seedling, just ONE in 50 more seeds. a lot of "die-out" after germinations. Watering, light, temparature...etc, Especially Top-watering is not the best way for seedlings. Now I like to buy small cactus more than 1 year old. It's easy. I'm not enough patient ?
  6. Natura

    opium prices

    Far from Shroom, and Cannabis, I have no reason to grow Poppy except for lovely garden. I love to learn from the Plants, however isolation of opium from poppy flower sounds quite "Cocaine syndicate" in Columbia..... Personaly, I want our lovely members to participate in this forum to create and share the "IDEA" and "Green Wisdom". Take it easy.
  7. No season in Green house, This is my Mother ship ! I think trico survive in north Europe climate, EDDY ?
  8. Natura

    Carlos Castaneda

    "Stone Junction" by Jim Dodge. Highly recommended.