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  1. pm'd
  2. Found this in the bottom of a trick pot?
  3. Update on the rhipsalidopsis stock. the two arios are growing, they have taken over some peres ario grafts. Alot of arios seem to stall on peres for me? im thinking of trying some larger bits of rhipsalidopsis. the zygo doesnt seem to be coping well with current contitions but rhips is doing good. the arios are random hybrid seed so i cant tell if they are growing true to form but i suspect they are.
  4. Checked up on graft, found this little bastard
  5. These are from star astrophytum. Im hoping atleast a couple of them will grow true to form, bit early. Seeds are fresh though. Ive grafted a few of em. Germed 16.8.16 A. myr. Kikkow Rampow JAPAN A. asterias Muscle Kikkou Monstr Thailand
  6. Grafted in january, finaly reach 1 cm
  7. Nice one spooge. Heres an oyster of mine tasty
  8. Yea i saw that. Still cheaper than ausperlite, shipping wise, for multiple bags. I might give em a go.
  9. Pumice 25L $25, variouse sizes. These guys did not stock it last time I checked. They also have diatomite.
  10. Turbinicarpus lophophoroides pupping after degrafting the scion.
  11. Still waiting for a red flowering scop , lots of work still to do.