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  1. so are they the same plant? do I have the wrong ID on mine or are they 2 different plants? heres a better pic,
  2. all numbers are infinitely divisable too ,-) if we're getting into ancients i'll leave this here ,) https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/atlantean_conspiracy/atlantean_conspiracy39.htm
  3. AbleKay

    Post your native plant pics

    hey, cheers, the hbwr is 2 years old. hasnt flowered yet
  4. I've had mixed results with Calea Z, smoking/ drinking and in capsules. 10 grams a day over at least a week has given some interesting experiences... I usually do this in the lead up to festivals and the like to take advantage of crashing and sleeping with other things going on... Leaves should be used/ harvested after flowering and there are extracts available too
  5. AbleKay

    Post a random picture thread

    Use BB Code You'll need to upload the image, I use Flickr which has a BB Code option for sharing but there's heaps of other sites too. just try keep the shared size medium ish 600x800 bonus Fat Cat
  6. I'm with you Skellum, (the bit about how well will they do over winter). i suspect they will hibernate and thrive come spring, my vines and viridis are still growing here in Sydney though we've just had our coldest week so far... hmmm, if you do decide to initiate your crazy plan i'd consider driving my van up to meet you, or co drive so it could possible be a 36 hour trip (12 hours of digging is my estimate ,) it would be work dependent but im flexible - weekdays suit me best. id be happy with any smaller off shoots that had touched and shot roots into the ground of which there may be a few? plus a bush or 2... might just be a late night brain fart so pm in the near future ,-) I have roof racks too and a tow ball hmmm and yeah, good luck with the Sale
  7. is the link working for others? not for me... thanks
  8. ha, we gotta go have a meet there next year, hit me up at least!
  9. AbleKay

    Fungus on Acacia

    this is pretty cool... "Aborigines have used Phellinus fruiting bodies medicinally. The smoke from burning fruit bodies was inhaled by those with sore throats. Scrapings from slightly charred fruiting bodies were drunk with water to treat coughing, sore throats, "bad chests", fevers and diarrhoea." https://www.anbg.gov.au/fungi/aboriginal.html
  10. yeah definitely Cleistocactus, I found a clump out bush a short while back... seems to grow up to 2m high with white though orange to flame red flowers... at aboout 2m they fall over and shoot new columns like the damaged one is doing in your second pic i'll find a pic of the ones i saw which presumably started out as a single plant...
  11. AbleKay

    Transplanting caapi vine in winter

    i planted several rooted cuttings last winter - all did well over summer (sydney)... i have others in questionable locations that have stalled for about 18 months suggesting they are pretty sturdy and will probably move into pots for new homes. depending how much rootstock comes up you could put into a pot to keep in the sunniest spot til spring
  12. AbleKay

    Post your native plant pics

    2 years... hasnt flowered yet been cut back heaps... on a metal hood facing west ,)
  13. AbleKay

    Post your native plant pics

    the above pic is from 2 1/2 years ago.... since then things have been slowly transforming - mostly thanks to folks on here and psytrance. the Courtii in the black drum on the right (below), is only 15 months old, must loves hot roots!