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  1. Maxofoz

    WTB syrian rue seeds & caapi cuttings.

    You can find Syrian rue seeds from reputable sellers on eBay. Also get yourself some acacia confusa inner root bark.
  2. Maxofoz

    Books for sale

    Hey mate, if you get stuffed around then I'll take the lot off your hands and transfer the cash straight away.
  3. Any idea of how to see the latest posts?
  4. Maxofoz

    Post your word of the moment

    Rend. Can't get it out of my head since I listened to "Turn, turn, turn" last night.
  5. Maxofoz

    Grafting onto unrooted stock

    Señor, Do you cut a cone shape in the scion to match shaft of the the stock or do you cut the scion flat?
  6. Maxofoz

    Grafting onto unrooted stock

    Señor, That first pic of the graft looks like it's melted into the stock. That is so asthetically pleasing.
  7. Maxofoz

    Grafting onto unrooted stock

    Cheers, Sally. Your input is greatly appreciated. The original post is about grafting to unrooted stock. That question is very intriguing because I didn't know it was possible. From my limited reading and no prior knowledge I'm led to believe that you should wait a week for every inch of the cutting to form a good callous before trying to root the stock. If you graft to an unrooted stock will that cause it to callous more quickly because the graft is sucks up the goodness and speeding up the callousing? This callousing part has me perplexed. Please note that I have no experience prior with cactus and find the whole subject very fascinating.
  8. Maxofoz

    Grafting onto unrooted stock

    I've got that part, but I'm talking about cutting notches out where all of the spines are growing out. Totally despining the stock. I noticed that wert uses that technique and was wondering about the experience of other members. Is it beneficial to members who live in a low humidity area and will it cause problems to those up in more tropical regions? I'm also going interested in the questions you've asked.
  9. Maxofoz

    Grafting onto unrooted stock

    Very interesting to an ethnojube. I'm digging the milk crate setup with the shade cloth. Looks like I'm going to pinch this technique off you. I need to degraft a nice sized grafted loph due to stock rot. I purchased some trich stock off eBay for a reasonable price a few months agp, but not with the intention to degraft pups off a plant that I paid good money for. I was intending to graft some pups I purchased off a member but they are way smaller than what's on the loph I'm about to degraft. I've seen that some members cut off the spines to push all of the goodness from the stock to the graft. Is this worth doing? As for the pups that I won't have enough stock for, should I just keep them on propagation sand until I can get my hands on new stock? Mysubtleascention, I hope you don't mind me adding these questions to your thread.
  10. Maxofoz

    Going off grid

    If money wasn't an issue then I'd go for this property. http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-daintree-117495083
  11. Maxofoz

    Going off grid

    The most important factor would be the land. If you've got a natural fresh spring then you won't need a filtration system. A running stream that could generate electricity via a hydro generator. Also fertile land.
  12. Deepak Chopra is the biggest pseudo bullshit artist next to David Wolfe. These blokes make a fortune on it. This is just plain loony!
  13. Maxofoz

    Phone scams

    It's prank time.
  14. Maxofoz

    Help needed. Sick grafted Loph.

    I'm totally relieved, thanks wert. I was fearing the worst because of the condition of the pup. Will now have to be patient but am looking forward to her bouncing back.