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  1. Close enough for me, thanks
  2. Cool I'll look into that, thank you
  3. Hi Shamans, just hoping to get an ID on this plant. I saw it in an office and just love the petiteness of it. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks P.S. Dunno why it's rotated like that, sorry.
  4. Thanks Moose and Glaukus for your insights, you have confirmed what I have read about Acacias more generally. Time unfortunately isn't something I have an abundance of, but I'll gather up a small quantity of trimmings anyway and hopefully get around to working with them at some stage.
  5. Hey shamans. Someone I know has recently pruned their Acacia Floribunda, leaving quite a decent sized stack of branches full of phyllodes. I'm wondering with the very heavy rain recently, the phyllodes would currently contain active ingredients? The reason I'm asking is based on my very limited knowledge, that alkaloid content dramatically decreases following periods of rain and colder weather temperatures. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks
  6. Rock.0

    Acacia ID Help

    Nice, that looks like a very close match to me. Thank you
  7. Rock.0

    Acacia ID Help

    Any ideas at all?
  8. Could anyone please help ID this acacia? I thought I was dealing with a Floribunda, but it looks slightly different. It has similar sized phyllodes but this species has a rounded tip, as opposed to a pointy tip that Floribunda has. It also appears to have very small glands, which I'm tlkd Floribundas do not have. I've done a Google image search but didn't have any luck. The closest match I found was A. Fimbriata, but it's not exact, and from what I read, Fimbriata grows up North. Located in a creekland in the Eastern suburbs of Melb. Thanks.
  9. Thats awesome, very cool info. And how are you finding subs this early in the year, with such high temps and low rainfall?
  10. The fruit being the fleshy pink ring around the seed?
  11. Hi there, Just went out for a walk and snapped a few pics of acacias. These are grouped into three separate samples. I suspect they are either A. Longifolia or A. Melanoxylon. Locatio: Eastern Melbourne creeklands. Thanks P.S Sorry for the sideways photos, not sure how to fix that. Sample 1: Sample 2: Sample 3:
  12. Wow, this tree just keeps on getting better. I just went for my morning dog walk through some creeklands and ID'd quite a number of very young Floribundas, including one that had been damaged somehow, so I might head back there and scavenge whatever I can. Also a couple of other species that I photographed (See this thread) Good to know
  13. Thank you for the info Moose. I've seen tonnes of Dealbata in my area, though AFAIK they are not active. I did an Ehrlich test on the phyllodes of my flori and it came back negative. I'll attempt with some branches and branchlets. If one was to attempt extraction on this species, are you aware of which part of the plant would have the highest yield, and how to harvest it sustainably/minimising damage? I'll see if I can find some seeds, not sure what time of year they come out though.
  14. Sorry what do you mean by glands? What does this indicate? And seeds...is it advisable to harvest them for spreading them in the wild? I'm as uninformed as they come when it comes to botany (though I'm keen on learning), I still need to look up how to spell phyllodes correctly. I know the fact that dumb luck has it that I have had this thing in my backyard for 3 decades, and the day I discovered Acacias were active was the day I realised it was even there must bust frustrating as hell
  15. Thanks for the link, it looks pretty damn close! Interesting that the Ehrlich test may not work, I've used it for dried fungi before and it takes a while longer than extracted material, but it works. I'll give it a crack with a few different samples and see what happens. Here are a few more pics I just took, it is not flowering at the moment