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  1. shallen

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    thanks AbleKay I'll offer up a small equadorian pach pup a small golden torch cut a tbm cut (one dick) a sprinkling of rue seed a marble sized pup of a weird cactus i got
  2. shallen

    trich id help please

    the 4,5 cactus had a heap of pups growing out of the bulb up the top of it that fell off without much encouragement
  3. shallen

    trich id help please

    some of the other cacti i managed to grab while i was there. im guessing the first 2 are of a monstrose cereus is the 3rd pic of a prickly pear? it looks different from the weeds that grow around here as for the rest i have no idea and would love some help with the ids
  4. shallen

    trich id help please

    not bad for 50 bucks
  5. shallen

    trich id help please

    Thanks heaps for the help guys. I'll hopefully get around to digging him and his brothers up on saturday
  6. I'm looking at buying this guy and any help with identifying this guy would be much appreciated. I'm guessing that it's a pachanoi or scop and if it's a pach is it a pc one or not my appoligies for the dodgey photography
  7. shallen

    ID help

    Thanks Thunder Horse I might have to go back out there and harvest some more
  8. shallen

    ID help

    Hi I found these guys growing out bush a while ago but never got around to getting them identified
  9. shallen

    FINISHED Free seed. aus

    they arrived in the mail today (WA) thanks heaps pinegapcontrol
  10. shallen

    quick question

    I was walking home hammered when I tried one of the fruits and then I ended up with a spine thingy in my gum that I needed tweezers to remove the spine kinda ruined the experience for me
  11. shallen

    quick question

    Hi there this might sound like a silly question but, out here were I live prickly pear is growing all over the place (well its a weed out here) and they seem to be growing rather quickly so I was wondering if they could be used as a viable rootsock for other species of cacti
  12. shallen

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    looks good to me thanks Bardo I'll offer up: a small t bridge pup one of these 3 cacti I found growing out in the bush (you pick) a pup from my "dick cactus"