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  1. Hukstable

    Rootstock size .....matters

    Great info. What about for lophs? Super fat scops work well? Pascana?
  2. Hukstable

    Cactus Collection

    That cc bridge is very interesting too. Looks like Peru bridge cross.
  3. Hukstable

    Cactus Collection

    Nice cactus, especially like those perus. That Peru Martin is a beauti! I sent a message to Martin to ask for seed but he said he has never pollinated it. Need to get that clone to Aus!
  4. Hukstable

    Arid art Macro

    Looking great! Hopefully you'll get some flowers soon. Mine is just starting to take off. Was pretty slow to root.
  5. Hukstable

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    Excited for this one pinegap. Great crosses. My buds fell off, didn't get a chance to pollinate. Boo.
  6. Hukstable

    Cactus - East Gippsland Victoria

    Would be interested in seeing some more pics. Especially the blue Peru. Cheers.
  7. Hukstable

    SG ID's

    Change my mind about 4. It looks more like a big ribby pach X Peru.
  8. Hukstable

    SG ID's

    Olivio! My Eileen looks very similar to 1. You sent me it. from the SG too. 2 looks like a yowie X? 3 looks similar the the bridge you sent me with the label psycho0 4 An LG peru?
  9. No issues with mine! Looking good. Pictures 1 and 6
  10. Hukstable

    Strange colour seedlings

    Have a look at this bad boy yeti! Not mine unfortunately.
  11. Hukstable

    Looking for Eileen Seeds

    Ahh I see. I have never seen any seed available. I haven't been round for very long though.
  12. Hukstable

    Looking for Eileen Seeds

    Did anyone ever get flowers and seeds from their Eileen?
  13. Hukstable

    Trichocereus Cuts for sale

    To quick this time yesss! Finally. You usually get me benno!
  14. Hukstable

    Trichocereus Cuts for sale

    Hey mate I'd be interested in the Icarus (matucana) and the aricampa
  15. Thanks I'll send him a message.