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  1. #32. Many thanks. They can have a spot next to last years
  2. That's a good idea. So.... if anyone in the US has some pollen they would like to share/trade for the resulting seed, I would appreciate it. It's my only tricho with curved spines and I'd like to cross it.
  3. My first trichocereus to try to flower. Grandiflorus:
  4. Wocket

    The Cool Tripper Toys Thread

    Hey guys, here's some art we've made. Second pic is a collab sculpture done with friends. Hillbilly, you are spot-on about the use of gold fuming in your piece (and marbles being hard to take pictures of). I'd like to see the other marbles when you have the time. The blue one in the first pic looks like it could be pretty cool.
  5. Wocket


    I like how fuzzy the werdermannius is. Olive, were you allowed to take pictures of the plants these seed came from? I'm unfamiliar with some of these cactus. Sorry, I should have listed them, I thought I had mentioned it in an earlier post: Psycho0 is In the front . They are starting to fall onto each other and need to be repotted, or maybe some sand. Cordobensis is leftmost, in the rainbow swiss chard pot. its growing short and fat compared to the others with the most variance in spine color. Goliath is in the back left, a few pure white seedlings from these, but they melted away after grafting. Macro is back right. Mutant looking seedling is an optical illusion sadly. Though two seedlings are always a lime green color, even when the others are dark. So I'm guessing that's some form of variegation/albinism. There's some cuzco around somewhere too... hoping for some wicked spines. So five kinds. All new to me.
  6. Juuls giant x 'Bertha' 2015 seedlings getting nice and fat >> Also kinda excited to see what this little guy does. pachanoi x (ss02xss01) 2015
  7. Wocket


    ^ Definitely not rainbow swiss chard
  8. Wocket

    Growing blackberries in subtropics...?

    My Köppen climate classification is Cfa, if that helps, humid subtropical. Orange rust is usually the biggest problem here with all the humidity. As long as your neighbors don't fall into it, thorns shouldn't be a problem You could try blueberries? Mine mostly just worry about all the cacti.
  9. Wocket

    Growing blackberries in subtropics...?

    I'm also in a subtropical climate and we too have invasive native blackberry/dewberry species, also several bred just for the climate.
  10. Just a little update for ya. Had time to squeeze in a quick matucana graft yesterday morning. Also noticed a tricotyledonous matucana seedling. That's kinda nifty.
  11. Even if they are small: I'll have time to take more pictures soon, I've been away from the garden.
  12. Wocket

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    haha, yes...your morning glories do seem a tad different than mine. - The ripening continues.
  13. Wocket

    Obtusifolia seed giveaway

    I'm just learning about acacia growing. I'll take #5.
  14. Yup, got a nice little envelope today, complete with cool flower stamps. Thanks mate