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  1. Thanks Ethnominate, I'm always keen to see what others have in the works. Thanks for the well wishes.
  2. Sarcophilus

    Agara & Ereriba

    Seems we ran into the same problem, as this is where I’m also stuck. I haven’t been able to find much information regarding how widespread through the region its use is either, so further narrowing down Homalomena has come to a halt at 19 possible species throughout New Guinea. Definitely all very interesting, I’ll have to have a bit more of a dig. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Sarcophilus

    Agara & Ereriba

    Used by natives in Papua, the two combined, boiled and imbibed apparently causes incredibly strong intoxication, followed by deep sleep filled with visions and vivid dreams. From what I’ve read so far, between the two plants there is some 30 alkaloids, a few of which are muscarinic antagonists. Though the primary alkaloids behind the psychoactive effects are unknown. Can anyone shed some more light, or better yet has anyone had any experience with Agara, Galbulimima belgraveana (White Magnolia), and Ereriba, Homalomena spp. ??
  4. Sarcophilus

    Pine trees!

    I’m with you dude. Got a list written down of all the endemic and endangered pines in Tasmania, and a select few from the rest of the country. I love the idea of a conifer forest, laid out according to permaculture principles. Innoculated nitrogen fixers, berries, mycorrhizal and sapotrophic mushroom spores scattered throughout.
  5. Thanks for writing Slocombe, I’m definitely very interested in hydroelectric, and will try to get around to really digging into it’s viability. To start I plan on solar with lead acid batteries, can’t justify the price of lithium ion especially when lead acid is a tenth of the price, with a touch more maintenance. I’ll get 5-10 years out of them, and who knows what technology will be available then and cost. 1.5kW array, 2v cells and 2-wire autostart genny for back up purposes only. I’m planning to run the house on 12v as I have no real need for 240v. That being said, I’ll probably still sort an inverter for times when it becomes a want.
  6. To further update everyone, I haven’t been present on the forums at all for quite a while. Unfortunately still up on the Gold Coast. Work is looking like it’ll be continuing for the next 4 years, as I am now running my own Pty. Ltd. company. Up here until then. Can’t promise anything, but will try to get some more work done over these Christmas holidays and post another update thereafter. Sarc
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Yes I cannot believe how lucky I was to have got the cabin for nothing. You’re right, it’s definitely frustrating to be away from. Wish I could be doing more.
  8. Sarcophilus

    Tasmanian looking to start a garden

    Seeds really shouldn’t be an issue Shaun, I find I have no trouble with seeds whatsoever, I’ve never not had any type of seed not get through. Be it domestic or international. If you order international you can get around the will not ship to TAS/WA legislation quarantine laws. As long as you’re vigilant with what you’re growing. There’s no cause for concern. Cuttings/live plants aren’t worth trying to get imported. Those you won’t get in.
  9. Thanks for the kind words Crop, It's really not too bad most of the time mate. 15-20 degrees most of the year, but the rare extremes can be utterly ridiculous! I've had the pleasure of everything from -10 all the way up to 50 degrees. The old man spent most of his life in the Kimberleys and he loves it down there.
  10. Sarcophilus

    Paul Stamets - Joe Rogan Experience - JRE #1035

    Honestly, I listen to most JRE Podcasts on the way to work each day. This was by far the best episode I think I've heard, this year, if not ever.
  11. Thanks for the kind words and suggestion Paulinepie, I shall look into it. Will continue to update, promise you all that
  12. A couple of images of cladding with the recycled roofing iron, and a view down to the cottage and surrounds from a hike to the top of a nearby logging coup.
  13. Wow. It's been a while, funny how time just gets away from us all without us even noticing. Since my last post in March, progress had been slow, and is now temporarily halted. I was offered a Job on the Gold Coast, It was a hard decision to make and move away from paradise but realistically it was the best option. Relocated up here for now on a much better wage so that I am able to pay off my mortgage and finish not only the cottage but power, ammenities, plus fencing for livestock. On track to achieving all of this, but I shall be living up here for at least the next 24 months. I do plan to have some more progress to show you all by the end of this year, but that is an update on what is happening with me. Hope everyone is well. Peace, Sarc
  14. Sorry everyone for the slow update. It's been tough as of late, working massive hours and haven't had the motivation to do more work on my weekends. Had issues with my roofing iron also so I decided to go a brand new colorbond roof, as it would have taken at least twice as long with recycled tin. Placed my order and it wasn't ready by that weekend, so I had to wait another weekend to get it up. This way too, with the colorbond, I just got everything exactly to length. It turned out to be a breeze. I'll still use all the reclaimed rusty iron for the rest of the exterior cladding though. On a side note, a mate of mine managed to catch the first trout out of the stream, fair to say that I was a little annoyed with him for that haha. She was undersize so we let the little girl go.
  15. Sarcophilus

    Geodesic Biodome Nursery

    Mate, I'm with you! Love your ideas, It wouldn't be as practical for where I'm at to use a dome as a green house, but I'm pretty keen to put together one to use as a sweat lodge and/or ceremony space. Will be keeping an eye on your project for sure.